refugium light

  1. Z

    Display Refugium - Need Stocking / Setup Advice

    Hi All. I will be setting up a display refugium off of a new tank - tank will be a 220 bare bottom into a sump. The refugium (24g/18in cube) is external to the sump and will be fed by a separate pump in the last chamber of the sump. It has an overflow that will return back to the first chamber...
  2. MarineDepot

    VIDEO | Prime Fuge Review

    VIDEO | Prime Fuge Review Optimized to grow macroalgae—and grow it fast!
  3. MarineDepot

    How to Set Up a Refugium

    How to Set Up a Refugium VIDEO: Harvesting Macroalgae To Control Nitrate and Phosphate
  4. SilverCityReef

    Zetlight E200 Settings

    So I picked up the Zetlight E200 refugium light from BRS during the Black Friday deals and I'm looking for input on what other reefers are using for settings and having success with. Thanks in advance.
  5. Bulk Reef Supply

    What's bright, purple, and just hit our loading dock?

    Look what just landed!!! Coming soon to our site ;)
  6. OrthoVet05


    I know this has been posted along some similar threads, but does anyone have good tips on starting a fuge? I have a first or 2nd generation Eshoppes sump and was going to use the middle chamber for the fuge (skimmer in first). It looks like putting some sort of substrate (miracle mud or sand)...
  7. Phantom6966

    Florida WTS Kessil H80 + Gooseneck

    I'm selling a used Kessil H80 with the mini gooseneck. This light was used for around 3 months on my nano tank. Looks, and functions like new. Asking $140 shipped OBO.
  8. Tenelen

    Refugium Lighting Question

    I have a spare AI prime and I was wondering on what peoples thoughts are on using it for a refug light. Since you can dial in the proper plant growth spectrum and it has decient par/pur values would this be a viable option? I know the Kessil H380 is pretty awesome as a refug light but I have...
  9. YogiReef

    DIY Refugium Light [?]

    Not sure if this will work at all, does anyone know if I could rewrite this light for a refugium, it’s called the i-Zoom Worklight, here’s the link to the amazon. [LINK] I have four of these and got them as freebies, I could do some trial and error. But my question is, is this even the...
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