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Jun 27, 2021
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Plymouth UK
Hi guys!

After my first couple of posts a few weeks ago I thought I'd post the new tank. I had a long break from reefing and after my missus got sick of me dropping hints about missing it we bought a Fluval 125ltr for the front room.

Well, as is the way the bug well and truly bit again and the Red Sea was ordered and it's now at some sort of presentable state in my man cave

Red Sea Reefer 425XL
2 x Red Sea ReefLed 90's
Deltec 600i
Vectra M1 return pump
2 x Nero 5's
Kamoer X4 dosing pump
Tunze ATO
2 x DD titanium 300W heaters on a controller
Reef Octopus Bio react 90 reactor

Stocklist is currently;

Pair of Clowns
Pair of Chromis
Regal Tang
Biclour Angel
Lawnmower Blenny
Royal Gramma
Bangai Cardinal

Corals consist of some Xenia, a little zoa I got today, a green candy cane, a tiny green mushroom frag, a little Kenya tree, elegance, a small encrusting Monti and a Duncan which seems very unhappy. The corals all seem happy and doing well apart from the Duncan which has been sulking for ages now.

I dose Red Sea kh, calcium, mag, Nopox, and trace elements as directed on a water volume of 360 ltrs (best guessed). I don't know why the Duncan isn't doing as well as the rest of corals.

Parameters are currently;

Alk 8
Phosphate 0.05
Nitrate 5
Mag 1300
Calcium 450
Salinity 35ppm

I'm always open to advice and friendly criticism, my main aim is to learn as much as possible from you guys and contribute more and more to this amazing forum!

I'm doing a 50ltr water change weekly and feed a mixture of frozen enriched brine, ocean nutrition spirulina flake and NT labs ocean food 55 pelets trying to alternate the days to encourage a varied diet. I am having a bit of algae on the glass occasionally, most of the rock and all livestock came down from the old tank.

Many thanks for the Orpek lens recommendations, as you can see I need lots more practice

20210718_133436.jpg 20210718_133527.jpg 20210718_133429.jpg 20210718_133426.jpg 20210718_133423.jpg 20210718_133421.jpg 20210718_133417.jpg 20210718_133406.jpg 20210718_133349.jpg 20210718_133345.jpg 20210718_133339.jpg 20210718_133440.jpg 20210718_133459.jpg 20210718_133515.jpg
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