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Dec 10, 2017
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El Paso TX

Susan Edwards

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Nov 28, 2016
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Tracy, California




Leather got irritated and no tentacles for this pic! I've gotten this award once, on another tank, so hope I can still enter.

125 gal/35 gal sump w/refugium
Started Dec 2017. Water in tank Feb 2018. 3rd times a charm reboot September 2020

Tank had a crash in 2018 after my mother passed. Painter used a strong primer on the walls of her bedroom (smoker). So strong I had a hard time breathing with door to her room shut and towels blocking under door! Lost most fish and corals in 2 tanks. 2019 was a recovery year for me as my mother had lived with us for 16 years, and an exciting year as we went to Croatia (and London and Rome) as my daughter did a destination wedding so tank neglected.

September 2020 starts the 3rd times a charm. Sand bed (super fine sand) replaced with medium grain, rocks scrubbed and rearranged, and new corals added to the few strong survivors! Also changed out the marine orbit pro lights for 3 Viperspectras. Just put in new coral frags. The corals are doing amazing!

Current Livestock
2 Yellow Tangs
Flame Hawkfish
6 Staghorn Damsels (LA sent wrong fish! Not the yellow lemons I ordered but am stuck with)
Mandarian Goby
Barber Shop Goby/Pistol Shrimp Pair
2 Darwin Clowns (mean little beasties. I have bite wounds to prove it)
Yellow Tail Damsel
Coral Beauty (my pride & Joy)

Link to current build thread

Link to original build thread


The fish are staring at me with hungry eyes.
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Apr 11, 2018
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Hurricane, WV
Custom Aquariums 240 96x24x24
Wet 7-20-2019

2 Hamilton Lights 4 x 250 MH and 8 54 T-5 in a canopy I made that can be raised and lowered with a wall mounted manual winch.
2 MP-60s and 2 Tunze 6155 for flow
Occupants are
Koran and emperor angels
Yellow, clown, tomini, sailfin and kole tangs
2 clowns
6 green chromis
Starry blenny
2 pajama cardinals
Niger trigger
3 anemones
2 longspine and a tuxedo urchin
Various soft, LPS and SPS corals.

Filtration is contained in 100 gallon and 40 gallon stock tanks

My sump crab

SRO-5000 skimmer
Lifereef SVS3-36 Lifereef skimmer being used as an ozone reactor
800 mg/hr Enaly Ozone generator on Milwauke ORP controller
900 watts of Eheim Jager heaters on Inkbird controller
Aqua Ultraviolet 80 watt UV
To-11 BM doser with slave
GFO and biopellet reactors
3 x 7 inch filter socks in a DIY holder
2 DC return pumps Jebao DCS-8000s I think
Smart Aqua ATO/AWC
29 gallon refugium with ulva and chaeto

and it's sister tank which is connected to the same sump and has a separate DC return pump.
Marineland 75 Gallon tank and stand
Reefbreeders Photon V2 48 inch
2 MP 40s for flow

Occupants are
2 snowflake eels
Fuzzy dwarf lionfish
Radiata lionfish
Copperbanded butterfly
2 spot tang

Come see the adventure

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