WANTED: Orphek Internals

MoKan Reefer

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Jun 7, 2018
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I'm looking for any and all parts from the full size Atlantik or Compact fixtures people have no use for, working or not! Led boards whether all of the diodes work or not, control boards, pc cards, fans, antennas, etc...

With the new Orphek Icon fixtures hitting the market, I know a lot of people are purchasing the upgrade kits for their older versions.

I realized in upgrading my own fixtures exactly how much potential waste there was with the ugrade kits replacing basically all of the internal components which means there are a lot of the older led and control boards, fans, temperature probes, antennas etc... that people will either toss out or just put up for a rainy day that will never happen.

I'm not looking to make anything off of any of this. I'm not fixing to resell. Everything would be for my personal use!

I'm constantly tinkering around with electronics so I decided to post and give people the option of sending them to me to put to use instead of creating more garbage in a landfill.

I'll purchase the shipping label and email it to you, all you'll have to do is print and ship.
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