Need Help with Design of Filtration Room in Basement

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Mar 5, 2019
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I had my first aquarium ever about 5 years ago, and went with a 120 gallon mixed reef with a 50 gallon sump. For the most part had a lot of success and fun doing it, though coral growth wasn't great. When i moved i ended up giving the tank to my sister and upgraded to a 360 gallon mixed reef with a 140 gallon sump. I thought i knew what i was doing but quickly started having severe algae problems. I moved again and now have a basement with both tanks ready to be setup. I want to run the 360 gallon as a predator tank with some sharks, eels, and compatible fish, while the 100 gallon i want to set back up as mixed reef. I have a dedicated 6x10 room in my basement that I am going to use as a filtration room. It already has a sink and a floor drain. I really need help with how to set it up, what equipment to get, etc. Structurally I am fine too with location of tanks upstairs, so no concern there.

What equipment I do have:
- 2 custom made 140 gallon Sumps, both setup with for 3 - 7" bag filters, large refugium, bubble trap, and large return chambers. (Have two because the builder didn't put the bag filter holders in the correct location that i asked. Still functions fine.
- Refugium, i have always just used small live rock fragments and a couple different types of Algae such as Chaetomorpha. Very open to any suggestions.
- Reef Octopus SRO-5000EXT Skimmer with Overflow tank and automatic shutoff and a SRO-1000INT for the 120 gallon tank.
- 2 Reef Octopus BR-140 Bioreactors, though have never had good success with running biopellets, carbon, GFO, etc.
- 3 Chemical Dosing pumps for Magnesium, Calcium, and Alkaline.
- Neptune APEX with 3 power bars, probes, and an ATO.
- Tanks themselves have a variety of T5 and LED lighting with various powerheads.
- 2 150 GPD 7 stage RO systems.

What I am going to get:
- 2 200 gallon water tanks, 1 for salt water and 1 for RO water. Going to also get a wifi sprinkler controller and sprinkler solenoid valves for automatic water changes.

I want to get serious about growing corals as well as trying to make my tanks as automated as possible. Thanks in advance.
Any help or recommendations that you can provide would be very helpful. Money definitely isn't unlimited, but if it makes a lot of sense, I will definitely consider the investment.
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