The Rossmont programmable Skimer


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May 6, 2015
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Hey Reefers, we're so glad to finally introduce you the Skimer, the world's first programmable protein skimmer.
It will be available for US market in a couple weeks by the best stores so it's time to take a close look at features.
It comes in 2 sizes, the SX250 and the SX500 respectively for tanks up to 250gal (80gal fully packed) and up to 500gal (160gal fully packed). It comes as a standalone item or with controller included (see picture for reference).

It's powered by the newest Riser SX which is an AC motor (granting a reliable and constant operation) but fully controllable through the Waver controller which can be programmed via app.
Programming the Skimer opens up a new world of results and advantages especially when synchronized with dosing pumps in the tank but we firstly loved the "automatic natural neck clean" feature which you can achieve by making the Skimer to "overflow" for a limited programmed amount of time in the day.
The Waver has 2 channels available so it's possible to connect a second device (e.g. the Riser return pump or the Mover stream pump) and control it as well.
The first units on pre-sales will get this active promo:
Check the page out and find all the tech specs, versions and prices.

Let us have all your questions as we're soo happy to answer you! :)
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