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Jan 7, 2021
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I've had my Fluval Evo for a little over a year, similar setup as you:
AI Prime 16HD; AI Nero 3; Ehiem Compacton 1000; Cobalt Heater; Tunze ATO

I was running two intank media baskets - filter floss, purigen, and phosguard in chamber one and matrix biomedia in chamber two.

I've since added a PS2 protein skimmer - I had high phosphates and this helped a lot! This also helps if you are feeding reef roids/frozen foods (in my opinion) - I ran without it for year a couple and wanted to see the benefits of adding a skimmer. Long story short, you can go a little longer w/ out a water change - this isn't the best protein skimmer on the market, you definitely won't get a dry skim, but it'll get the job done. You will need an ATO to keep the water level at the same level to get a consistent skim.

A couple of things that I believe are non-negotiable for a nano reef:

1. Weekly water changes and water testing - parameters in a nano tank fluctuate very easily, catch it before it becomes a problem.
2. Keep your livestock (fish) minimal and got heavy with a cleanup crew - all I had for the first year was a clownfish and fire shrimp, I just recently added a goby but I wouldn't do any more fish than that.
3. Control your feeding - I've gone down to 3 times per week and only feed reef roids once per week
4. Get a good clean up crew

Overall, it's a fun tank with a lot of add-on options, and great for a first reef! Hope this helped.
Thanks mate am just re scaping it now as i wasnt happy with the boring 2 rocks i had. Thanks for advice ill update ya when ive got it all done sometime this week
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Jul 30, 2020
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Woodland Hills
Sharing photo of the gunk my skimmer is pulling out - I know the Ps2 skimmer gets a bad wrap, and people advise against a skimmer on the Evo 13.5, but it works wonders for me.


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What do you look for when making sure your skimmer is working correctly?

  • Amount of skimmate

    Votes: 179 46.0%
  • Dark Skimmate

    Votes: 241 62.0%
  • Light Skimmate

    Votes: 16 4.1%
  • Dry Skimmate

    Votes: 50 12.9%
  • Wet Skimmate

    Votes: 42 10.8%
  • Low Nutrient Levels

    Votes: 52 13.4%
  • Low Nuisance Algae

    Votes: 39 10.0%
  • Algae on the glass

    Votes: 22 5.7%
  • Other (please explain in the thread)

    Votes: 10 2.6%
  • I don't run a skimmer

    Votes: 46 11.8%

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