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  1. itsdRu

    Help with my Fluval 13.5!

    Here’sa few pics of my aquarium, I’ve acquired some bunch of brown algae on the floor and some around the tank etc. please tell me how to fix this? I’m trying to get water correct before I put ANY LIVESTOCK in there!
  2. Carly Knight


    Hey. I've seen a few threads regarding this but was hoping someone may have tried TMC Fine ECO reef sand? I currently have a thicker gravel like sand but I'd like to add a Goby. Therefore considering replacing current sand or mixing in a finer sand. I'm just wondering if anyone can tell me if...
  3. jebernier

    Too much rock and sand?

    Setting up aquascape in Waterbox 20 nano cube. Put in 20 lb bag of Caribsea sand and purchased a 20 lb box of Caribsea Life Rock shapes. The rock work does not touch and of the walls. Unfortunately, the base rock I got was huge and takes up a lot of space. I'm thinking that the current set-up...
  4. KyleJ42

    Nano Build The Seek Discomfort Waterbox

    Hey all, figured i’d start a thread and see where it goes. Been in the hobby as a whole for about 5 years now. Had a 40 breeder for about 2 years when i still lived at home. I still miss that tank. Being my first full reef, it taught me everything i know about this hobby, along with a lot of...
  5. H

    Carpet Anenome sand bed depth?

    Does anybody know what sand bed depth Haddoni and Gigantea Anenomes require?
  6. H

    Yellowhead jawfish sand depth?

    So I’ve heard people say 2”, 3”, 4”, 5”, and even 6”. What’s your opinion and can you explain the reasoning behind it? Thanks in advance, I’m considering a few.
  7. new2reefing123


    Opinions needed please. In one of my tanks I am currently using crushed corals for the substrate. That tank is not even a year old yet, it is fully cycled though and already has fish and all sorts of inverts thriving. I would like to switch out the crushed coral and replace with sand. Nothing...
  8. Gorgar

    Help with silted out tank!

    Heya everyone! I'm looking for some advice, I just filled my 220, mixed my salt in and am adding my sand and rock. I did it a little backwards I know but I had to fill it with RODI first directly from the unit so I didn't want to kill the live sand or rock. HOWEVER, now the tank is completely...
  9. BighohoReef

    Sand, Sand, Bare... Why we should care?!?!

    Hey all, Having a debate with a good friend who is a multi tank reefer and swears by bare bottom tanks. A majority of them are SPS dominant with a few mixed. I on the other hand I run 3 tanks each with white sand and working on a black sand nem tank. I prefer the diversity:) So the great...
  10. Sipec

    Deep crushed coral sandbed

    Would it be possible to have a sandbed of crushed coral, maybe three to four inches deep? What issues might I encounter? Would I have to vacuum it?
  11. Reefer37

    CaribSea Hawaiian Black Sand Can Poison Your Tank

    So I've seen a couple posts about this, but I felt the need to share my experience with this sand and my strong opinion towards it. I waited about 3/4 weeks to verify if the actual problem stemmed from the sand or something else. I did no other changes with my tank in terms of flow, filtration...
  12. Reefer37

    Changing Entire Sandbed. Do I Need to Take Fish Out?

    Just curious what other people's experiences are with this, as it's my first time doing this today. Do you guys recommend removing all the fish from the tank or what steps do you guys recommend for switching out all the substrate? Do I remove corals as well? I just want this to go as smooth as...
  13. Reefer37

    Switching Sand on 7 Month Old Tank. Live or Dry?

    Well I originally got CaribSea Hawaiian black live sand for my tank when I started 7 months back. Between parts of the sand sticking to my magnetic cleaners and scratching my glass and the creeping suspicion it is leeching metals into my tank, I want to change out the sand completely. It's...
  14. BabyShark

    Sand turning red

    Noticing my sand is turning red. Already tested my water for calcium, nitrate, nitrite, salinity, PH, and ammonia. They all came out fine. Temp kept between 78-80 degrees. Also the heads of my euphillyas are falling off. Not sure what’s off with my tank. Any help would be appreciated! Still...
  15. Krully

    Sand sifting goby and 2-3mm sand

    I just ordered ATI Fiji white sand with a grain size of 2-3mm, I didn't want to go lower because I don't like having sand flying everywhere as soon as I turn up the flow. However I'm starting to wonder if this isn't too big for sand sifting gobies since I'd like to get one later. What do you...
  16. BabyShark

    What’s taking over my tank?

    So I’ve noticed for a while I had some brown stringy stuff in my sand bed, but it never became a nuisance. Recently I’ve noticed it becoming more active and on the rocks. I’m leaving a link to the video I took: Anyone know what this is?
  17. CoralStop

    Cheapest Reef Safe Bulk sand

    Hello all, I am wondering what is the cheapest bulk sand that is reef safe? This will not be used as a sand bed but instead will be used to create some cement sand molds. I’m looking for something very fine like CaribSea Super Naturals Aquarium Sand but cheaper. CaribSea Super Naturals Aquarium...
  18. J

    Clean up crew for sand

    I’m working on a list for what fish and clean up crew I want for my 40 gallon 3ft long tank. I want to have a diamond back goby in it to sift the sand and clean it up. If I put in some Nassarius snails in will they be competing with my goby for food or will the goby be alright.
  19. T

    Best sand for sand sifting fish?

    I want sand for sand sifting fish.
  20. D

    California Tunze Osmolstor 3155

    Osmolstor 3155 used, $100 New AF Components 1 + 2 + 3 $30 Reef octopus skimmer DC controllable pump 60 Bubble magus dozing holder 30 3 Fiji pink 10lb sand 25. Unopened I can ship at buyers expense except for the sand and the components. 8187033993
  21. A

    Is this too much sand for my fluval Evo 13.5?

    Hi all, I just started this hobby and I am wondering if I put too much sand into my tank? It said I should add about 1 inch and it's approx between 1-1.3 inches at times. I wanted to know everyone's opinion, should I remove some sand? Thanks!
  22. Jax15

    Do you stir your sand bed or vac?

    How do you maintain your sand bed? Do you use a gravel vac to clean it out every time you do a water change, do you stir it once a week, or just leave it be? There's some debate about what the best method is -- if you vac, you'll clean out old detritus and keep the water clean, but perhaps pull...
  23. SkiCatTX

    Build Thread SkiCat's Dream Build: [Saving The] Planet 180 - The Making Of An Epic Aquacultured Mixed Reef

    Introduction It has long been a dream of mine to build a larger tank (like no doubt many of us) since I started keeping marine fish a century ago (approximately). After putting it off for far too long, I have finally decided to go all in on a new dream build! As with many things I set my mind...
  24. Bricks

    When should I add my sand?

    I'm almost ready for water, all I need to do is figure out my electrical situation with my outlets. I've set up all of my rock, but when should I add my sand? I currently have my live sand in bags waiting to be added to the tank. Should I add the sand right before the water or is it ok to add it...
  25. S

    "whitest" Sand

    I'm upgrading to a larger tank. Bought an established 250 gallon reef off of someone. I wanted to replace the sand bed since his is over a year old. My current reef tank has a really white find sand, I want something similar maybe not as fine but I have no idea what it is since someone else...
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