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Waterbox 70.2 & 100.3 Reef Systems & Equipment

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Dec 30, 2020
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Wisconsin Sand Bar
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Parting out two Waterbox Systems and going to do a larger tank. All equipment is super clean and in excellent working condition unless specifically noted.

Waterbox 70.2 Reef Tank with Sump and Oak Stand. In excellent clean condition, will part out or sell as package.

Waterbox 70.2 Tank/stand/sump: $825
Nyos 120 Skimmer (new never used): $225
Nyos 2l reactor and Dock: $110
Jebao 50w DC Controllable Return Pump: $65
AI Hydra 32 HD & Arm: $260
Eheim glass heater 150w: $15

Take as package for $1350.

Waterbox 100.3 Reef system including tank, sump and stand. Complete setup available. All super clean and in good functioning condition. Sump has a crack in one baffle next to filter sock chamber that does not affect function or integrity. No leaks.

Waterbox 100.3 Reef with original sump and black stand: $1350
Aquamaxx 120 In-sump skimmer: $200
AI Hydra 52 Wi-Fi Led Reef Light and Arm: $265 (also hanging brackets included)
Ecotech Vectra S2 DC Return Pump: $200

Take as a package for $1800.

Plus if you get a package, when the tank is all set up and ready I will give you a rainbow bubbletip, a rock flower annemone, and a few starter coral frags.
Cash or Venmo.
Pickup between Hammond and Roberts, Wisconsin, a half hour east of St Paul. Delivery available for a fee.

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A macroalgae reef engineer: Have you kept Halimeda in your tank?

  • I currently have Halimeda in my tank.

    Votes: 14 17.7%
  • I have kept Halimeda in my tank in the past.

    Votes: 15 19.0%
  • I haven’t kept Halimeda yet, but I plan to in the future.

    Votes: 10 12.7%
  • I have no plans to keep Halimeda in my tanks.

    Votes: 38 48.1%
  • Other.

    Votes: 2 2.5%