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    REEF FACTS - Pistol Shrimp & Goby Symbiotic Relationships

    #ReefFacts - Some of the gobies that form these relationships include the Hi Fin Red Banded Goby, Yellow Watchman & Pink Spotted Watchman, Whitecap Goby, Orange Striped Randall's Goby, Orange-Spotted Goby & Wheeler's Shrimp Goby. See all of our gobies:
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  8. N

    Carpet anemone and inverts

    What inverts can be housed with carpet anemones? Looking to add shrimp and crabs. Also what fish can safely be with carpets with out getting eaten ? Thanks in advance
  9. Curryb15

    Melanuras wrasse question

    hello all I have a question about my melanuras wrasse (butchered the spelling). I know they are generally peaceful and are considered reef safe. I love shrimp and I had 2 cleaner shrimp in my tank a few months back. One died mysteriously after having a few broken antennas. A few weeks later my...
  10. S

    Can I/should I get a shrimp?

    Since I got a saltwater fish tank I’ve wanted shrimp of some sort, but I don’t know jf my tank could handle it. I have a 10 gallon innovative marine with 2 black and white clowns a fire fish and snails and crabs. The tank already has a decent bio load so I’m not sure if a shrimp is too risky...
  11. Snake132

    Anglerfish possible murderer ?

    Hi , just wanting some input from anyone who has experience owning or who knows about this type of angelfish ? (Heralds angelfish) So I think my angelfish is killing my skunk shrimp .... the cleaner shrimp have been in the tank for two months with no issues both of the shrimp suddenly died 2...
  12. BangedUp

    Coral dipping

    what is everyone’s go to coral dip that can’t use Bayer because of it killing shrimp. One of my gobys lost his buddy and I don’t want anymore to die from Bayer
  13. Reefer18

    Clean Up Crew Help!

    I currently have a 30 gallon soft coral reef and the cleaners in it is 1 scarlet skunk cleaner, 1 dwarf feather duster, and 1 margarita snail. I want to add more to my CUC and want to add 12 dwarf blue leg hermits, 2 mexican turbo snails, 1 more margarita snail, 2 cerith snails, 2 astraea...
  14. KMench

    Cleaner shrimp acclimation best practice

    Hi. I’ve tried purchasing cleaner shrimp multiple times now from LA... every time I try to add them they seem to arrive happy and then struggle during the acclimation. My last order from there I got two skunk cleaners and a blood red. I put the three together in a bucket after floating them...
  15. KMench

    Why does it matter where inverts are sourced from?

    So I was looking at LiveAquaria, and they offer different options for cleaner shrimp sourcing, ranging from Africa, to Indonesia, and Sri Lanka. Does it matter where they are sourced from? I know for fish, that their colorations and capture methods can vary based on area, but don't think I've...
  16. dcom

    Affordable clean up crews

    Hi, Just wanted to know which site/vendor gives the most for your money. Where is the best value on clean up crews out there? Thanks
  17. Kamden Uelton

    Kamden’s 30 gallon

    Hey! My names Kamden, I’m a 14 year old with a love for aquariums and marine life My aquarium is a 30g Nuvo 30l, This aquarium has a mix of Azoo, SPS, and softie corals. Fish Mimic Filefish Hector’s Goby Blue stripe Pipefish Inverts Mixed snails x12 Emerald Crabs x2 Crinoid (Himerometra...
  18. Hugo Garcia

    How to get rid of majanos

    hi guys, I've added live rock to my tank and now I see there are a bunch of small manjanos showing up. What is he best way to get rids of them? I've added hermit crabs, but they are not doing much? Should I add a peppermint shrimp? Will they help? Thanks
  19. Reckotch

    Outsmarting bullies in order to introduce new fish

    Small backstory and description of inhabitants: I have a ~50 gallon reef, no sump, that has been running for about 4 years. I started up with 2 ocellaris clowns, 1 ecsenius bicolor and 1 stenopus hispidus shrimp. All of these 4 learned to live together and were the only ones lasting; the...
  20. P

    Can brine be grown on coral food, like Reef Snow?

    I'm having trouble getting baby brine to grow out. Spirulina is not working well for me. Can things like Reef Snow, Coral Frenzy, etc be used to grow out baby brine after hatching? Any tips on growing out brine from hatching through large adulthood would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!
  21. BlueWorldJeff

    Gobies for a 180g Mixed Reef

    I just lost my Mandarin Dragonet and am looking for another sand-dweller with some cool mannerisms. I used to have a diamond watchman goby, but it jumped out of the temp tank when I was moving houses. I've tried other diamond watchman's in my old 120g, but they would always disappear and then...
  22. Sarah007

    Burrow/Tunnel contruction

    Hello, I thought I'd share the results of my burrow build for my watchman/pistol pair. In my previous tank I used PVC pipe cut down the middle to accomplish the same thing. I wanted to make something that looked more like a natural cave system this time. They have been living in the burrow...
  23. fasterznu

    25 Gallon Rimless Cube

    Selling my 25 gallon rimless cube saltwater aquarium with stand and livestock. The majority of it was purchased through World Wide Coral in Orlando Fl. The tank itself holds about 25 gallons and the sump is an additional 15 gallons for a total of 40 gallons. Below is a list of what is included...
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