sps advice

  1. MCWL

    Help identify?

    Morning. Can anyone ID the two corals in front of the birdsnest? The one to the left was purchased a few months ago. It was much smaller and yellow. Now it has grown quite a bit and is springing up new vertical growth and is a beautiful green. just not sure what the one on the right is either...
  2. Gianluca

    Birds nest acro unhealthy?

    Hello all, my friend bought me a birds nest acropora two days ago. It doesn’t look too healthy in my opinion so I am concerned my tank isn’t up to snuff, the rest my corals are really healthy and growing just this one isn’t (or maybe I am just overreacting) My tank parameters are as follows...
  3. JackerVenom

    SPS flow with MP10 in 10 gallon?

    Quick question for those sps knowledge people. I'm new to SPS and have an mp10 in a 10 gallon to provide flow but it's on blasting from the one side. So their lots of direct flow but it's constant. Is this okay? which SPS would be okay with this flow? Is there a setting a should have instead of...
  4. E

    SPS Troubles in a happy LPS/Softie Tank

    I'm on my 2nd tank now (Reefer 350, about 4 months old) but I've been in the hobby for 2 years now and I'm still not able to keep SPS well, even when everything seems the way it should be. I have some friends in the hobby who have great SPS tanks and I do everything they say and it's still not...
  5. C

    What’s happening to my bird’s nest SPS??

    I’ve had this gorgeous green bird’s nest SPS for a few months now. It’s mostly been plush and healthy. Recently, I noticed it’s looking different. A couple parts of the tips look boney. Is this a sign that it’s growing or is it unhealthy? Not sure if there’s too much light. It’s been doing...
  6. Zoa_Fanatic

    Good sps to start with

    I’ve got a biocube 32 led. I’m currently growing zoa and LPS like weeds. What sps can I start with that will live in my biocube that is easy to keep and won’t cost me an arm and a leg?
  7. Zoa_Fanatic

    SPS in stock 32gal Biocube LED?

    Hey guys, can I grow SPS in a 32 biocube LED? If so what is a good beginner sps that won’t hurt anything else? I have candy canes, blasto, hammer, and zoas (and some crazy paly grandis) all growing like weeds in my tank.
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