Bubble Trap advice needed for Triton refugium

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    Hi. I'm building a refugium/sump for a Triton based 40g DT. The DT drains straight down to a 10g refugium where the chaeto will grow, then goes from there to an eshopps cube refugium and then back up to the DT.

    Currently the DT drain into the 10g refugium is pushing a LOT of bubbles into the refugium, and hence creating a lot of salt creep and noise. I don't think I can throttle the down flow back too much (I do have a ball valve in the drain line) as this reduces the flow lower than the 10x recommended flow rate. Is it okay to build a couple of baffles in and then a small lid over the section where the drain pipes enter the refugium? The baffles would be an under/over/under design with a lid over the section where the pipes are. The lid is to stop spray and salt creep. The pipes exit under the water so splashing is not present but the amount of fizzing from the bubbles produces a lot of salt creep.

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