stocking advice

  1. ZanaZoola14

    Stocking 56 gallon, 5.8 foot, tank

    Hello, I am looking to set up a 56 gallon, 212ltr tank. (length x width x height Inches — 69.69x12x15.75, cm — 177x30x40 approx) This tank is not pre-drilled, and will be effectively on the floor (due to the height of the stand it is on) so unable to do a sump beneath it. However, as this...
  2. jlfrey06

    Tank Mates for Valentini Puffer in 40B

    I set up a 40B tank in my basement to hold my current stock while we got new floors in our house. Once everyone is transferred back to my main display, I would like to keep that tank running as a FOWLR and add a Valentini puffer as the 'centerpiece' fish. Looking for other potential tankmates! I...
  3. A

    How is my stocking plan?

    Hello all! I'm new to this hobby and have had a red sea reefer 250 set up for around 6 months. The tank is cycled and I've been slowly adding fish over the last few weeks which has been very exciting! I currently have: 1x common clownfish pair 2x purple firefish 1x Peacock Wrasse Everyone...
  4. natattack

    Converting Macro Algae Aquarium into Soft Coral Reef Need Suggestions

    Hello, I am currently in the process of converting an ill-fated attempt at a macro algae aquarium into a soft coral reef. Need suggestions on species or tweaks to my setup. It is a Water Box Clear Mini 16 running an AI Prime, Tidal 75 w/ Purigen, heater, ATO, and a small powerhead. It was...
  5. M

    IM 50 ext w 32 gal sump Stocking Advice

    Hi, I recently purchased a 50 gallon aquarium by innovative marine and was wondering if my planned stocking list works for the aquarium. Any advice is apppreciate! My list: 2 storm clownfish, 1 Midas blenny, 1 flame back angel, 1 neon goby, 1 fire fish, 1 green chromis, 1 damselfish, 1 Bangaii...
  6. M

    IM 50 EXT w Sump Stocking advice

    Hi, I just purchased the IM 50 ext w an 32 gal sump and am thinking about what I will stock it with for future. My plan was having 2 storm clownfish, 1 Midas blenny, 1 flame back angel, 1 neon goby, 1 banggai cardinal, 6 green chromis. please let me know if this list works and any advice if you...
  7. M

    IM 112 Gallon EXT Lagoon

    I was looking to get a blenny for this aquarium and was wondering which would have the most personality? I heard that Midas blennys usually are very active swimmers. Additionally, are there any other colorful, or personality, or active fish that you would reccomend for this aquarium that I...
  8. keatonmjenkins

    Could I add fish?

    I have a IM 170 tank and I’m just curious is to what you all think if I could add a fish or two? Current stocking list is: 7 chromis 3 orange anthias 1 flame hawk 1 yellow tang 1 blue streak wrasse 2 cinnamon clowns Was looking to add: Mandarin One more of any tang, open to ideas based on...
  9. M

    75 gallon stocking- Am I full?

    Rather new here, my apologies if posting in wrong forum. I'm looking to crowd source suggestions for any further additions, or tell me if I'm full or overstocked already and should stop. I have a standard 75g with 40g sump with refugium and protein skimmer, etc. Approx 60lbs live sand and...
  10. reefer9

    100 litre, 3ft long tank

    I was wondering what I could comfortably stock in my tank, at the moment I’ve a blue green damsel and a Molly (considering moving him on to house more true salt fish) , a peppermint shrimp and a couple nassarius snails and blue legged hermits
  11. Kugii

    Will this stocking list work for a 22 gal long?

    1x Mandarin 2x Common clownfish 1x Scooter blenny 1x Pygmy filefish 1x Dwarf Hawkfish ?x Shrimps ?x A bunch of snails And possibly a Watchman goby + pistol shrimp combo? Thanks in advance!
  12. K

    Stocking My 50 Gallon Aquarium, I would like a tang, an angel and a butterfly if possible.

    Hey everyone, I hope all you are doing well. As I said in the title I would love to keep an angelfish, a butterfly and a tang if possible. And I am not planning on getting a bigger tank. My tank is 80W x 42D x 65 cm. Here is the list of the fish that I am interested in getting. Pls note that i...
  13. J

    Cowfish 65 G JBJ

    Is it possible to house a baby cowfish in a 65 g JBJ aquarium? Would it outgrow the aquarium? If so, how long would it take before it would need to be rehoused in a larger aquarium? A worker at my LFS said that a baby cowfish wouldn’t outgrow the aquarium and that it’d fit perfectly. He said...
  14. J

    Fluval 13.5 Stocking

    What is the maximum stocking for a fluval 13.5? Thinking about putting an ocellaris pair in there and keeping it as their tank.
  15. CPratt

    Thoughts on Stocking list

    Hello, I just finished setting up a fiji cube 38 pinensula and have put togher a list of fish that id like to add. Looking for any input or recommendations as to why or why not add togeter. An established pair of Lighting Maroon Clowns 2-3 Chalk Bass Yasha and pistol shrimp combo Orchid or...
  16. wdotero

    Stocking Biocube 32 question

    Hi All I have a question about my stocking plans for a four month old BioCube 32g. Current livestock: Ocellaris Clownfish (1) Diamond Goby (1) Peppermint shrimp (3) Scarlet hermit crabs (3), dwarf hermit crabs (3), Pithos crabs (3) Cerith, nassarius, trochus snails, limpets...
  17. nanoman95

    First addition!

    Guys I finally got the first edition! The tank is 13 weeks old, full of copepods and I finally took the plunge with a Firefish! I’ve been waiting for the perfect one as I’m aware I’m limited on options and I think it’s so pretty! Would like to add 3 sexy shrimp in a couple weeks but any ideas...
  18. ZanaZoola14

    Setting up 35gal, 140ltr

    Hello, I am looking to set up a 35 gallon, 140ltr tank. (length x width x height Inches — 36x15x15, cm — 90x40x40 approx) This tank is pre-drilled for a sump, and I have a space below the tank (inches — 30x17x24, cm — 76x45x60), to include the sump, ato and anything else that might be...
  19. natattack

    Invertebrate Only 16G Macro Algae Tank Stocking Ideas

    Hello! I am getting back into the hobby and want some suggestions on some centerpiece invertebrates that would do well in a 16 gallon macro algae aquarium. I do not want any fish, and I would like to showcase some rarer or more uncommon critters that often do not thrive in fish and coral heavy...
  20. Smithrz

    How often do you add fish?

    Hey folks, What are your thoughts on how often you should, or can, add new livestock (fish mainly) to your tank? Is there a formula? is it entirely dependent on water parameters? Or based on needs such as pest or algae control (Let’s assume there’s plenty space for fish to be added, I get that...
  21. Dae

    Stocking advice for 20gal AIO

    Hello, I am looking for stocking advice for a tank that I have collecting dust. Its a JBJ 20gallon AIO and I really would like a centerpiece resident. I am looking to house only one fish in this tank but somethin unique. I would like to house a predator but I don't think anything would be...
  22. Z

    Stocking help for a 75 gallon

    Need feedback for stocking a 75. 4’ long, 100+ gallons total including sump. Already in the picture is a pair of clowns, pearly jaw, hectors goby, two cleaner shrimp and remaining CUC. Definitely want a tomini tang or another Ctenochaetus tang. Definitely want a couple wrasses (maybe melanarus...
  23. Rabid

    Stocking advice RSR 350

    Hi all. This is my first saltwater tank, coming from many years in freshwater. I've had the tank setup and running for 18 days, cycling with dry rock and live sand. And while i can soon see the "end" to the cycle, and can soon start adding livestock. I have fish in mind, but alot of...
  24. KarlSharx

    Any room for additional fish?

    Hey all, I've got a 24 gallon nanocube and wanted some input on if i could potentially fit another fish in my tank. Currently I've got a small gold nugget maroon clown (Maybe 2½" right now), a firefish pair, and a 3" longnose hawk. I have a protein skimmer and robust clean up crew, and do intend...
  25. G

    Generic Amazon Rimless Low-Iron 45?

    So, in a thread I posted a couple days ago detailing how we reefers are oppressed by landowners (lol), I was advised to start designing my setup while I wait for the opportunity to build. I started looking for a rimless 40 breeder, and I have found about zilch from anyone (which is weird because...