What preys upon spaghetti worms?


Hoopy Frood
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Sep 17, 2020
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Gainesville, FL
I know spaghetti worms are considered a beneficial scavenger, but I want them out of my tank.

I just went through the trouble of removing my sand bed and going bare bottom because I was sick of particulates in the water column due to high flow. Well, now these things are constantly pooping out clouds of detritus after they feed and it’s the same problem. A constant storm of particulate matter in the water that is a real eyesore to me.

Is there a fish that is a known predator of spaghetti worms? I know they’re hard to get at because they tuck themselves into cracks in the rockwork. Still, if there’s something I can do to wipe them out, I’d like to try.

Thanks in advance.


Figuring out the hobby one coral at a time
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Apr 24, 2018
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Way upstate NY
Most wrasses do as well.

Wrasse = predator/hunter of everything small in the ocean.

My yellow coris will actually pluck them out of the rockwork, throw them into the water column, and play with them before he eats them.

And FWIW it's a fools errand. While a wrasse might get a few, it will never get everyone(I still have them in my tank with 5 wrasses), also you need all that microfauna in your tank if you want to the tank to actually thrive.

No microfauna(sterile tank) no life, no thriving tank. This thinking of completely sterile tank started with dry sand, and dry rock that takes a year to even become somewhat of a viable reef tank needs to stop.

We can all thank BRS for this recent trend! And all the dino threads we see now.

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