1. O

    40 Breeder Stocking

    Hello Everyone, I just set up my first saltwater fish tank, a 40-gallon breeder. I have just finished my cycle and am now thinking about stocking. Proposed stocking list: 1. 2 Clownfish 2. Sleeper Goby 3. Cherub Angel 4. Purple Firefish CUC - Astrea and Cerith snail, blue leg hermits, and a...
  2. SomeHappyFish

    60G cube build Stocking ideas 2024.

    I'm in the process of rebuilding my ~60G Cube with a 20G sump, and the dimension is 24x24x24" with an oversized skimmer (curve 7). I plan on doing a softie heavy tank with macro algae if you guys are curious. Below I have written the fishes I like, if you guys can a suggestion or a good list...
  3. V


    Hello, I have a Fluval Evo 13.5 stocked with a pair of clownfish that are about 3 inches each. My clean up crew consists of a tuxedo urchin and 3 blue legged hermit crabs. This tank also has lps and soft coral and a BTA. I’m looking to add a third fish like a blenny or a goby. I have a decent...
  4. V

    Fluval Evo 13.5 stocking

    Hello, I am 100% set on a pair of ocellaris clownfish for this tank and I’d just like to know if I can add another small fish. I have a ton of copepods that aren’t a good sight (I didn’t add them) and can always in plain sight or on the back glass eating some small algae that won’t go away. I...
  5. Reefer_E

    10 gallon reef tank stocking

    I have a 10 gallon reef tank with a clownfish and a xenia what other coral, fish, invertebrates etc would be good to stock the tank with?
  6. AN0N41

    Clown in 6 gal?

    Ok so, I have a 6 gallon cube and I want to keep a clown in it. Also maybe a shrimp or urchin… idk. Maybe not. Would the bio load be too much? I’m really scared about algae taking over. Thanks for your help.
  7. M

    Stocking my 90gal

    I’m looking for stocking ideas for my Red Sea 425xl g2 47.2Lx25.6x21.7H 91 gal with 23gal sump Skimmer and reef mat I have room for and will eventually do a refugium Tank is 3 months old I currently have 2 ocellaris clowns 1 firefish 1 royal gramma 1 black leopard wrasse 2 Banggai cardinals...
  8. M

    IM 50 ext w 32 gal sump Stocking Advice

    Hi, I recently purchased a 50 gallon aquarium by innovative marine and was wondering if my planned stocking list works for the aquarium. Any advice is apppreciate! My list: 2 storm clownfish, 1 Midas blenny, 1 flame back angel, 1 neon goby, 1 fire fish, 1 green chromis, 1 damselfish, 1 Bangaii...
  9. M

    IM 50 EXT w Sump Stocking advice

    Hi, I just purchased the IM 50 ext w an 32 gal sump and am thinking about what I will stock it with for future. My plan was having 2 storm clownfish, 1 Midas blenny, 1 flame back angel, 1 neon goby, 1 banggai cardinal, 6 green chromis. please let me know if this list works and any advice if you...
  10. M

    IM 112 Gallon EXT Lagoon

    I was looking to get a blenny for this aquarium and was wondering which would have the most personality? I heard that Midas blennys usually are very active swimmers. Additionally, are there any other colorful, or personality, or active fish that you would reccomend for this aquarium that I...
  11. Amybolton2

    Stocking help.

    I have a 80 gallon display (125 gallon system) in the process and I’m thinking about its stocking. (4’ X 2’) I have 2 clownfish and a tail spot Benny I will move over but I wanted a system of smaller fish and 1 bigger fish. Thoughts on this?: 2 clownfish 1 mandarin dragonet (non negotiable...
  12. F

    Rare fish stocking

    I have a 200 gallon, 7’ by 26” by 26”, heavily filtered. I already have Hi fin snapper 8” Naso tang Female 9” Magnificent foxface 7” Emperor angel 6” Polleni grouper 5” Blue throat trigger 5” Purple tang 4” Bi color angel 3 Powder blue tang 3” Want to add Achilles tang Male blonde naso tang...
  13. V

    Nano stocking

    Hello, I’m looking to stock my Fluval evo 13.5. I saw someone on here that stocked theirs with a pair of ocellaris, a yasha shrimp goby, and a six line wrasse. I’m suprised how many fish they have in the tank since I see most people saying the maximum would be a pair of clowns. Can I stock mine...
  14. V

    Fluval evo stocking

    Hello, I’m looking to add fish into my Fluval evo 13.5 gallon. I’m 100% set on clownfish but I’m unsure if the tank would be too small for what I want. My favorite pick would be a maroon clownfish; can I have a single maroon clownfish in this tank or should I stick to one or two ocellaris?
  15. K

    210g stocking list!

    Hi everyone, another stocking list! Just looking to narrow down my stocking list (and change things if you have interesting recommendations! (I love wrasses) Tank is around 210-218g plus sump, likely total water around 270-300g. I will be doing them in batches based on aggression for...
  16. D

    Bangaii Cardinal

    Would 6 Bangaii Cardinals with a diamond watchman goby be too much for a 36 gallon tank with a 12 gallon sump? Also, do they school and swim around the tank a lot or no?
  17. S

    How many more fish??

    I have a 50 gallon cube (24x24x20 inches) that I am looking to fill out with some final fish. I currently have the following: 2 ocellaris clowns (black and white) 1 african flameback angel 1 yellow coris wrasse I am looking to add some more fish but wanted to see what the experts on here...
  18. Kugii

    Will this stocking list work for a 22 gal long?

    1x Mandarin 2x Common clownfish 1x Scooter blenny 1x Pygmy filefish 1x Dwarf Hawkfish ?x Shrimps ?x A bunch of snails And possibly a Watchman goby + pistol shrimp combo? Thanks in advance!
  19. jwood73

    Evo 13.5 Stocking Help! — Looking to be different.

    I have a 50g display tank downstairs and started back up my evo 13.5 with leftover rock, sand, etc.. The tank is cycled and currently only stocked with baby trochus snails from my trochus spawn last month. Looking for ideas on fish/stocking ideas. I want to be different… I have clowns in my DT...
  20. J

    Cowfish 65 G JBJ

    Is it possible to house a baby cowfish in a 65 g JBJ aquarium? Would it outgrow the aquarium? If so, how long would it take before it would need to be rehoused in a larger aquarium? A worker at my LFS said that a baby cowfish wouldn’t outgrow the aquarium and that it’d fit perfectly. He said...
  21. J

    Fluval 13.5 Stocking

    What is the maximum stocking for a fluval 13.5? Thinking about putting an ocellaris pair in there and keeping it as their tank.
  22. taylormaximus

    Your experience with six line wrasse aggression?

    I've heard probably most people say they had huge aggression issues with six lines, and a few claim they were model citizens. I would love to have one, but I'm wondering what circumstances you've had that resulted in aggression or peacefulness? Specifically tank size, other inhabitants, and also...
  23. jbonez_

    Cycle and stocking question

    So long story short, my cycle is going to be done this Saturday (testless cycle after Dr Tim's readings were not changing, added a pinch of fish food last Wednesday) I am going to do a 100% water change on Saturday but don't plan to stock it till the following weekend, will I need to do a water...
  24. SomeHappyFish

    How would you stock this 36"x18"x12" tank ? 33G

    Current Fish List: 2 Antenna Gobies. 1 Firefish. Some of my favorites: Green Clown Goby Midas blenny Pygmy (Cherub) Angelfish Flame Hawkfish Royal Gramma Orchid Dotty Back White Designer Clown Wrasse Sixline Possum wrasse Pink Streaked Wrasse I want to setup my Qt Tank before I choose...
  25. P

    What do i stock My 40 gallon with?

    Hey guys. Im tired of My 20 gallon, so Im setting up a new 40 gallon lagoon tank. It will be 75x75x30 cm (150 Liter). Im thinking of an Island with mangroves in the middle. What cool with could i stock this with, chromies would be cool. Had some in a previous tank and They did Good for months...