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Aug 7, 2017
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Montrose, Minnesota
I'm up in Minnesota, so no hurricanes here! My husband and I live in the Metro area, so something quiet would be preferable. We'll be renting until next year, so we'll definitely look for a place that either has room on the property for a propane tank, or is on a natural gas line. We'll definitely look at having a whole-house generator put in before we move, and just have it wired in to auto switch. Thanks again for all of your help, guys! Anatomy and biology is my specialty, so I leave the electrical work to those who likely won't set my menagerie on fire.

This is who we bought ours from -> Ours is 16k, automatic switchover came to $7800 installed

They come out discuss your needs and work with you re: budget, placement & handle all the installation details. Fantastic folks!



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Oct 12, 2020
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I lost a tank to a week long power outage 10 years ago so when we built our new home we had a 20Kw Generac put in with the auto switch over. It can run the whole hotel load for a 4000sqft house with 3 AC units. We have had it 6 years now and no issues other than changing the oil, etc which is about $70 per year. Natural gas is the way to go if you have the option as you have an essentially unlimited supply. Portable is always an option, but what if you are on vacation or traveling for work? Better train up someone to fire it up and hook everything up to your tank if you go that route.

This is the one we have, a 22Kw is just a bit more.
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Sep 8, 2019
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Forgot to mention, we have a dedicated 500 gal propane tank to run the generator.
I hope you don't live in a Hurricane zone ;)
A few of my neighbors had huge propane generators like that and 2-3 days after a CAT 3 hurricane strike they all went silent. The logistics of getting a propane truck up to your house for the first week or two after a hurricane are impossible. That is why I went with a Gas generator and opted for a much smaller and more efficient system. If your not in a hurricane zone then Propane is great.

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