Someone please help me finally get a hellfire torch


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Apr 11, 2021
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Rio Rancho
Hey guys, I've been through a tough time trying to get a hellfire torch. The first time I got one, it wasn't a hellfire and it melted anyways. The second time it was a dragon soul. It's very healthy, but I was told it's not a hellfire. 3rd time I actually got a hellfire, but the container broke in shipping and the little guy was out of water for too long and I thought it might recover, but it didn't. Now I just bought another hellfire and I'm being told by a vendor I trust without actually saying it that it's not a hellfire, they just said "vendors mislabel things all the time" and I took that to mean that I once again didn't buy a hellfire. Can someone please sell me a head of actually hellfire torch? I'd be very grateful. I'm a graduate student who works an awful lot to pay my bills and support my coral habit, so I'm about to give up on buying a hellfire until I can afford to waste more money.... thank you! My number is eight one 8 9 four one 4 9 one 1 I'm in Rio Rancho, NM.
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May 18, 2019
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Orlando, FL
TCK corals has several on their site and the torches I have purchased from them have always match their picture and have been very healthy.

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