Black Ich (turbellarians)


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Aug 11, 2013
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Thanks for you reply but I don’t get you answer to my question.
1: the only place I got the black ich is in my QT (bought new fishes and invertebrates) DT does not have black ich

2; my real question is best way to get my invertebrates free from black ich so I can put em into my DT then treat my QT fishes.
When that’s done I will leave my QT free from everything living except bacteria.
Guessed I missed your question.
Black spot disease is caused by a parasite that commonly infests tangs and other Surgeons, and can be contracted by other fish species and mollusks (shellfish) as well. If youre wondering if inverts are or can be a source- yes they can. And as Jay said, moving them to another tank will only invite them into that tank as well.
As this type of condition is not necessarily a killer, you can add the following which will slowly eat them and get rid of them: Cleaner wrasse, six-line wrasse, yellow wrasse, spotted mandarinfish any other dragonette fish.
Young worms live in the substrate and feed on detritus and organic debris until such time they go in search of a fish host. Siphoning up the excess organic matter that builds up on the bottom of the aquarium can help to control their numbers and this is where above listed fish will find them before they find a host fish.


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Dec 14, 2020
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I manage to find PraziPro that ships to Sweden. So I’ll do that and then a lite TTM. Then I also got a six liner as a welcome party in my DT. I hop that will be enough to get rid off if forever


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May 8, 2021
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Need 2-3 doses spread 5 days apart. Dose 48 hours then a 20-30% water change after dosing.(do this 2-3 times) My tang never showed any strange behavior but my clownfish was a bit less aggressive during feeding time. My six-line did not get it and enjoyed the issue as his belly was full the entire time. He did nit like the treatment of Praziquantel as is caused him to twitch for like 10 minutes. Don’t overdose if you have wrasses. They are sensitive. Since this treatment causes a bacterial bloom. Oxygen will get taken out of TVs water. I exposed one my power heads to air to keep the tank oxygenated.

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Jan 18, 2021
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I had a naso tang with black ich.. he also had ich.. too yea double whammy... 2 months in hyposalinity cleared him up of both.

But the ich died first within the first 2 weekz.. black ich took much longer.. about 4-5 weeks in it finally started to go away.

I HIGHELY recomend against prazi pro on Naso tangs... mine ballooned up like he swallowed a golfball and 2 days in his intestines were coming out of his anus... I thougjt i was going to lose him but a huge water change and carbon and he went back to normal.

I did some digging and i found many otjers had similar results eith prazi and Naso tangs... They dont seen to be able to handle prazipro
Prazi just killed my large healthy lionfish in 20 minutes. Not as safe as everybody on this forum claim.

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