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Usage for hash tag: apexusers

  1. Daniel@R2R

    Orange label IP issues.

  2. Albertan22

    APEX Programming to turn off after X days?

    ...output to turn off after it’s been running on Auto for 20 days? Maybe using a When command? I’d like to set my auto water change to turn itself off after 20 days since that’s about the amount of saltwater in my reservoir. I’ve been struggling with programming but nothing seems to work. #apexusers
  3. Daniel@R2R

    Pin diagram for Apex FMM

    Bump for you #apexusers and #DIYwizards. Any help?
  4. Dierks

    Someone please help me out

    #apexusers I have the old unit but hopefully someone can come help!
  5. Daniel@R2R

    Apex display not starting up??

    Have you reached out to Neptune? They may be able to troubleshoot it for you. Any of our #apexusers got any ideas?
  6. Daniel@R2R

    Gen4 radion connection issues with old school apex lite

    Any of you #apexusers got any ideas?
  7. Albertan22

    Neptune AFS Multiple rotations

    ...feeder triggers immediately (no 30 second delay) and then doesn’t rotate again while the VFeed cycle is active. This programming runs great for a single rotation if I delete the OSC command and add a Defer line for 30 seconds as the last line. Any thoughts as to what may be the issue? #apexusers
  8. Daniel@R2R

    Apex Cor 15 Question

    Bumping this up for #apexusers
  9. Albertan22

    COR 20 Pump Won’t Keep IQ After Power Failure

    ...of extra RODI into the tank. Is this a flaw in the programming, or something I’ve done wrong? It seems that the pump should retain memory of its IQ setting and that it shouldn’t need a web connection to maintain it. So far the only solution I can think of is to set the fallback to off. #apexusers
  10. MrWheelock

    Apex Classic won't go online

  11. zalick

    Neptune Apex issues & customer support

    ...that my brand new Apex EL and my Apex classic both bricked at the same time immediately after doing a firmware update over fusion. I hope they make this right. I would love to stay with Neptune. However, people seem to be very happy with their GHL controllers. @Terence @NeptunePaul #apexusers
  12. MrWheelock

    update not updating?

  13. MrWheelock

    AFS code for every other day

  14. Peace River

    Please help!

    Let's see if we can get some help... #APEX #apexusers #ControlFreaks #controlleradvisor #reefsquad
  15. HM3105

    Eb8 airflow and life expectancy

  16. Peace River

    Please help asap!!

    Let's see if we can get some help with your question... #APEX #ControlFreaks #apexusers #reefsquad
  17. Dierks

    Neptune COR-20 -- Good & Bad?

    Hey #apexusers how many of you have the COR-20's?
  18. MrWheelock

    Apex down Please Help!

    #apexusers any thoughts? I just had my wife setup a used 2016 apex. Had her reset the brain and follow the wifi setup. If you reset, connect to the new network and log back in I believe all your settings stay since its based on your account but I might be mistaken.
  19. Dierks

    Apex fusion log in error

    Maybe the #apexusers folks can help us out here! Sorry I don't have an Iphone but I assume LOTS of other do that can help!
  20. Daniel@R2R

    Apex won't reconnect to fusion

    #apexusers my apex has disconnected from fusion, and I'm not sure how to reconnect. The apex is connected via ethernet cable to my wifi extender, and I've verified that the extender is on and working. I've reset the apex... What else should I do?
  21. Crabs McJones

    New to Apex Help with Alarm

    So ph is staying consistent but still sending alarms. Let's see if @DarthSimon or @rkpetersen #apexusers know the answer :)
  22. Crabs McJones

    Apex display dead?

    @rkpetersen @DarthSimon #apexusers any ideas on a fix or solution?
  23. Peace River

    1Link no power

    Have you tried to power everything down, disconnect the cable, reconnect, and then restart? It is amazing how many electronics can be fixed this way. #apexusers
  24. rkpetersen

    SUBSCRIBE to a hashtag for your controller!

    #apexusers Should work now. Probably should update the broken hashes in the first post.
  25. Daniel@R2R

    Well now you can WATCH tags...again!

    ...use commonly around the site (feel free to add any I forget to include). #reefsquad #MODS #ReefTank365 #partnermembers #supportingmembers #apexusers #ghlusers #ekoralusers #Zoaexperts #SPSexperts #LPSexperts #Clamexperts #DIYwizards #POTM And I'm probably forgetting a bunch. If you were...
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