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  1. kLoRRn

    Build Thread Biocube 29

    I got this tank on a spur of the moment decision after weeks of scouring Facebook marketplace during my lunch break at work. As with buying anything used second hand from Facebook marketplace, it was exactly perfect but I am perfectly content with it (for now lol) The first couple days waiting...
  2. Jaredandres

    Steve’s LED HurricaneX controller

    Just upgraded my biocube 32 from a stock light to Steve’s LED with iridescent booster with hurricane x controller. Having a hard time figuring out how to set up the lighting schedule on the controller. Can anybody help? Also if anybody could drop their lighting schedule when they installed their...
  3. D

    Question about stocking 32g Biocube

    Question about stocking my 32 gallon Biocube. Planning on having easy corals like zoas, polyps, xenia, etc) Thinking about the following fish: -1 pink-streaked wrasse -1 royal gramma basslet -1 electric indigo dottyback -Pair of bonded clownfish -1 diamond watchman goby (part of CUC?) CUC...
  4. Saving_your_6

    Maryland WTB OCEANIC biocube 29 hood

    My tank is old, I know. But my kids broke my hood. Its cracked the lights won't work, it's shot. I desperately need a new hood. Apparently Corallife won't fit? Please anyone have an old one to sell.
  5. hds4216

    Upgrading, what should I do with the old tank - make it an anemone tank, a seahorse tank, a frag tank, or sell it?

    Upgrading from a BioCube 32 to a Reefer 425 in the very near future. BioCube has been established for just under a year. Just got my first SPS a month ago and they're doing well. Amazingly, nothing has ever died in this tank, not even a CUC member. At one point a thought a hermit crab did, but I...
  6. H

    Return Pump + BioCube 29

    Hi! I was given a BioCube 29 and I need a return pump. What max size return pump in terms of gph is necessary? Send help! Thanks.
  7. H

    Bio Cube 32 Return Pump

    Hi! Someone gave me a BioCube and I need a return pump. What is the max size in terms of gph I should use? Thanks for the advice!
  8. J

    Good refugium light for biocube 32?

    Hello! l am looking to set up a refugium in the back chamber of my biocube 32, I already have the intank media and fuge basket (got them both on a sale) and am wondering what sort of light would be good for this sort of setup. Not trying to grow anything crazy, just chaeto and try and get a...
  9. todarrell

    Build Thread The Ultimate BioCube Build

    Below is the story of how this build evolved into my dream tank and became the ultimate BioCube build. I’ve always been attracted to nano’s. Historically, I have moved every 2-5 years so the thought of moving a large setup discouraged me from ever going big. I purchased the BioCube 29 gallon...
  10. amstalf

    Bio Cube 16 Gallon

    Coralife LED Bio Cube 16 Saltwater Aquarium -in tank media basket with Chem Pure -Chill Solutions 11414 Thermo electric chiller Fish -Ocellaris Clownfish -Yellow Tail Blue Damselfish -Chalk Bass -Pencil Urchin -Astraea x4 -Scarlett Hermits x5 -Blue Leg Hermit -Nassarius Snails x 2 Accessories...
  11. Tankkeepers

    Build Thread My 32 led biocube

    Kinda late to the party as its been up for 8 months but here she is. Live stock all done. Also getting some more softy coral in this week. excuse the bryopsis came in on live rock possibly gorg frag (gorg no longer with me died softly after I got it should of known better then to buy from lfs...
  12. miko chang

    Mandarin Gender?

    Hey everyone, I have this baby mandarin dragonet, and I’m wondering what gender it is.
  13. nano_reef_19

    AIO Build Joe's 32 BioCube

    Been out of this game for about 10 years and decided to give it another go as we enjoy having a reef in our house. Bit of an adjustment coming from a 90 gallon reef years ago to a BioCube, figure this was the easiest way to ease back in to the hobby! Working right now with the stock LEDs to see...
  14. Lololo

    Biocube 32 Light Schedule-New Tank

    I Recently started a Biocube 32g this is my current light schedule On video. I don’t know if it’s good enough?? ;Bookworm I have been running the tank now for 42 days. Before starting the cycle I swap out the stock filter system the Biocube 32 comes with and got InTaNk media basket Poly Filter...
  15. chris17gable

    Stocking my Biocube 32

    Hello Everyone! The past few months I have finally bit the bullet and began my saltwater journey. I’m currently in the process of cycling my tank and so far so good. The problem I’m having and hoping you guys could help me with is stocking. I’ve done tons of research and everywhere has its own...
  16. R

    60 gal. Cube tank

    Greetings I just wanted to share the progression of my 60 gal. Mixed reef. Started it last March so its just over a year old now. The pic with the black sand and the 2 clowns was basically the beginning stages last March. My clowns have spawned several times in the last few months. The tank is...
  17. Stellywags

    Live Rock Green Algea

    Hi all new to the forums. I've searched a bit, but have not found quite what I was looking for. Or if I have it's been worse then the stage I'm at. But as my title states, I have a BioCube 32 that's been up for just about 3 months. It's been a month since diatoms have disappeared and all seemed...
  18. wolfwood469

    Cube Build Biocube 32 protein skimmer and refugium

    Hello I'm new to the world of reef tanks. I've had freshwater tanks for many years and finally decided to take the leap into the saltwater world. I bought a lightly used bio cube that's come with extras. Bio cube protein skimmer Mp10 Powerhead Intank media basket Intank refugium Heater. Not...
  19. teejay210


  20. Brad_the_gunner

    Recommendations on a skimmer?

    Hey guys Brad here!, Hello everyone I have a bio cube 16 was wondering if you guys know of a small protein skimmer that fits in this cube. I was recommended one but I would like to know if their is more options out there? Thanks again!