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Discussion in 'Reef Chemistry by Randy Holmes-Farley' started by RickG, Jul 26, 2017.

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    so i started a 95 gallon back in December. I had set it up with pukani and made the mistake of not curing them beforehand. I faced green hair algae but was able to get rid of it by water changes and GFO. Next i got cyano and haven't been able to get it under control. I took out the pukani, setup a fuge, ran GFO, water changes, changed bulbs, blackout etc. I also have done two treatments of chemi clean. Each time the cyano goes away but ends up coming back. I know chem clean is only a band aid to the real problem but Idk what it can be anymore. My ro water is fine because I use same water for another tank, I also have changed my bulbs and I don't have any flow dead spots and also don't consider myself to overfeed my fish. Any help/ recommendations is appreciated. Just want to start enjoying this tank lol.

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    Happens with all newer tanks. I just syphon mine out and scrape glass in my little 10g. Keeps it at bay. It should go away with time.
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