1. jvegazo

    Build Thread My Rockscape

    I’m missing some equipment before I could start my reef so I tried to get creative. Bought 100lbs of dry rock from BRS; they were all big pieces so I had to break them to smaller pieces and I created my own arches with reef safe super glue. I also carved out the holes in the rock myself tried to...
  2. DVal

    Rockscape for 72x25x23

    I think I'm finally finished with my scape. Any thoughts or advice before I finish the mortar?
  3. Herides

    New First Ever Tank Version 2 of Aquascape. Need thoughts.

    Hey it's me again, After posting my last aquascape here for my first tank attempt and taking in all of your wonderful advice and my own thoughts, I decided I really hated the rocks I had in my tank, so I switched them out and made this. Any opinions and advice appreciated, just some forewords...
  4. N

    Rockscape help

    Just wondering what everyone uses for to keep their rockscape together. Do you use putty, supergel or just stack? Doing a new scape for a build so looking for recommendations.if you don’t mind please let me know brands. Thanks in advance!
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