Ruby Red Dragonet not eating, lethargic!



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Apr 1, 2021
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Hi, I’m really looking for help, I don’t know what happened but my first post got deleted.. I hope it doesn’t happen again. I purchased a ruby red dragonet yesterday from my lfs and it’s belly was already sunken in.. as soon as I put it in my tank after acclimating for 2 hours, it started to eat some of my munnid isopod population off of the rocks. It didn’t eat much though sadly and it hasn’t continued to eat either. I’m unsure if it has a internal parasite or not. Before taking it home I didn’t realize it’s belly, and it was there for about a week. I have a copepod Hatchery and I loaded in some pods hoping the ruby would eat it. He ate none given. Last night he was moving around fine in the tank, but this morning he is in his “spot” just breathing, not moving. My arrow crab touched him and he didn’t move which is alarming. The ruby would move/swim away from the crab/ hermit/conch anytime it were near.. I’m unsure if it’s exhibiting sleep behavior because some fish won’t be phased.. I don’t know.. all I know is that it’s alive, not moving, breathing/mouthing and his belly is super sunken in. Trying to feed pods and he won’t eat any.. there’s a decently large colony of munnid isopods and a few of them are actually crawling in front of his mouth.. I wish he would just eat. Does anyone have recommendations or an answer as to why he may be doing this?



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Oct 5, 2019
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I'm so sorry it's not doing well.

Your LFS sold you a very malnourished ruby.

Combined with the stress from transferring to your tank and starving I would unfortunately say this one is on deaths door.

You are doing what you can but you can not make it eat.

Once they get so malnourished they sometimes just stop eating. :(

I'm so sorry I hope it soes turn around but he does look pretty bad.

QT tank and time to heal.
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Mar 4, 2019
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Puyallup, Wa USA
Dim ur light of you can. Check salinity. Temp and alk please if you can.
Ur other guys all.doing well and good and eating?
Give your new fish a week before worry about it not taking food or eating a lot right away.

I try not to feed my tank when i put a new fish in. Only adding to stress. Your fish will hopefully calm down and breath normally soon.
Than give time and feed tank normally.
Step back a little from time to time to give the scooter some space and privacy.
I have faith.
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