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Sep 5, 2011
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Miami, Fl.
Hey everyone! This is my new tank. I have been out of the hobby for nearly 10 years but prior to that 8 years reefing. My 120g sprung a leak not to long after upgrading from a 90g. I’m not sure why whether it was from age (was sitting dry for a few years prior) or from trying to reach down and applying weight on top of the glass to glue Coral into the rock work. I sold what I could and lost a lot from this and it really was a demoralizing experience. Also in the last 10 years I got married, bought a home and also my son was born. Now he is 5 years old and easier to manage. So I decided it was time to do this again.

I purchased a Red Sea 525XL. I wanted a bigger tank than the last but no bigger this. I bought the following equipment.
2 ecotech G5’s XR30
2 ecotech mp40qd
Reef octopus 150int
ADJ power strip
Finnex controller with 800w titanium heater
Jebao DCP8000 return pump
Tunze Osmolator 3155
Bubble magnus BM-T11

live stock are 2 Mocha Clowns

I do plan on buying the apex controller once I start adding corals to the tank. As for now the system has been running for 6 weeks. I don’t like the look of a bare bottom tank so I went with caribsea pink Fiji and dry rock from Addictive reef. They are local to me and the rock is very nice. Plus I like to support local businesses as much as possible. I glued the structure together with AF super thick glue and their version of Marco rock mortar.

Any critics or recommendations are encourage. There is much more that I don’t have and that I will buy but for now here she is.

F3FC70F9-6EA4-4A93-9DEC-61AB37FD90B6.jpeg 66BD32C0-FB7A-4797-BEC5-D724F94BB1A9.jpeg AEAAA12F-36E8-47AD-B31A-986DF208B524.jpeg 537A145C-ACBD-44A6-992F-05AC50A08363.jpeg E40F9A73-ED0C-47B0-B0D8-33BE36893B3E.jpeg 12E669E7-9155-4C83-A79C-23E9883E38D3.jpeg 98BDA9E0-3461-4E65-A541-C6E5783F3C0F.jpeg 18D2A8DA-9634-465E-BFCA-12428C2010BD.jpeg 2B309682-069B-4B05-A323-C03B649389FE.jpeg
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