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Jan 12, 2020
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Hello to all!

I am not necessarily new to R2R, but I have been more of a lurker than a contributor since 2018. I promise to change and shed the lurker status going forward!

I actually started my first saltwater tank 25 years ago (55g, canister filters, no sump). I think I may be have even had an under gravel filter ala @Paul B. (Read his book, its fantastic!). This was back when there was not a lot of information out there, and you just winged it. I was also the rare female in this hobby at the time. I was pretty successful, and quickly moved up to a 220g full on SPS tank. Then of course life happens. With work, marriage (later an amicable divorce) , baby, relocating etc, it all became too much. I sold the tank, but my interest and love of the hobby remained. Two years ago, I decided to jump back in.To ease myself back into it, I purchased a new BioCube 32g. I had never done a sump, and the AIO concept was appealing. Pretty soon that tank had every upgrade possible, and I was again hooked. I am now in the beginning of a 90g build that will hopefully be up an running at the end of February. Check out my little build thread. It is nothing fancy, and definitely won't be the last build I do!

Sorry for the lengthy intro, but I wanted to give R2R a shout-out. The R2R community is such a great resource, full of awesome people, and a wealth of knowledge. I essentially had to relearn reefing because everything had changed so much, and this forum was/is my go-to for most of my questions and information.

Happy reefing!
Hello from Kentucky!
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