zoa garden

  1. Carson789

    My first colector grade zoa

    I got my first colector zoa to grow in my zoa garden I'm setting up. I got a single polyp of ssb thermosphere zoanthids from my lfs in houston for a really good deal so hopefully I can grow it out and spread the love with some frags. I've got some other zoas in the garden like daisy cutters...
  2. TateLitts

    Nano Build Tate's IM NUVO 10

    Reading build/tank threads were/still are incredibly helpful and inspirational for me. I'm a little late to the game, but I figured better late than never! Currently 5 months in. My IM Nuvo 10 Build: Tank: Innovative Marine Nuvo 10 Stand: Whatever the old owner had laying around Light: AI...
  3. Queenofreef

    Designing a Zoa Garden

    Strategically designing your zoa garden isn’t talked about enough. Starting my zoa garden was overwhelming because of the amount of color combos and variations out there, and ihad no idea how to go about picking zoas or what would look good together. This technique of applying color theory to...
  4. chrisgold

    Best rocks to plant zoa garden on?

    Got a few zoa frags that i want to start a zoa garden with but i am unsure the type or rock to stick them to to get the best coverage any ideas and progress pictures of zoa gardens if you wouldnt mind sending Thanks
  5. Zoa_Fanatic

    Help with my zoa garden.

    So I’ve got a biocube 32 led coming after my old one cracked. I ordered two frag rocks that hold three plugs each to make zoa gardens. I want to know about this possible combination for the two rocks. I plan to make one bam bam/Rasta/GB packers+Utter chaos (combo plug). The second I plan to make...
  6. Zoa_Fanatic

    Ceramic zoa frag stations?

    Are the ceramic zoa frag stations safe for my reef and my Zoa? I’m thinking of getting two smaller ones so that my Zoa can grow out to big colonies and create sort of a small zoa garden.
  7. Reefer37

    Will this Zoa Garden Work?

    So I recently updated my zoa garden with some new additions, but after looking at it I'm kinda worried. I have Ultra Gobstoppers and Sunny D (I believe) near the front and I realize they have a lot longer stalks than the others (Rastas, Purple Hearts, Hotshots, Seductions, and Rainbow Trolls)...
  8. H

    Selecting the right corals (NEW BUILD)

    To start off let me tell you guys what equipment im running Tank: IM Fusion 20gal Peninsula AIO tank. (Length 11.18” Width: 27.03” Height: 13”) Light: AI Hydra 32HD (12inch above water) Heater: Cobalt 75W Return pump: Desktop MightyJet 15W/24V 326 GPH DC Return Pump Filtration: Desktop...
  9. Miguel Negron

    Advice for Zoa Garden

    Hello, Thanks for reading the thread. Im currently starting a new tank with the Waterbox 20g Cube. I wanted to start a Zoa Garden the correct way and wanted to know any advice from fellow reefers who have a Zoa Garden. The best way to create one, maintaining the garden, which rocks, or even...
  10. Steven w

    High end zoa 18 pack

    Capt jerks, neon green grandis paly Scarlet fever paly, chuckies bride Scrambled eggs, la lakers Black hornets, blondies Emeralds on fire, gatorades Super saiyans, long lash eagle eyes Jungle juice, rose nebulas Flaming brohicans, bowsers Rainbow incinerators, zero matters WYSIWYG Will...
  11. Francoreef

    How Big is your frag SETUP

    I have been interested in starting my own Frag Setup and would like to know what are most of you heavy hitters using as a Tank Setup. What size tank? How many Gallons? Do you use Frag Racks if so what do you use? And the Fun one WHAT ARE YOU GROWING???
  12. fsamir

    Best way to kill zoas without getting poisoned

    Hi reefers, what would be an ideal way to kill a small amount of zoas and avoid Palitoxin? I have a couple of zoa gardens, sometimes a particular type becomes more prominent and starts mixing with other colors, until it overcomes the original colony. The result is a less desirable colony...
  13. SnookNRedZ

    Nano Build SnookNRedZ Mr. Aqua 17 (Shut Down)

    That's how she sits until I can come back home and work on her. The sump is a 20 gallon long DIY, and I don't have any photos of it at the moment. My plan on this is a zoa dominated reef with a few sps pieces thrown in. For fish I'm probably going to limit it to a pair of clowns and a...
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