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    That is good to know. from a moderation perspective, that would be a nightmare to track. So in reality, there is no subjectivity to it, just a statement to help ensure that people aren't attempting to post pad just to reach the minimum.

    That is your choice to make for sure, and I wouldn't blame you for having that reservation. However, with several cases, a user may be very active on other forums like reef central or nano reef or their local reef clubs, but just starting out on R2R. That is my case, and if it was longer to be able to post a for sale thread I would have likely been deterred from starting my own build thread and participating as I have done so far.

    There is no right answer here on what is the best approach, but I wanted to make a suggestion on a change that may help bring clarity and less moderation while maintaining the goal of deterring scammers. I've now learned that the moderation part is a non-issue, and the confusion for users will only be at the beginning of their user it may just not be worth discussing any changes.

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