1. Eva Rose

    65 gal Stocking Suggestions

    I am working on a stocking list for a 65 gal tank with softie corals. But I'm only in the initial planning phase. Fish aren't listed in the order, they will be introduced (just draft list). *Flame Hawk- love , love this fish Mimic Saddle Puffer (valentini puffer mimic) (Paraluterus...
  2. alexytman

    Am I overstocked

    45gal no sump with hang on reactor (bio pellet) I have: 1 clown 1 hawk fish 1 coral beauty 2 dart fish 1 goby1 neon goby 1 pistol less than an inch 2 Neon damsel A mandarin (my fav he eats frozen food which is rare) a torch A small colony of zoan A acan 2 scolymia
  3. alexytman

    Interesting Snails

    I'm looking for colorful or interesting looking snails. So far I am very interested in the ninja star snails they have a very interesting shape and nice tone of gray
  4. Santizinger

    Nem or no nem?

    I have a 20 gal tall nano reef tank. I was thinking of getting a rainbow sebae nem. i have 3 chromis scooter blenny crab and shrimp. zoa frag frogspawn hammer torch ricordia and mushroom. could i add the nem or would that be a bad idea? Newer reefer.
  5. wadew

    Stocking for a 20 Gallon NUVO Fusion

    Hello all, I have a Nuvo 20 and would like to come up with a stocking list. Finish this list with any fish that you think would be good: -2 Ocellaris Clowns -1 Cleaner Shrimp -please finish the list! Thanks, Wade
  6. lightningreef2690

    75 Gallon Reef Stocking

    Hey everyone, So i recently stumbled upon a Lightning Maroon clown fish at a price so low i couldnt pass it up. So for the meantime i have him in a 5 gallon nano while i set up his new 75 Gallon mixed reef tank. The Lightning Maroon will obviously be the star of the tank, so i need to make sure...
  7. Sarah007

    Fish stock list for IM Lagoon 50 Gallon

    Hello reefers! So now that the uneven tank issue has been resolved and the old nano and its inhabitants have been moved over to their new home (thanks again for the help on that one!), I thought I'd run the planned stock list by everyone to see if anybody sees any problems. Also, I am not...
  8. Slyler

    120 Gal Stocking Questions

    Hi Everyone, I have a few questions that I would like to hear some advice on please. To give some background information I currently I have a 72 gal bowfront, it has a HOB skimmer, and a Fluval 405 filter with Carbon. the tank has been running for 2 years now, and everything is going great...