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Nov 30, 2020
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Hi folks,
Kyle here - Long time hobbyist and long time member of another reef forum, but new here!. I was in the bay area for a number of years and then moved to philly as my family expanded to 3, then 4, then 5! Tanks were sold when I moved from the bay area here to the east coast.
I had a 40g breeder in my bedroom and a larger tank 60x36x24 in the living room. I grew and traded and sold many frags from those tanks and left many with friends in the bay area and also sent a package of all my corals to philly. Well, that was 2010! I am actually still friends with some of the reefers back home and also here in philly.
Once I moved, I unfortunately never really set up a tank. I filled a 40g with water, but never had any fish...and it was taken down again and given away in 2012 or thereabouts. Kids take up a lot of time!

Fast forward to the present...and it is time to get a tank rolling again! I am fortunate now to have a bigger home and space for a much larger aquarium, as well as a dedicated basement spot to house stock tanks and frag tanks and such! My goal is to now get a large tank installed (I have something picked out and is already up and running with a friend) and get it moved and placed in-wall in my sitting room, where it can be a living piece of art. My son is now 10 and also interested in helping and participating in the growth (mostly as he heard we can sell corals for $$, so he's hoping to get a few dollars to play online games), but I'm excited for him to participate. My daughters are 5 and 8 and hopefully they will also participate.

Plan for the tank is approx 500 gallon display, taking up the whole wall. I was always into SPS corals (see if I can link to old tank shots - http://www.reefcentral.com/forums/showthread.php?t=1794562) - not sure if allowed if not - search reef central kvosstra 40 breeder. but hopefully i got a few linked here.

Goals of new tank are bigger fish! more colors and bigger colonies, a more thoughtful rock layout to allow for the corals to grow, even more diversity (though you can see I packed a lot of colors and shapes in the old tanks).
I'd really like a few huge branching corals, and then delicate and smaller corals placed in-between.

I love growth patterns of the corals, but especially for really hairy corals. Albrohensis, various millis, tenuis, etc.

Anyway, I'm here in philly - looking to get to know others in the area. I'll be starting a build thread in the not too distant future and will be looking for guidance for sure on setting up the plumbing and all the rest of the goodies.

Anyone near philly, please give me a shoutout. will be looking to trade SPS before too long. I also need some 150g stock tanks or other temporary water holding, as i get the tank and livestock in. Tank is being moved from a prior location, including livestock.

old40.3.JPG old40.2.JPG old108.3.JPG old 180.2.JPG old 180.1.JPG
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