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May 16, 2020
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New Jersey
Hello, i am dealing with a little bit of dinos in my sand bed. I know there are plenty of threads already started on this topic. What i am asking is that can i avoid the blackout period? I do not want to stress some corals out that currently not looking the best but most of the reef is looking okay.
I purchased Dr. Tims waste away and Re-fresh. Also am using a UV sterilizer 24/7.
Dr. Tims method says to do the blackout period but i have also heard him talk about just dosing the 2 products with no black out. Ill be doing a siphoning to physically remove what i can see. I did this last week and seem to help out a lot. nitrates 3ppm phosphate .05 if you were wondering.
Really just looking for some people with experience using this method and what i should look out for and their outcomes, thanks!
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Nov 25, 2018
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Bay Area, Ca
You need to figure out what kind of dinos you have to be able to use the proper methods of removing the specific type.
Uv doesnt work on them all.

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