What sps is this?


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Mar 17, 2020
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Hey all, so yesterday I bought a couple of frags from my lfs. I got a duncan coral and some sort of sps, yes I know you should do research before buying any animal for your tank but it was an impulse buy as they where in a deal ( 3 frags for 40) but I ended up getting 2.

I have a ai prime 16hd and it does really well on my shallow tank for growing corals, I've placed the sps on the very top of the tank and it's polyps are all out and even seems to have a bit more colour than in the shop.

A small peice snapped off in the bag from the tip, so I glued it to an extra frag plug to hope it grows, its polyps are out too.

I feed all of my corals once a week

I have ordered loads of new corals a new fish and a new cuc and a clam which I'm really excited about.

But anyways can anyone please tell me what type of coral this is?

There's that beautiful duncan too.

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