90 gallon

  1. David Whitlock

    Build Thread 90 gallon mixed reef

    I am starting a new 90 gallon mixed reef tank. It’s been a slow process. I’ve been buying everything brand new. I got a 20 gallon long tank and baffle kit but decided it’s too small so I was thinking of getting either a sapphire 39, emerald 39 or Fiji 36. As I start the build I will add more pics.
  2. R

    Gap in outside seam of aquarium

    I noticed a gap in the silicone on the outside seam of a new 90 gallon aquarium. It is about a cm long and not very deep but is concerning to me. Is something to be worried about especially long term? The inside seam looks good, the tank is new and has not been filled.
  3. M

    90 gallon Tank Mates?

    Hey everyone I recently had a goby perish and am looking for ideas of replacements for sometime don’t want another goby as there is 100 gallons of live rock and he was not easy to confirm dead. I have 2 maybe 1/2-1 in clowns A blue tang about 1 and 1/2 inch (tang police relax I already have...
  4. Esgal

    Build Thread Tall Ryukyu Reef

    Hello all, New to the page, new to reefs, but well researched and we’ve hired help Our goal for the tank is straight forward, bring a piece of Okinawa back into our home after living there many years ago. Spent a lot of time at Maeda Point and Sunabe Seawall in 05-06. I hear Maeda is terribly...
  5. reeferkeeperabq

    2nd tank 90 gal

    I've had this tank for a few years just gathering dust. Finally took it out last week, washed it, re-silicone, spray painted the stand. In midst of buying supplies my LFS gave me a used eshopps rs 100 sump and a skimz monster skimmer. I mean, I hit the jackpot. So I've been hooking it up and...
  6. Ancarol2421

    Makeover of 90gal reef in school library

    Hi everyone, I am a tank caretaker at our college and we are going to give this tank a makeover. It looks a little bare right now because of an emergency situation last summer, so we basically started from scratch (livestock wise). Otherwise, the tank has been there for at least 5 years. A...
  7. ridgeburyreefer

    AI hydra 32- can it be done cheaper?

    I am looking at getting my first “big boy” light for my 90 gallon reef, currently using a fluval marine. This is an expensive purchase and would like to know ways how any of you were able to make this purchase cheaper? I’d like to use a “multi arm” system- rather not hang it from the ceiling...
  8. ridgeburyreefer

    New 90 gallon

    Set up my first saltwater tank, a 90 cornerflo! A little cloudy bc I only had one clarifier packet, but I’ve dosed it w dr tims ammonium chloride and microbacter7 started w 8.2-8.3ish pH and zero nutrient, what should I be looking for in this cycle to indicate it’s completed? Loving my rockwork...
  9. joshharmony

    Hi nitrates 90 Gallon tank fowlr advice

    Hi all, new here. I’d love some guidance/advice from aquarists who might be able to help me figure out how to bring nitrates down in my tank. My tank is little over a year old. 90 gallon with a 30 gallon refugium, protein skimmer, with some Chateo growing beneath... The tank previously housed a...
  10. Ashv5

    Fish for 90 gallon?

    Hi guys! So I was wondering on what I can stock in my 90 gallon. Here is my current stocking: 1- Yellow Tang 1- Jewel damsel 1- Yello tail damsel (small) 2- Clownfish Ocellaris I was looking for vibrant and colorful fish! Also decently active. I saw one of these at my lfs but did not purchase...
  11. alimac122

    Build Thread Ali's 90g Cube Build

    So. I purchased a 90g tank sumpstand and accessories for $400 from a guy that’s going an upgrade/downgrade from 5 tanks to 2. It was too good to be true. so everything is loaded up, and I’m taking it home. I’m super excited to move my 36 to a 90. well. We get the stand in the front door and...
  12. DQM5

    Build Thread 50 SCA TO 90 LEEMAR MIX REEF

    Hi guys, doing another transfer probably my last tank till I purchased a home. I got myself a used Leemar tank dimension is 48LW18H24. Which is 90 Gallon with left corner overflow.
  13. P

    Setting up a 90 Gallon reef cube! Need stocking ideas!

    Hi all! I am new to the forum and was looking for input/ ideas on stocking... Info on tank: Dimensions 30x30x20 (90 gal) 20 gal sump Right now my list includes: -Royal Gramma -Clown (pair) -Dragononet (green?) -Cardinal fish (3) -Firefish (purple) I'm not sure if everything is compatible and...
  14. Pau Hana Reefer

    Build Thread 2 Year Old 90 Gallons of Addictive Stress

    Welcome to my build thread! Want to learn how to grow chrysophytes, bubble algae, and vermetids? You came to the right place! This first post will feature the latest information on my tank, including latest updates as well as list of equipment, fish, and corals. A table of contents to key...
  15. Hemmdog

    Replumbing a full and stocked 90, suggestions please

    hello, My 90gal is 7 months running. I plumbed it with a durso style drain which the noise level has always been fairly loud. Now that the tank is more established the plumbing seems to be getting even louder, my wife can’t take it anymore, she says I need to do something ASAP. So I’d like to...
  16. Hemmdog

    Build Thread Hemmdog’s 90gal Seaciety and 40gal Vale of Shadows

    Hello! Just starting my build thread for my main display; a 90 gallon I set up in August 2018. Thank you for stopping by and please leave comments or questions below! 7/27/20 5/26/20 2/13/20 11/30/19 7/31/19 3/23/19 1/17/19 And my 40b set up in April 19’ 12/11/19
  17. F

    90g stocking list ideas

    Hi! I’m looking for anyone with some good full stocking lists for a 90g tank I do not want any LARGE fish (I’m not the kind to try and cram 2-3 tangs in there lol) It will need to be reed safe fish as I will have lots of Zoa’s And some LPS.... But I was thinking things like Basslets...
  18. easternreefer

    Free. 90 gallon reef ready

    Tank has a leak in the front left hand seam bottom. (as near as I can tell). drilled, bulk heads in place. must be picked up by Friday of next week. if not picked up it goes to the dump next Saturday. not holding it for anyone.. who ever gets here first gets it.. tank was in process of being...
  19. Zazzy

    Build Thread Andrews 90g build thread

    Sorry my tank has been up since 2011 but here is a shot of my tank EVERYTHING IS IN NUMERICAL ORDER FROM 2011 TILL NOW. See how an ugly tank can go to something very presentable Pic: March6th 2018
  20. Tigweldpro

    Build Thread Canadian 90 Gallon mixed reef tank build (lots of pics)

    Hello, I just joined here and am starting a new thread to document the progress with my new 90 gallon tank build. I also have a tank journal going on a Canadian reefing site but it lacks activity. SPECS DT 48"w 18"d 21"h 3/4" bean animal overflow & diy glass overflow box Sump 30 gallon breeder...
  21. AlgaeCleaner

    Build Thread 4th Floor Fish Tank

    Hello, I am starting this tread to show our Reefer 450 build. It all started with a used 20G Nano tank that my girlfriend bought after we had discussed how much maintenance i needed to be involved in if she got a saltwater tank. It took maybe 2 days and I was hooked. The possibility to really...
  22. scabbedwings616

    90 gallon canopy

    I am looking for plans with what materials to buy for a canopy for my tank. I want to do it myself and have the things I want for it and upgrade the lights if needed and have it custom made. Is there anyone that can point me in the right direction. I am trying to gather the plans now and see...
  23. Patrick Fulton

    Fimbriated Eel Tankmates?

    Hey, this is my first post, so forgive me if I'm doing this wrong....BUT I have a 90 gallon tank with a Fimbriated AKA Yellow-headed moray eel. He's about 16 inches or so and I'm looking to add some fish to the tank. I'd prefer them to be reef safe because I have a bunch of mushrooms and a few...
  24. JenArmstrong

    Build Thread 90 gal - with Great Ideas!!!

    What started as a B-day gift (LFS Glass tank, with black hood and Stand)- is now the focal point of my house! I didn't cheap out, so the build took just shy of 1 year to complete. With Fish-keeping +25 years, this is the biggest tank to date for both fresh and Salt. Basement requirements: -...
  25. quik95lt1

    Build Thread Got the Bug upgrading to a 90 Gallon with a bunch of DIY!!

    Newish to the forum and only about a year into my salt/reef experience, I have learned a TON from my 47 gallon column I have now with just a snowflake clown, scarlet cleaner shrimp and some inverts and a Kenya tree and zoa, but I've had enough of the "wet armpit" syndrome trying to work on it...
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