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Oct 19, 2018
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Orange County
Hello everyone,

I might be getting out of the hobby for a little while. Working full time all while raising an 8 month old and tending to 2 puppers has made me neglect my tank. I am looking to sell everything as a package including livestock. I will list most of the equipment below. The tank + equipment are all under 2 years old.

I am asking $4000 for the whole setup including livestock. The tank is ready and no need to cycle and I am taking a huge loss but as long as someone enjoys it I'm cool with it. Also included is a bunch of aiptasia for free. (Get a good filefish or peppermint to clear it up / I will have to if no one is interested lol). I will add more pics as well if you guys want need pics. Local pickup only in orange county California.

1.Waterbox Frag 80.4
2. Two Radion XR15 G5 Blue with mount
3. Two Nero 5 Wave Pumps
4. Nyos Skimmer 120
5. Klir Fleece Roller
6. Vectra M2 Return pump
7. Nyos Torque medio reactor 1.0
8. Tunzee maco algea reactor
9. Full Apex(Latest model with built in wifi)
10. Trident
11. LDK (Leak detector)
12. Two DOS Dosers
13. Smart Micro ATO
12.UV Light

I also have a bunch of random reef related products that I will throw in like an upgraded barracuda RODI system, food, carbon, gfo and basically everything you need to continue maintaining the tank.

IMG_2538.jpg IMG_2537.jpg IMG_2536.jpg
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Aug 11, 2013
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Wisconsin-Florida in a year
Ohhh, in about an hour, some will be dissecting your equipment to buy individually.
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