90 gallon peaceful reef



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Nov 21, 2021
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Hello all, been enjoying the site since joining Love all the tips, tricks and ideas from this community. Im wondering today how my stocking is going, and if i have much further i can go, or am i about maxed out.

A little background, my tank is a 90 gallon with 30 gallon sump, set up since October '21. Began with 30 pounds live sand, 80 pounds dry rock, and 20 more pounds of live rock from an established tank. Started stocking slowly after about the 3 month mark, and everything has been running smoothly. Beginning to get nice coraline growth, all fish, inverts, and corals added so far are doing great.


(1) firefish
(2) percula clowns mated pair
(2) spotted gobies mated pair
(2) chalk bass mated pair
(1) royal gramma
(1) Bicolor Blenny
(1) lawnmower blenny
(1) sixline wrasse

Lots of zoas, from single to double frags, up to large colonies 5 or 6 inches wide. Probably 300 polyps or more, just started to get minimal spread to other rockwork.
(1) encrusting monti 3/4 plug, beginning to spread
(1) random lepto 3/4 plug, beginning to spread
(1) green birdsnest 3/4 plug, appears to be starting to reach out, not entirely sure
About 12 various mushrooms, all splitting and creating new ones regularly. Started with 4 different varieties.

Alot, maybe more than i should have.
At least 100 micro snails of some sort, they are always in and out of sand and rockwork, all over glass. Tiny, most are maybe a couple cm.
(12) nerites
(12) atreas
(1) ox tongue
(12) trochus
(12) cerith
(12) dwarf cerith
(12) nassarius
(12) dwarf nassarius
(1) fighting conch
(1) brittle star
(1) emerald crab
(12) red legged hermits
Countless hitchhikers from sponges, to spaghetti worms, tube worms, copepods and amphipods, a couple clams and mussels

While typing this list out, i thought, "dang, i think thats all, maybe missing some things. Might be time to just let it grow out." What's your thoughts, too much stock? Just enough? Room for a little more? Time for a bigger tak? I have another 30 gallon and a 10 gallon, maybe time to set those up again, although i like this main attraction tank over the small ones.

Thanks for the read and any opinions and suggestions. Appreciate this community!

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