silicone issues

  1. R

    Ticking time bombs in the living room: Is it time for kit aquarium manufactures to up their game?

    The aesthetics of a rimless aquarium are noteworthy. Clean lines, top-down views, and the compelling physics of silicone's holding capacity. It's no wonder people are drawn to this look. With this said.. Almost daily, there's a post of rimless tank disaster, often a seam failure manifesting as a...
  2. TobyPhatz77

    Coating on silicone rubbed off on aquarium

    Hi I‘ve resealed an aquarium with reef safe silicone and left it to cure for over a week before filling. It’s been filled for 10 days and when I looked closely at the seal I noticed a couple of yellowish dots so gave them a rub with my finger to see what it was. When I did this a soft layer of...
  3. Hannible123

    Red Sea seal question

    Hi, I bought a 2nd hand Red Sea 350 that has been running for 3 years and saw that that top right corner seal has a bit of air - is this going to be an issue?
  4. Csr1978

    How long do glass aquariums last....

    How long do glass aquarium last before you proactively take them out of service or replace them to avoid a catastrophy or leak? Obviously, there are levels of quality that could affect this number. So perhaps a high/low answer? Anyone with real experience? Any manufacturers with tested and...
  5. CoralManz

    Silicone Jeopardized

    So while doing a wc I noticed that the silicone around the inside joints of my aquarium is slightly curled. Should I be concerned about this? I would appreciate any input guys and gals. Thank you #ReefSquad #Help
  6. alexjoha

    Micro bubbles in silicone on new tank

    Hi, I just got a new tank the dimensjons are 150cm x 80cm x 55cm its a rimless tank with clear silicone and optiwhite glas. It has 15mm thik glass and now i can se alot of micro bubbles in the silicone. They wernt there before. The tank had had water in it for about one week now. The...
  7. DSmithZ28

    Marineland 93 Gallon Cube Warranty

    About 2 months ago I purchased a brand new Marineland 93 Gallon Cube aquarium. The date code being 2017. Upon filling it with water I discovered the same bubbles in the seam issue that has been talked about many times before. Mine however was a lot worse than just micro bubbles in a straight...