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Sep 21, 2019
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Hey everyone! My name is chevy. I am new to the hobby and got my first tank 3 weeks ago from another person who did not have time anymore. it is a 75g tank with a 29g diy sump. I currently have 2 clownfish, a coralbanded shrimp, cleaner shrimp, sea serpent starfish and a lawnmower blenny! corals I have a hammer coral some leathers, a toadstool and 2 frags of I believe watermelon zoas.

I am learning patience is key and just trying to learn how to mix salt and become a better tester and learn to keep nitrates and pho down. just the basics! currently I am fighting the temptation to buy lights lol. I currently have I think fluval light strips on this tank. it came with the set up.

anyways, nice to meet everyone and even though I have been lurking and reading threads on here for years, it feels great and sometimes overwhelming taking this step. It sure feels good to finally get my hands wet lol.
Congrats and welcome to the family. Looks like you instantly got a complete setup with livestock. At this juncture I would definitely say don’t go nuts and buy. Use what you have since it’s been working with previous owner and learn slowly. All the experience keepers know that patience is a must in this hobby for sure. The key at this point is not to over feed and as you said keep nutrients low. Also it’s important to know what type of biological you have going and don’t disturb that too much or change it out completely. Anyways, happy reefing and look forward to some pics

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