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Jun 8, 2020
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So i'm new to the reefing hobby and have only posted once about cycling the tank (typical right) But wanted to share my build with everyone. I purchased a a Cobalt C-Vue 18G AIO tank, was not the cheapest option but i'm happy as it came with everything I need out of the box and did not need to piece together a bunch of stuff. Went to one store and picked it up with items listed below.

Tank -> Cobalt C-Vue 18G AIO <-

CoraLife LED Light (replaced with RedSea 50 LED) Link -> RedSea Light <- Once I got coral I just wanted more than the $60 light I originally purchased

14 Lb Live Rock

1 Bag of 20 Lb(?) live sand.

Amazon Heater - Off brand, its turned on once since the tank just hovers at 77 F.

Inkbird WiFi Heater/Cooler temperature controller that the heater is plugged into.

APC 550 ES battery back up that I repurposed from my office.

Misc maintenance supply's.


I set everything up and let it cycle. Its been a few months and I have since added.

5 Snails total; 1 Mexican Turbo Snail, 2 nassarius snails, 2 sand sifting snails (cant remember the name start with "A")

2 Black & white Clownfish

And my significant other's favorite, a Skunk (cleaner) Shrimp. It has so much personality, It literally plays Peak-A-Boo with her.

In the last week I've added 2 pieces of coral

1 GSP Frag & 1 Twizzler Zoa frag with 3 polyps. Honestly coral must be my favorite addition.


So far I have fallen head over heals for the hobby. I find myself sitting and looking at the tank for at least an hour a day its been an amazing addition to my life.
Attached are some pictures, not that well taken especially now with the new light everything comes out blue/purple.

I hope you enjoy my little slice of nature ;Happy

IMG_20200530_224320.jpg IMG_20200611_141106.jpg IMG_20200619_160951.jpg IMG_20200619_161004.jpg IMG_20200619_161023.jpg IMG_20200619_233614.jpg MVIMG_20200611_155930.jpg MVIMG_20200619_161016.jpg
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