stocking list

  1. Erik the Red

    Advices and ideas for new build

    Hi everyone, I’m planning to get a new tank instead of my Waterbox 35.1 AIO. The reason is that it’s never really taken off and I need some more stability as due to my job it can be hard to follow the tank. So basically I’d like a bigger tank to allow it to go on autopilot once in a while. For...
  2. C

    Fiji Cube Sizing + Stocking

    Hello everyone¡ I’ve always loved owning planted aquariums but it’s time progress and dive saltwater reef keeping. After researching for MONTHS I’ve made a huge list of all the equipment from the ghl controller to what coral dip to get. That’s when my slow brain realized I hadn’t picked a tank...
  3. maryocean7

    Fish Stock Suggestions

    Hello everyone. We are about 1 month now into the hobby and made a list of fishes we would potentially like to have. We obviously know a lot of these we won't be able to get but would like your opinion on what we can or should not get, problems they may cause or alternatives. Now we do want to...
  4. C

    35g stocking list, suggestions?

    So im setting up my first saltwater tank and its 35G, any suggestions would help :) Entacmaea quadricolor Heteractis magnifica Fromia pacifica (Yellow tipped red) Amphiprion ocellaris x 2 (Nemo) Any other fish suggestions would be appreciated
  5. R

    60 Gallon Mixed Reef Stocking

    Hi, hope everyone's having a good day I'm currently setting a 4' 60 gallon tank that I'm planning on being a mixed reef with mainly soft and lps coral with a few easier sps. For filtration I have about 55-70 lbs of rock, it's plumbed to a 33 gallon sump with a refugium and a Eshopps skimmer...
  6. J

    40 gal stocking

    Hey guys I have a 40 gallon reef tank set up and it’s almost out of the cycling stage. I plan on keeping hardy corals in there and adding them once the tank is about 3-6 months old, or at least after the algae bloom stage is over. I am thinking of adding the following fish: - 1x Clownfish: I...
  7. TL1

    Vlamingi / Orange Shoulder / Blonde Naso Center Piece Fish?

    Hello everyone! I'm finalizing my Reefer S-1000 Build and am trying to decide on a large centerpiece fish. I'm posting this to hopefully gain some insights from you guys and gals, because there are so many differing opinions on these fish and their appropriate minimum tank size. My...
  8. Brendanb5

    55 gallon stocking ideas

    I have a 55 gallon display with a 20 gallon sump. Moving over from my 32 biocube is a pair of clowns, a Royal gramma, a tailspot blenny, and a tiger pistol shrimp. The pistol used to be paired with a watchman goby and I’d like to get him another goby, looking for suggestions on what other gobies...
  9. HonorableWhat

    Stocking for waterbox 20g cube

    So, i got a 20g waterbox aio for cheap that i plan to turn into a rock flower nem tank. And im wanting to stock it with something uncommon. So feel free to reccomend something. Im fine with it being a single species only tank
  10. Schraufabagel

    Suggestions for 5th fish?

    My 25 gallon tank is currently stocked with 2 clownfish, 1 banggai cardinalfish, and 1 sharknose goby. Does anyone have suggestions for a good fish to add? Preferably something that explores the tank or is an active swimmer.
  11. J

    Advise with stocking 40 gal.

    Hey guys, I got a general idea of what I want to put into my 40 gal reef tank, let me know what you guys think! - 2x Ocellaris Clownfish - 1-3x Green/Blue Chromis (undecided as to how many) - 1x Yellow Watchman/Wheeler Goby (undecided and plan to pair with pistol shrimp) - 1x Kaudern Cardinal...
  12. thevelvetdragon

    92 Gallon Reef Tank Stocking List

    Hi guys! We are getting a 92 gallon tank this weekend that we're buying from someone. It's an already established tank, but since we've had the worst luck with parasites we are going to clean it out and let it sit before adding water to it and starting over. That being said, I'm an avid planner...
  13. D

    Convict Tang in 4ft 165 gallon?

    Hi guys I currently have a 4ft 165 gallon(DT Volume) tank (4'X2.5'X2.5') and would like to purchase a convict tang. I'm not sure if I'll be overstocking my tank or if the tank is too small for an adult sized convict tang. I'd like to hear other's experiences with convict tangs and their usual...
  14. Spydersweb

    Would 1 more fish be too much?

    Hello all, I was wondering if I could get input on my stock in a 125 gallon. Everyone is about medium sized right now. I was just wondering if I could add another medium sized fish(4-6 inches or so), or should I stop while I’m ahead. My fish: Marine betta Dwarf fuzzy lion 2 ocellaris clowns...
  15. Schraufabagel

    First Setup Advice - Waterbox AIO 35.2

    So I've narrowed in on my first saltwater tank that I'll get for my apartment once I move in a few months. I'm looking for any advice on anything regarding the equipment choices and stocking list. Waterbox AIO 35.2 (33 gallon 2'x2' cube). I chose this tank since it makes the most sense in case...
  16. James210ReefLife

    Stocking options 210g

    Getting so close to finally filling the 210 I should start researching what I can add. Currently in the 75 we have 1 yellow anglefish, 1 blue eye tang, 2 ocellaris clowns, and 1 filefish. The filefish will be returned to the lfs. He took care of the aiptasia and then moved on to the zoa garden...
  17. j.register3

    Diamond Goby & Starry Blenny Compatibility?

    Hello everyone, I’ve been planning the stocking list for my Biocube 32 & am curious if a Diamond Goby & Starry Blenny would get be compatible in this tank? In order I would stock it as follows: Pink Streaked Wrasse x 1 Diamond Goby x 1 Starry Blenny x 1 Mocha Storm Clownfish x 2 Sound good...
  18. HawaiiTanks808

    Hello New to the forum, 75 gal FOWLR tank stocking ideas?

    Im new to the group, I have a 75 gal FOWLR tank, thats on month 2 of cycling. I currently have 2 clowns (currently about 3/4 an inch each) , a neon dottyback (about a 1/2 inch), 1 blue spot goby (about 2 and 1/2 inch), and a white spotted toby (almost full grown at 2 and 3/4 inch) in a 30 gal...
  19. Callieach

    Build Thread 75 Gallon Peaceful (Mostly) Reef

    Thought I would share our 75 gallon mostly peaceful reef tank. :) Equipment: 75 gallon high tank 10 gallon banshee BioFuge sump Eshopps overflow box Jebao PP Series Wavemaker (PP-8) Aqua Excel In-sump Skimmer (Can't remember the model...) 2 Mars Aqua LED Lights Chaeto and Pods in abundance...
  20. Fish Novice

    75 Gallon Semi Aggressive Tank Stocking

    Hi guys, I am looking to get a 75-gallon semi-aggressive tank, here are my ideas (I won't get every fish on the list, that would be way overstocked. I'm more focused on who cant go with what. One Spot Foxface Snowflake Eel Some Lobster, blue or purple Hawkfish Blue-spotted puffer Marine Betta...
  21. Muffin87

    Sumped 50G stocking list

    The summer is finally over and I feel more confident stocking my 50G. It's 29 x 24 x 20 (high) bare bottom. I'd love if someone experienced could comment on my stocking list. Underlined fish are the ones, I'm really determined to keep, but I obviously accept comments. The other fish are the...
  22. TheJoker1991

    Build Thread 30 gallon stocking options?

    Hey y'all so I have a 30 gallon tank cycled and everything.. Now im looking for some ideas for stocking. Im literally open to anything. I would love to have something that schools but I know that 30 gallons is hard to do that with.. Any ideas would be awesome.
  23. M

    New stocking list Red Sea 170E

    Dear reefers, I’m planning to upgrade my tank to a Red Sea 170E MAX. At the moment I have a pair of clownfish and a cleaner shrimp. But I really don’t know what fish I should add because there are so many. So I thought I could get some help here choosing fish and invertebrates for the bigger...
  24. Andrew_NYC_Reef

    New 100G - Need Stocking Help!

    So I’m a few days into cycling my new 100g (+30 gal sump) and I’m trying to finalize my stocking list and stocking order so I can start thinking about where to source the first couple of fish. I have a 30 gallon tank set up with one clown and CUC so those will probably be the first inhabitants...
  25. H

    Good news! Build thread for 125 gallon coming around Christmas!

    Disclaimer: This is not a build thread, there aren’t any pictures yet. My dad has finally caved and decided to help me build a 125 gallon tank with 55 gallon sump around Christmas. I’ll give you the details. So first, the stocking list. 20 Ocellaris Clowns and 3 LTAs: I’ve decided to attempt a...
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