1. R

    Stocking 36 Gallon Reef

    Hey guys! I've been posting about this build for a while and it has been pretty slow going unfortuatly... I finally have the tank drilled, the 10 gallon DIY sump assembled and plumbed... Leak checked... Rocks set... I am planning on adding water and sand this weekend and using a bottle of Dr...
  2. jbholasingh

    Yellow fish for a 20 gallon. Stocking ideas?

    So I have a 20 gallon and my sister insists we need a yellow tang. I've already had to break it to her that the tank is waaaayy too small for yellow tang or any tang in general. I was considering a Midas blenny as an alternative. What other options are there for a yellow fish in a 20 gallon?
  3. R

    Fish stocking

    What order would be best to add these fish in? they’ll be going into a 440l /100gal (display only) Sump will be. socks, fuge, skimmer. would you consider this over stocked or would this be okay & any recommendations to what you would add/ remove. Banngai cardinals Fire fish / dart fish...
  4. Gonj

    Stocking suggestion for 55g?

    I recently got a waterbox 85.3 frag tank, according to the sticker the display up top is about 55 gallons rest is in the sump. was wondering if anyone can share input on colorful interactive fish, nothing too skittish , goal is a reef tank so preferably reef safe or with caution would be good...
  5. Spydersweb

    Would 1 more fish be too much?

    Hello all, I was wondering if I could get input on my stock in a 125 gallon. Everyone is about medium sized right now. I was just wondering if I could add another medium sized fish(4-6 inches or so), or should I stop while I’m ahead. My fish: Marine betta Dwarf fuzzy lion 2 ocellaris clowns...
  6. linkedsilas

    Is this too much for a 30 gallon?

    I am downsizing from my 90g to a 30 gallon IM AIO. I would like to keep my fish Anyone see an issue with 2 clowns, banghai cardinal, wheeler goby, bicolor blenny, fire fish in a 30? The only one I question is my engineer goby that is probably 4 inches. Do you think its possible to keep...
  7. Y

    Clownfish tank stocking suggestions

    Hey all! I just purchased my first reef tank in preparation to set up a clownfish and nem tank! Of course I’ll have my CUC, probably some small snails and a shrimp! And, I’ll only be having 2 clownfish! I was just wondering, will the tank I’m using, 75Litre, 20 Gallon, be big enough to...
  8. Y

    Clownfish tank stocking suggestions

    Hey all! I just purchased my first reef tank in preparation to set up a clownfish and nem tank! Of course I’ll have my CUC, probably some small snails and a shrimp! And, I’ll only be having 2 clownfish! I was just wondering, will the tank I’m using, 75Litre, 20 Gallon, be big enough to...
  9. adamlodge14

    Fluval evo stocking

    Hi, I am thinking about stocking for my 15 gallon that has been running almost 2 months now (I only have a few softies atm) In terms of fish I was thinking I would get 1 clownfish, 1 possum wrasse, 1 Yasha goby/shrimp pair and 1 royal gramma. I am thinking about getting a pair of clownfish...
  10. A

    60 gallon stocking

    How many fish can I get in my 60 gallon tank? I have already have a yellow tang, blue damsel, royal gramma, 3 cromis, 2 clownfish, a clown goby , fire fish, chalk bass, and a diamond goby (I have a protein skimmer btw) I was hoping to add a longnose hawk fish and a six line wrasse
  11. adamlodge14

    Which wrasse??

    Hi, I am getting a wrasse for my fluval evo 13.5. I will have it with 1 clownfish and a shrimp goby pair. I am deciding between a pyjama pinstripe wrasse or a tanakas Pygmy possum wrasse. Which would be better or does it not matter?
  12. adamlodge14

    Wrasse or basslet?

    Hi, I am currently thinking about stocking for my new 15 gallon reef tank. I will have a Yasha goby- pistol shrimp pair, 1 clownfish and for the last fish I am deciding between a pink streaked wrasse and a candy basslet, what are your thoughts??
  13. G

    Yellow Tang Companion in a 120g

    I'm looking for Stocking advice for a 120 gallon tank. I'm interested in having 2 herbivorous fish to pick at my rocks and help manage algae preventatively. My wife loves the look of yellow tangs and wants one for the tank. I've been looking at adding a blue eyed kole tang, but I want them to...
  14. G

    Anthias Trio in 120 gallon

    I've been reading a lot about setting up a 120 gallon tank, and the behaviors of anthias are a huge reason I took an interest in the hobby. I'm curious which species, if any, could be kept in a 120 gallon tank. Originally I was interested in keeping a trio of a shoaling species like Lyretails or...
  15. andielehman

    Beginner 20g Reef Tank Stocking Idea

    Hi! I'm new to the saltwater hobby and have some questions on appropriate stocking for a potential 20g tank my dad and I are planning on keeping together. FISH - added gradually over a few weeks, in no particular order 2 ocellaris clowns 1 neon goby OR a firefish 2 cardinalfish Potentially a...
  16. Schraufabagel

    Stocking Help

    After ensuring that my apartment options will allow the tank size and renters insurance will indeed cover any property damage if a leak were to happen, I am leaning toward two tank options. Waterbox Frag 85.3 or 105.4 Stocking list in order of desire: 1. 2 clownfish 2. 2 cardinalfish 3...
  17. LukeWolf

    Would you consider this tank stocked???

    Hello everyone! with the holidays over and a little bit of Christmas cash, I have been thinking about some new additions to my tank lately. I’ve never been a good judge of when to stop stocking a tank, so I thought I’d ask for some help. Do you think my tank is fully stocked or should I go...
  18. S

    30 gallon reef fish suggestion

    I have a 30 gallon tank with some corals and a 20 gallon refugium. I currently have 2 clown fish and a diamond goby, and was thinking about adding 1 or 2 more fish. Since the clowns are always in the water column, and the goby is always on the sand, I was wanting to get a fish that will swim...
  19. jjjak3108

    Stocking options 210g

    Getting so close to finally filling the 210 I should start researching what I can add. Currently in the 75 we have 1 yellow anglefish, 1 blue eye tang, 2 ocellaris clowns, and 1 filefish. The filefish will be returned to the lfs. He took care of the aiptasia and then moved on to the zoa garden...
  20. SteveG_inDC

    Looking for feedback on my 240g stocking plan

    This is a draft stocking plan for a 240g (6' x 30" x 25" high) I do plan to keep corals, but I want a lot of fish activity and I really like to see pairs or groups of the same species. I was thinking of introducing them gradually, in this order. Maybe the CUC (including shrimps and goby)...
  21. Spydersweb

    Green and/or blue stocking suggestions

    Hello all, I’d like a splash of blue and/or green to add to my FOWLER (with some Xenia). It’s for a 125 gallon, and my current list is: - Fuzzy dwarf lion - Mystery wrasse - Valentini Puffer - Eibli angel - Ocellaris pair - Yellow eye Kole tang I’m not really looking for damsels or chromis...
  22. Cetus

    Questions about the Square Spot Anthias

    I'd like someone who has experience with the Square Spot Anthias because I've been considering a few for my stocking list but I want to hear some feedback first. The tank in question will be 125 gallons and 72 inches long. On LiveAquaria, the Squarespot Anthias is said to require 100 gallons...
  23. Fish Novice

    75 Gallon Semi-Aggressive FOWLR Tank, Stocking List

    Hi guys, I am looking to get a 75-gallon semi-aggressive tank, here are my ideas. Flame Angel/Kole Tang (tell me which is better) Snowflake Eel Hawkfish, Longnose or Scarlet Blue-spotted puffer Marine Betta Silver Belly Wrasse (Ill take other suggestions for a wrasse) I would like any...
  24. Cetus

    125 Gallon Reef Tank Stocking Help?

    Hey! So, I'm planning on getting a 125 gallon reef tank that's 72 inches long. I've been looking all over for what kind of fish I could add to the tank and after several weeks of adding and removing, I decided to use the unit system as described in this article...
  25. j.register3

    Biocube 32 Stocking Advice

    Hello everyone, I am in the process of starting up a Biocube 32 & working on the aquascape, I’m trying to get an idea of what kind of fish & corals I want to keep in the tank. I’m trying to go by the 1/2in to gallon ration for fish & have a total of 15in or adult fish in the tank. As far as...