sexy shrimp

  1. Instant_Taco

    AIO Build Instant Taco's EVO 5

    Hello fellow reefers, I guess its about time i started a little journal of my little pico tank. quick history, been reefing for about 5 years with a 45 gallon then took a 3 year break from the hobby. some coworkers got into the hobby and found out i used to own a reef tank. they were able to...
  2. Schraufabagel

    Sea stars with shrimp and feather dusters?

    I’ve been considering a serpent or bristle sea star. Does anyone know if they’ll prey on sexy shrimp or my feather dusters?
  3. dimitrinivo

    Build Thread 10 gallon "****" reef tank, 3 months old

    What started out as a FOWLR tank with macro algae for a bluestripe pipefish and pygmy filefish evolved into a beautiful, natural looking soft coral and invert dominated reef tank. The Equipment: - Seachem tidal 35 HOB filter - 528 gph powerhead - 50 watt heater - 10lbs of live rock - 10lbs...
  4. Aqua Splendor

    (Video) My sexy shrimp releasing larvae

    Hello, Usually I don't do this but I wanted to share my tiny video of my sexy shrimp releasing larvae, I wasn't expecting this to be honest. This is the episode 29 of my nano series, You can watch the thread here if you want...
  5. nanonøkk

    what’s the most reef safe shrimp

    ok so i’m wondering on what the most reef safe shrimp is because i’m looking to get one and as i’m looking i’m not seeing very good things. so i first though coral bandit shrimp because i heard- they were reef safe but the i kept reading and it looked to be a 50/50 on if they would eat corals...
  6. Pink Diamonds Zoa and Sexy Shrimp

    Pink Diamonds Zoa and Sexy Shrimp

    Learned that these can be fast spreading like pink zippers, so I isolated them to an island. The sexy shrimp love hanging out with this frag.
  7. BloopFish

    Nano Build BloopFish's Hodge Podge Reef Fluval Nano 13.5g

    Was meaning to make a thread of the timeline of my nano tank for a while... Initial Wish List: 2 Pom pom crabs 1 Porcelain Anemone Crab 2 Skunk cleaner shrimp/fire shrimp 3 Sexy Shrimp 1 Emerald Crab 1 Halloween hermit crab 1 Bumblebee shrimp 1 Anemone shrimp (like a Pederson's) October 3...
  8. BloopFish

    Coral Croucher and Inverts

    I'm very interesting in obtaining a coral croucher, but I am very worried about the compatibility of them with certain types of invertebrates. I was planning to keep a tank with a group of pom pom crabs, sexy shrimps, a Randall's snapping shrimp, and fire shrimps. However, I am wary of getting a...
  9. Castaway6

    Bristle worms in a sexy shrimp 4 gal?

    I'm setting up a sexy shrimp and rock flower tank. A waterbox 4g. I've had it running a couple months with only a few rock flower nems. Recently bought gsp from a local reefer, and noticed a rather large (2+inches) bristle worm try to steal food from a nem during the last feeding. I presume he...
  10. ThunderGoose

    Shrimp reproduction questions

    1) My lone peppermint shrimp (from Florida so it should be Lysmata wurdemanni) looks to be holding eggs. She's never done this before. So I used my Google-fu and found that they are proandrous hermaphrodites. They all start out as male and them become hermaphrodites (and maybe then become...
  11. alexytman

    Sexy shrimp predators?

    I am currently looking into mini maxi carpets and was wondering what fishes will eat a sexy shrimp. I have two juv clowns a three striped damsel that will be moved soon a yellow/purple wrasse a orange spot goby pistol shrimp tail spot blenny Also, what are the chances of mini carpets to eat...
  12. ThunderGoose

    How many shrimp?

    I have an IM14 (14 gallons total, probably 13 of that in the display) that sits on my desk. I currently have three sexy shrimp, two Pederson't anemone shrimp, one snapping shrimp and a peppermint shrimp. Oh, and four masked gobies (tiny fish, around 1 inch long) The tank doesn't look crowded but...
  13. Tony Thompson

    Monster eat my sexy shrimp, with pictures.

    Sorry for the rather sensational headline. The incident that I captured with my camera is that of my Ricordea Florida eating one of my Thor Amboinensis alive. Now I know we hear many stories of corals and shrimp purportedly eating one another and the usual comments that "it was probably already...
  14. Tony Thompson

    Sexy Shrimp (Thor Amboinensis) change sex similar to clown fish.

    Hi all, I am currently studying the captive breeding of Sexy Shrimp (Thor Amboinensis) and Skunk Cleaner Shrimp (Lysmata Amboinensis). During my experiments I have noticed an apparent phonomonam with regards Thor Amboinensis. I started of with 6 Shrimp, all of similar size. Using my magnifying...
  15. BobbyBPG

    Anemone Only Tank Questions

    Hi I got a couple question about doing a nem only tank and figured this would be the best place to ask. I have a nano cube setup with multiple different corals and my Nem which had previously stayed on the rock in front of the tank for 4 months decided it no longer liked the flow there. So I...