90 gallon

  1. B

    Florida 90-gallon aquarium and sump. With stand and canopy

    90-gallon aquarium with stand, canopy, sump, and custom plumbing. Just emptied it today. Must pick up, will not deliver.
  2. Temok747

    Hello Hello from Chicago!!

    Hi everyone, Wanted to say hello and show off my tank a little. I run a 90 gallon tank with a sps and lps mixed reef. My favorite fish is my yellow tang. My fiancé named him bubbles. We also have 2 blue hippo tangs and 1 scopas tang in there. And no there is no aggression they each have...
  3. H

    What are your thoughts 90 gallon bow front!

    So I took down my older tanks because I was moving finally got into the new house and decided it's time to get this 90 gallon rocked up! I always liked flat Rock tanks and is never got around to making an aquascape like so but I finally did it I bought a 10-in masonry blade. Put that puppy on...
  4. M

    90 Gallon corner Bow Front for sale

    for sale... this Rare discontinued 90 gallon corner bow front reef ready compartment includes 2 reef breaded LED light strips with remote Note.... stand not included! This tank is awesome but i broke the stand while re location the tank. per for a DIY project. asking $600. located in South...
  5. 1Matthew

    Upgrading Tanks - Fish

    Hi all, recently I upgraded my 55 gallon to a 90 gallon tank. The tank was bought off someone and I got everything up and running yesterday. The tank already came with a good amount of fish in it which I plan to take some out and give to my Lfs. Currently, there are a pair of ocellaris, a coral...
  6. D

    Maxspect Jump Skimmer Tank Size

    I am considering purchasing this skimmer for what will be a heavily stocked 90 gallon. The ratings say 100 gallon for heavy bio load. Wanted to see if someone had experience using this on this type of tank.
  7. ChiReefGuy3

    Stocking A 90 Gallon Mixed Reef

    Hi Everyone! I am planning a 90-gallon mixed reef build (technically 94 gallons with a couple of half-inch dimensions added) and am trying to figure out which fish I can keep. Any feedback on the stocking list below would be greatly appreciated! - 2 Ocellaris Clownfish - Yellow Eye Kole Tang -...
  8. Mkolej

    California 90 Gallon Reef Ready Tank Set Up - SF Bay Area, Pickup Only

    Hi everyone, I have a 90 gallon saltwater tank that is about 3 years old. It comes with the stand and canopy and sump and everything pictured (the clownfish and coral are not included, the foxface can be if you want him.). Unfortunately, I'm needing to downsize for the time being. Here is a...
  9. B

    Sand cleaning Help

    I used my city water to clean my 80 pounds of sand (Caribsea grade sand) I know this is frowned apon. My water has chloramine in it and I used the city water to clean it, I drained the water out as much as I could and put the wet sand in my 90 gallon aquarium. There was very little water in the...
  10. Marine2149

    New build 90Gal, What size Sump?

    So I broke down my 90 gallon Aqueon that was only house a pair of sevrums and tetras. Kinda of a waste. Looking to make my own Sump. What size should I get for a 90 gallon. I'm looking to buy an eshopp pf800 which does 800gph. Should I go for the 1000? Or is 800 good enough. Thanks for the...
  11. jlayne503

    Help with 90g stocking list

    Hello reefers, I am looking for some help regarding a potential 90g tank. The dimensions are 48''x18''x24''. I know I would like to have a foxface and a pair of clowns, but other than that I'm not sure what else to add. I also would like the fish to be reef friendly. Any help would be greatly...
  12. LandlockedZissou816

    90 Gallon pros and cons

    So I am shopping around for a new reef tank and I really like a 90-gallon thats 36 x 24 x 24. I know anything beyond 24 inches tall can become a hassle to clean, but I was hoping you guys could give me some pros and cons to getting a tank that size that I haven't already considered. Any feedback...
  13. kennedysherman

    Build Thread Kennedy’s 90 Gallon Build

    90 Gallon Pro-Star Rimless AIO Set-Up. Red Sea ReefLED 90w Lights. Reef-Power RP-M Power Heads. Marine DC Pump DCQ-6000. Delivery Date: 12/20/21 Live Rock Arrives: 12/15/21 Final adjustments made to our rockscape: 12/24/21 First rock goes in: 12/25/21 Unfortunately we couldn't get the...
  14. David Whitlock

    Build Thread 90 gallon mixed reef

    I am starting a new 90 gallon mixed reef tank. It’s been a slow process. I’ve been buying everything brand new. I got a 20 gallon long tank and baffle kit but decided it’s too small so I was thinking of getting either a sapphire 39, emerald 39 or Fiji 36. As I start the build I will add more pics.
  15. R

    Gap in outside seam of aquarium

    I noticed a gap in the silicone on the outside seam of a new 90 gallon aquarium. It is about a cm long and not very deep but is concerning to me. Is something to be worried about especially long term? The inside seam looks good, the tank is new and has not been filled.
  16. M

    90 gallon Tank Mates?

    Hey everyone I recently had a goby perish and am looking for ideas of replacements for sometime don’t want another goby as there is 100 gallons of live rock and he was not easy to confirm dead. I have 2 maybe 1/2-1 in clowns A blue tang about 1 and 1/2 inch (tang police relax I already have...
  17. Esgal

    Build Thread Tall Ryukyu Reef

    Hello all, New to the page, new to reefs, but well researched and we’ve hired help Our goal for the tank is straight forward, bring a piece of Okinawa back into our home after living there many years ago. Spent a lot of time at Maeda Point and Sunabe Seawall in 05-06. I hear Maeda is terribly...
  18. reeferkeeperabq

    2nd tank 90 gal

    I've had this tank for a few years just gathering dust. Finally took it out last week, washed it, re-silicone, spray painted the stand. In midst of buying supplies my LFS gave me a used eshopps rs 100 sump and a skimz monster skimmer. I mean, I hit the jackpot. So I've been hooking it up and...
  19. Ancarol2421

    Makeover of 90gal reef in school library

    Hi everyone, I am a tank caretaker at our college and we are going to give this tank a makeover. It looks a little bare right now because of an emergency situation last summer, so we basically started from scratch (livestock wise). Otherwise, the tank has been there for at least 5 years. A...
  20. ridgeburyreefer

    AI hydra 32- can it be done cheaper?

    I am looking at getting my first “big boy” light for my 90 gallon reef, currently using a fluval marine. This is an expensive purchase and would like to know ways how any of you were able to make this purchase cheaper? I’d like to use a “multi arm” system- rather not hang it from the ceiling...
  21. ridgeburyreefer

    New 90 gallon

    Set up my first saltwater tank, a 90 cornerflo! A little cloudy bc I only had one clarifier packet, but I’ve dosed it w dr tims ammonium chloride and microbacter7 started w 8.2-8.3ish pH and zero nutrient, what should I be looking for in this cycle to indicate it’s completed? Loving my rockwork...
  22. joshharmony

    Hi nitrates 90 Gallon tank fowlr advice

    Hi all, new here. I’d love some guidance/advice from aquarists who might be able to help me figure out how to bring nitrates down in my tank. My tank is little over a year old. 90 gallon with a 30 gallon refugium, protein skimmer, with some Chateo growing beneath... The tank previously housed a...
  23. Ashv5

    Fish for 90 gallon?

    Hi guys! So I was wondering on what I can stock in my 90 gallon. Here is my current stocking: 1- Yellow Tang 1- Jewel damsel 1- Yello tail damsel (small) 2- Clownfish Ocellaris I was looking for vibrant and colorful fish! Also decently active. I saw one of these at my lfs but did not purchase...
  24. alimac122

    Build Thread Ali's 90g Cube Build

    So. I purchased a 90g tank sumpstand and accessories for $400 from a guy that’s going an upgrade/downgrade from 5 tanks to 2. It was too good to be true. so everything is loaded up, and I’m taking it home. I’m super excited to move my 36 to a 90. well. We get the stand in the front door and...
  25. DQM5

    Build Thread 50 SCA TO 90 LEEMAR MIX REEF

    Hi guys, doing another transfer probably my last tank till I purchased a home. I got myself a used Leemar tank dimension is 48LW18H24. Which is 90 Gallon with left corner overflow.