1. C

    Stocking 40g breeder

    Stocking 40g breeder - •Fish• 2 normal clownfish 1 Blue Throat Fairy Wrasse 1 Springeri Damsel 2 Bangaii Cardinalfish 1 Leopard Wrasse ▪︎Coral▪︎ Mainly Euphyllia Hammers & Torchs, although currently only 1 Hammer and 1 Frogspawn Also... 1 Green Monticap 1 Green Finger Leather 1 Fire Finger...
  2. R

    Starting to stock 250L

    Hi all, about 11 weeks ago I had my tank wiped out by what we think was a bad case of ich . I am coming to the end of my fallow period and I am going to buy some fish again. I have come up with a stock list and would like opinions on compatibility , tank size being okay , etc . And any...
  3. NickV34

    What other fish should be added?

    I have a 150 gallon 6 foot long tank that is a mixed reef with the current livestock… 2 Friendly maroon clownfish 1 One spot foxface 1 Tomini tang 1 Blue hippo tang 1 Flasher wrasse 1 fire fish Thinking about adding (deciding between) Blue throat trigger Any other tang Group of...
  4. NickV34

    Stock list for 230 gallon

    Here is my potential stock list for a 230 gallon reef build. These are just fish that I want, so any input is appreciated and I will decide from there. It might be overstocked, but I cannot decide which to take out with input. Thanks!! 1 x lyretail anthias male 4 x lyretail anthias female 2 x...
  5. NickV34

    Stock list for 230 gallon

    Here is my potential stock list for a 230 gallon reef build. These are just fish that I want, so any input is appreciated and I will decide from there. It might be overstocked, but I cannot decide which to take out with input. Thanks!! 1 x lyretail anthias male 4 x lyretail anthias female 2 x...
  6. D

    Need help stocking my new tank

    Hi everyone I’m looking to stock my 90 gallon tank with coral in fish. I already have 1 gsp 1 duncan 1xenia 1 devil hand leather 1 toadstool leather 1 favia 1 gontipora 1 candy cane 2 sets of zoanthids 1 mushroom. 1 clown 1 Montipora that won’t grow 1 lavender tang who I am looking to get...
  7. J

    Stocking for biocube 32? Especially wrasses

    I’m looking for stock additions for my biocube 32, currently I have 2 juvenile clowns, 1 sapphire damsel, 1 neon dottyback. For filtration I have the intank media basket and fuge with chaeto. (and I’m looking to go for a nano skimmer if I can find a good one. If y out have any recommendations...
  8. J

    Stocking recommendations for biocube?

    Just a post to see what you guys recommend I add for stocking my biocube 32. Right now I have 2 clowns and a sapphire damsel. Filtration I use the intank media basket and have a refugium with chaeto. (It grows insanely fast) for some species I was thinking (not all of these just a conbibation of...
  9. B

    Fish Stock for 15gallon

    hi i have a 15 gallon jbj just using jbj ato, return pump for flow and some live rock work and corals. I currently have 2 gladiator clowns, 1 cleaner shrimp, 3 astreas, 3 nassarious, 2 ceriths, and 1 tiger conch. I had a RG but it died and dont want to try my luck with another one. Im leaning...
  10. mdavi

    Suggestion on stock

    I am currently looking for ideas and suggestions for my 150g aggressive tank. I so far have: Clown tang Hybrid PB + GR tang Sailfin Dwarf Lion Leaf Scorpion Humu humu Snowflake eel Ghost eel
  11. B

    Stocking list - sugested order

    Hello, what do you all think about this stocking list? What order would you stock? Is there anything you wouild leave out or add? Tank is new this is for future reference. 116 gallon corner bowfront with 20 gallon sump. LPS/softie tank Yellow tang Foxface 4 clowns Nem 6 line wrasse Royal...
  12. Traviitrav

    Stock list for a Prostar 230

    I’m on the tail end of equipment building, I have begun compiling a livestock list. The total volume is 230 but I know I can’t include that for livestock so after the sump volume I have 190 gallons to play with (so I’m using a 1 inch per 3 gallon rule). This list is also excluding the clean up...
  13. darrow0903

    32 Gallon Stocking

    Hi all, I have a Fluval Flex Sea 32.5 gallon rank I’ve been slowly adding fish and here’s my stock so far: 2 Gladiator Clownfish 2 Bangaii Cardinals 1 Yellow Watchman Goby 1 Pistol Shrimp 3 Mexican Turbo Snails, 2 Margarita Snails, 2 Trochus Snails, 2 Nassarius Snails, 2 Nerite Snails, 3...
  14. WheatToast

    Where did all the Turtleweed/Maiden's hair algae (Chlorodesmis) go?

    I thought Turtleweed/Maiden's hair algae (Chlorodesmis) was quite a popular macroalgae a few years back, but it never seems to be available anymore. What happened? Does this have to do with recent collection bans in the Indo-Pacific region (but isn’t Chlorodesmis also native to the Caribbean)?
  15. Kyle Soto

    Orange Spiny Lobster

    I saw this orange spiny lobster on Diver's Den, does anyone have any additional information on these? How would it do in my 65 gallon tank with soft corals. Any information such as food and if they knock things over would be helpful.
  16. The Fry

    Nano Build stocking help!

    Fish: After a lot of research (by alot, i meant it). Ive found that 10 gallons in sufficient for 2 clowns as people have them in 5-10 gals without any stress to the fish () this one shows the guy having clowns in a 5 gal with a cardinal and a wrasse i think. So anyway, I want to know if i can...
  17. T_rad21

    20 gallon tall

    Hey guys! I have a 20 gallon tall tank that will be a reef tank, for coral I’ll probably mostly do zoas, at least one pulsing Xenia, a duncan or two, and maybe a hammer coral. The tank has been cycling for about 3 weeks and I’m getting ready to start adding fish. I for sure want a pair of...
  18. JayFish4004

    New reefer - help me stock my tank!

    I have been in the fish game for about as long as I can remember. Started with cichlids when I was little, slowly evolving into keeping piranha, then got tired of massacring goldfish so moved to saltwater. Im about 2 months into my first reef tank - a Red Sea Max Nano. Absolutely loving it so...
  19. L

    Water Box 105.04 Stocking Ideas

    Hello, I was wondering if anyone had stocking ideas for the Waterbox FRAG 105.04? The tank is 47.2"×23.6"×16.1". As of right now all that I am certain on is the basic pair of Ocellaris Clowns. I'm quite interested in the idea of getting a tang as well -- obviously w/ a 4ft tank my options are...
  20. yanni

    Clownfish tank stocking suggestions

    Hey all! I just purchased my first reef tank in preparation to set up a clownfish and nem tank! Of course I’ll have my CUC, probably some small snails and a shrimp! And, I’ll only be having 2 clownfish! I was just wondering, will the tank I’m using, 75Litre, 20 Gallon, be big enough to...
  21. Sakosreef

    Evaluate my stocking list (180 gallon reef)

    Hi everyone, I’m setting up my 180 gallon reef tank very soon and I’m putting a lot of planning into my stocking list. I know the naso tang is gonna be too big for my tank at a point but I have plans for a 300+ gallon reef within the next couple of years. My friend is rehoming the naso and it’s...
  22. wolt

    75 gallon stocking

    My 75 gallon stocking is 2 maroon lightning 2 chalk bass Tomini tang Starry blenny Purple dart fish Six line wrasse, might be taking it out Is there any more fish I can put in the tank or am I at the max
  23. S

    What Goby would go best with my tank

    Hello I have been getting my tank ready for a couple months now. There is a adequate amount of algae that is forming and steady. currently I have a tuxedo urchin, a couple snails, an emerald crab, and a banded coral shrimp. my tank is a biocube 32 my question is I’ve wanted to get a pistol...
  24. N11morales

    32G Biocube Stocking List

    Hello I was thinking about adding like 2 more fish to my 32G biocube, but wasn't sure what exactly I can add or if I should add anything. As of right now I have: 2 Oscellaris Clownfish Wheeler's Goby/Pistol Shrimp- Pair Royal Gramma Fire Shrimp I was thinking about maybe adding a banggai...
  25. Reefer37

    Stocking JBJ45

    Hey everyone! So I've had my system running post cycle little over 6 months now and interested if I can add another member to my tank. I've been hesitant because I rather understock than overstock, but yet I see people with this tank throwing 8/9 fish in and I'm just not sure. Right now, I...