Clown Fish - Aggression/odd behaviour



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Dec 27, 2020
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We have a pair of storms that have been in the same tank for a while now quite happily being together in the rsm250, the female has become slightly more aggressive towards the male - we went through three weeks of her keeping him in the top corner of the tank and not letting him out then another week of him being allowed out a little more, he did a lot of shimmering which I understand is submissive behaviour. Now we came across a pink Anemone that I couldn't resist - the LFS did suggest that the anenmoe could maybe help a little (but no promises) with the aggression as they the female was very keen on hosting the green fluffy mushrooms. She did however not like the male clown coming into the mushrooms one bit!

So, intruduced the new bed to the tank and the male and female immediately took to it, theyve spent the last two days happily swishing around in the new bed, however the female is now not letting the male in the anenome (its definately on the large scale and would say quite capable of hosting two clowns of our size) however when they swim away they swim together again no bickering.

What seems to happen now is the following over and over and over -

Female moving around the Anemone quickly and roughly.
Male will come into Anemone sneaky sneaky
Female will then chase the male around in the Anemone
Male will cleverly hide on the underside
Female will eventually find said cleverly hidden male and the process will start again
Male will then swim off
As Male re-approaches female will square up to male and the female will do almost like a twitch at male
Male will present its side to female and then female will go back to anenome

Is this just all to do with the pairing process? OR does it look like it might be time to maybe looking at trading the male back with the LFS - I've read that this aggression can take around two weeks to settle down but this is getting on for four now - hes definately not being battered like some people have experience the very worst was maybe a little nip in the tail but healed well and no lasting marks.

Both eating healthy male no lose of appetiete.

Any advice or experiences from anyone that might suggest what might be happening?

Obviously im also a little concerned that all this aggression within the Anemone could infact cause some distress to the anenome and with what we paid for it aswell as the colouring and size we really dont want to have that close up/become distressed etc

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Jan 28, 2020
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Seems like normal clownfish behavior. Be on the lookout for ripped fins and other injuries. Those could require treatment. Pics are always welcome. ;)

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