1. Dad2Wyatt

    How does my 55 gallon stock plan look?

    I currently have a juvenile ocellaris clownfish and an orange ricordea mushroom in my tank. In order I am thinking of adding these fish though I’m not sure if adding all of these are possible or if I would need to cut down. black and white ocellaris clown Royal gramma or carpenters wrasse...
  2. zbever

    75 Gallon Stocking List

    Hello! I am setting up my first saltwater tank. I hope to make a beautiful reef tank in the future. I am starting with my fish until I can afford to light for my coral dreams. I have been keeping fresh water for over 10 years. Right now I am working with a standard 75 gallon. I am...
  3. markon87

    Stocking 20 gallon tank

    Hi everyone, I have a 20-gallon tall tank. Inside I have two ocellaris clownfish and one bicolor blenny. Even though I had my clowns for two years before adding the blenny, I don't see any aggression inside the tank. They even let the blenny go inside of their pot, which I think it's pretty...
  4. alishasreef

    30G Reef Tank Stocking

    Hi everyone! I’m currently looking at my reefs stock and trying to find the general “rule” for stocking reef tanks. For context I have a 164L 36 gallon tank with a sump, skimmer, live rock, refugium and it is 2 years old, i’m still slightly newer to corals so it’s a whole new ballpark! i’m...
  5. C

    Maroon clown tank size

    Hello everybody, I have a 20 gallon long that has no other fish besides a goby and a blenny, and I was wondering if I could keep a single maroon clown in there? I also have an rbta in the tank. Thanks!
  6. C

    Ember blenny in a 10g IM nuvo?

    do you all think I could keep an ember blenny in a 10G IM Nuvo? I have an in sump/AIO chamber refugium and I plan on it being the only fish in the tank besides some inverts, I have heard they can get up to 5 inches and that seems like a big number, just wondering on your opinions, can’t seem to...
  7. C

    10g IM Nuvo stocking

    Hello all, am currently cycling an IM nuvo 10g, going To have softies and lps, just curious about my stocking and if you have any suggestions as well? stocking: 1 yellow clown goby 1 blue neon goby rfa and porcelain anemone crab Just curious if you guys have any other suggestions? I am going to...
  8. C

    Blue dot puffer in a 20g L

    Hello everybody, I recently have fell in love with puffers, and I was wondering if I could keep a blue dotted puffer in a 20 gallon long? Thanks!
  9. YNWA97

    RedSea Reefer 350 stocking

    Hey everyone I am looking for help & suggestions for stocking my red sea 350 (91 total system gallons). It has been been up and running stable for a few months. I currently have a bubble magus curve 7 skimmer running and plan to also utilize a refugium in the near future to control the bio load...
  10. D

    Multi Tank Reef Stocking Idea?

    I have a 2 tank setup with common sump. I have a 150g 6ft long tank and a Reefer 450 92g 5ft tank. They go to a common 45g sump with 40W UV, oversized skimmer, fuge, and marine pure spheres and block. I am running a carbon reactor currently and have another reactor to run gfo or biopellets as...
  11. M

    Stocking help

    Hello all! i just started setting up my new Red sea 170 and got a bicolor blenny already, i also have a Kauderni and two clowns that are waiting te be added in the new tank. I'm not sure what to do, can i ad one more fish or should i leave it and if i can add a fish what are nice community fish...
  12. J

    Advise with stocking 40 gal.

    Hey guys, I got a general idea of what I want to put into my 40 gal reef tank, let me know what you guys think! - 2x Ocellaris Clownfish - 1-3x Green/Blue Chromis (undecided as to how many) - 1x Yellow Watchman/Wheeler Goby (undecided and plan to pair with pistol shrimp) - 1x Kaudern Cardinal...
  13. The Fry

    Nano Build stocking help!

    Fish: After a lot of research (by alot, i meant it). Ive found that 10 gallons in sufficient for 2 clowns as people have them in 5-10 gals without any stress to the fish () this one shows the guy having clowns in a 5 gal with a cardinal and a wrasse i think. So anyway, I want to know if i can...
  14. JB's Reef

    Stocking Advice for 125gal Mixed Reef

    Hey Everyone, As the title says, I'm looking for some advice on stocking plans for my 125gal. Below is what I currently have and what I'm looking to add. Current: 2x Ocellarus Clowns 1x Foxface Lo 3x Lyretail Anthias Wish list: 1x White Tail Bristletooth tang 1x Mellanarus Wrasse 1x Flame...
  15. B

    Puffer and blenny?

    Looking to put a very small Toby puffer (leopard or Valentini) in a 20 gallon. Only for a year and then will be moving and upgrading. Would it be possible to get a blenny as well? I hear mixed reviews on Blennies in 20 gallons, I know 30 is usually the minimum recommendation. Thanks!
  16. Kyle Soto

    WHAT to do with Blue Tang in 65 gallon tank

    I recently purchased a 65 gallon Red Sea tank on Offerup. The owner was including all of his livestock along with the tank. One of the fish included was a fairly large blue tang (about 6-7 inches). I understand that he is likely too large for this tank but I had no choice but to take him. What...
  17. C

    20g long stocking

    Hey, I recently started a 20 gallon long aquarium, and I was wondering whether my stocking list is ok, I currently have a young pair of ocellaris clowns in the tank and was wondering if I could add the following fish: 1 firefish 1 clown goby 1 YWG/shrimp pair 1 cleaner shrimp would all those...
  18. Afkomjorgen

    Stocking ideas for my new 48 gallon!

    Hey! I just upgraded to a 48! Current set up is 29 bow with two clownfish that’s been running for 2 years. Used to have a diamond goby but he got too big ( wish I’d kept him now, he was a great fish). the new tank is 48 gallons with a 14 gallon sump. what fish could be good additions? I’d...
  19. L

    just one more?

    i have an infamous 20 gal cube with a flasher wrasse(temporarily i promise, and he is healthy with good weight and no deformity), a mandarin dragonet and a masked goby. could i add another fish like a small blenny(tail spot, two spot, pictus), shrimp goby(randall, yasha, yellow)or a spriger...
  20. Schraufabagel

    Looking for suggestions for additional fish

    I have a 25 gallon tank. Currently stocked with 2 clownfish, Banggai cardinal, and a sharknose goby. I got a clown goby, but haven’t seen him in weeks, even during feeding, so I’m pretty certain he’s dead somewhere. My nitrates and phosphates have been very low even with daily feeding. I’m...
  21. Y

    20G stocking help/suggestions!

    Hey all! Looking for some advice on stocking for my 20G AIO cube. I’ve settled on a few fish, some must haves, and some I’m unsure about. Must haves: - 2x Ocellaris Clowns - A skunk cleaner shrimp (open to recommendation for different shrimp) - Snails (Nassarius and/or trochus) - Blenny of...
  22. D

    Question about stocking 32g Biocube

    Question about stocking my 32 gallon Biocube. Planning on having easy corals like zoas, polyps, xenia, etc) Thinking about the following fish: -1 pink-streaked wrasse -1 royal gramma basslet -1 electric indigo dottyback -Pair of bonded clownfish -1 diamond watchman goby (part of CUC?) CUC...
  23. R

    Stocking 36 Gallon Reef

    Hey guys! I've been posting about this build for a while and it has been pretty slow going unfortuatly... I finally have the tank drilled, the 10 gallon DIY sump assembled and plumbed... Leak checked... Rocks set... I am planning on adding water and sand this weekend and using a bottle of Dr...
  24. jbholasingh

    Yellow fish for a 20 gallon. Stocking ideas?

    So I have a 20 gallon and my sister insists we need a yellow tang. I've already had to break it to her that the tank is waaaayy too small for yellow tang or any tang in general. I was considering a Midas blenny as an alternative. What other options are there for a yellow fish in a 20 gallon?
  25. R

    Fish stocking

    What order would be best to add these fish in? they’ll be going into a 440l /100gal (display only) Sump will be. socks, fuge, skimmer. would you consider this over stocked or would this be okay & any recommendations to what you would add/ remove. Banngai cardinals Fire fish / dart fish...
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