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Mar 21, 2016
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North Central Florida
First, I want to say thank you... This is my first time posting but I've been reading the forums for months and have really benefitted from the significant experience and knowledge that everyone has shared.

I'm back into my reef tank after almost 20 years and really enjoying the level of insight and understanding of the environment that wasn't available to me (and maybe others) back then. I'm 3 months into my tank setup, RS Reefer 250, Life Rocks, bare bottom, Apex, DOS, GHL Doser, XR-15s, RS Skimmer, Klir and soon a Phosphate reactor. I sometimes feel like that guy on the ski slopes that has all the best equipment but keeps falling down because he still can't ski...

So far everything has been going as expected. I cycled in about 3 weeks, had my diatom bloom and started with some green alge about a week ago. My phosphates climbed about that same time up to about .125ppm so I'm going to use Rowaphos as soon as the reactor arrives from BRS to bring it back down to about .03 - where it had been before I started leaving Nori clipped to the tank for the Tang.

Speaking of livestock, I have started stocking my tank with a pair of clowns and a Tomini Tang for my wife and both SPS (green & orange Monti Digi, pink Birds Nest and a purple Sytlophora) and LPS (Torch and Frogspawn) for me : ) The LPS & SPS are doing well and I've already seen the Style starting to encrust the base. We're probably done with adding fish but I've just started with corals...

Anyway, I don't want this to be too longwinded, but I did want to say hello, introduce myself, and say thanks for the info and insight.

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