While we are talking about filter socks and other media... Question:

Jim Harrison

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May 5, 2017
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Salem, OR
I've built my sump a little high on the water line, so I don't think I will have enough space to use filter floss as a media. I've got about 3'-4" (will need to measure when I get home) of clearance above the water line. Seems I'm going to have to go with a filter sock, yeah?

Filter socks are ok submerged as long as the top clears the water line from what I understand.

Filter floss needs to clear the water line in order to be effective as I understand it.

Is my thinking correct on this? Or can I have a partially submerged section of filter floss?

I'm building my sump, so any suggestions or opinions are greatly appreciated.


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Feb 25, 2014
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It doesn't need to be submerged or exposed to be effective. Think spaghetti strainer. Both are mechanical filters, and strainers.

Personally I would prefer it to be submerged as the dry portions will have die off due to being exposed to air.
So as long at the floss blocks(strains) the full flow from the return it's the most effective.
If that makes sense.

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