Cyphastrea Issue

Thomas Reeferson

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Nov 4, 2019
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So I started my 90 gallon reef like two years ago. Kept great care of it until my skimmer took a dump then didn’t keep up with water changes and then finally splashed one of my radions. I was terrible to that tank. My ATO would run dry and I’d turn my return off for like 5 days sometimes not even realizing my wave maker wasn’t working. This cyphastrea got huge during that period of reef hell that I put it through. Anyway, I’ve gotten a new skimmer, got my light replaced, and have been on top of water parameters again for the last couple of months: water changes, supplenting only when necessary and target feeding. Added a yellow tang, pair of black davinci clowns, a Lamarck Angel, and I have a big blue damsel that thinks he runs the tank. Anyway, I supplemented and then changed like 20% of the water later that day and when I did the change I blew some cyano off the rocks and from this cyphastrea with a turkey baster. I didn’t supplement the next day and today I added magnesium which made the polyps come back out a little bit. Then I dosed some calcium only(dkh was around 12.9 and calcium at like 390.) i was just trying to get it back to like 420-450 but since the calcium dose it’s been closed up again and not fluffy like usual. Any ideas? The video is from a few days before the water change


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Jul 7, 2012
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It's possible that the parameters have changed a bit too fast for it's liking.Maybe the Nitrates dropped fast.Maybe the salinity changed along with the water.Or maybe the calcium increased real fast. I would keep up with frequent water testing to get a feel for the tank.This should give you a better idea of the cause in the event that this happens again. . Hopefully it's just a little a mad at you and will open up again shortly. It's a really beautiful piece.

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