brown jelly disease

  1. Reefing_Engineer

    Does this look like brown jelly

    Hi I’m pretty new still and haven’t experienced brown jelly, but it’s definitely brown under this head in my frogspawn so I just want to ask some experts!
  2. doinker

    One of my torches got BJD. Should I preemptively dip the other LPS incase it spreads?

    Hello, would appreciate some feedback here. I woke up to one of my torches having BJD this morning. I panicked a bit and in pulling it out of the tank the jelly went everywhere... A piece of it even got stuck on one of my acans :( I currently have a bunch of other torches, frogspawn, and acans...
  3. duesmortem

    Brown Jelly on New Torch

    My girlfriend bought a torch from our LFS for me about a week ago. When I got home from work today I noticed all of this brown jelly building up on the skeleton of the torch. I called the LFS and notified them of the issue. They recommended that I use either Iodine dip or H2O2 dip. I used the...
  4. Michelle B

    Wall Hammer spewing

    Hello, I've had a wall hammer one month. It's been doing fine and the rest of the tank but suddenly my wall is closed up on one end and he is spewing brown stringy stuff. My parameters are ammonia 0, nitrite 0, Nitrate 20, alk 8.2, PH 8.2, phosphates 0.16, salinity 35 ppt. He's in low flow and...
  5. BighohoReef

    Dosing Cipro: What brand? Does it matter... My battle with BJD

    I'm dealing with a case of BJD and found this gem of an article (below) I want to give it a go but there is no reference to a brand of cipro (Ciprofloxacin)... I was gonna snag a bottle of Thomas Labs but then decided to take it to the forum. Experimenting with in-tank antibiotic treatments...
  6. jackalexander

    Frogspawn Brown Jelly Syndrome

    I have had my frogspawn for about 2 months now and it’s been super healthy, the flesh and polyps look happy and very extended but I noticed a possible spot of brown jelly on it probably about a month ago but never thought anything of it. this is the frogspawn today, any thoughts or suggestions...
  7. Paul Kachirsky

    LPS Corals Keep Dying * HELP * Full Details

    Hi All. I have been having some issues with my 120 gallon reef. Current corals are Blastos, Acans, Scolys, Trachys, Lobos, Flower Rock Nem, Torches (And Hammers that died) I know that I have had some issues with nutrients (Big Spike) but it was been a ton better as you can see below. Current...
  8. B

    Help! Duncan Coral Brown Jelly Disease?

    I have a small two headed Duncan coral in my NUVO Fusion 40 that I fear has Brown Jelly Disease (see photo). For the last two weeks, I’ve noticed it just wasn’t opening fully and I wasn’t sure why. Yesterday I found two or three hermits “cleaning” the skeleton. Today, I found both heads nearly...
  9. Zoa_Fanatic

    Is this BJD?

    I just plucked two polyps off my dragonseye colony because they were turning a bruised color. Pics attached. Now I had some white zombies (which were eaten by a crab who had since been banished back to the LFS) who grew this same color but opened and ate and were fine for months. Is this just...
  10. GoniSoftintheBrain

    Brown jelly disease on Goniopora?

    Wondering if this is BJD on my Goni, and if I need to do surgery . Or, Goni was previously on the sand, and clownfish liked to bury it—just damage from that?
  11. andrewey

    Brown Jelly Disease: Current Treatment Strategies!

    Current Treatment Strategies for Brown Jelly Disease I’ve been asked to summarize the current findings concerning Brown Jelly Disease for those that need a quick reference if they encounter it in their own tank. For a link to current tests investigating possible treatments, see here. First, if...
  12. N

    HELP, Brown jelly on favia (I think)

    Ello, Someone give us a hand, I'm pretty sure my favia has brown jelly disease but im not sure so thought I'd come on here for confirmation. Should i just remove it and count my losses or try andsave it with my various dips. Sorry about the photo. Thanks.
  13. Reefer37

    Brown Jelly

    So I found my torch with what I believe to be brown jelly. I have no idea how it even got in my tank as I haven't added anything in over a month and done two water changes since, but now I'm at a loss on what to do. I have another tank I've been cycling that is probably on week 4 now and I just...
  14. 0utworld

    Brown jelly disease?

    Today I've noticed that my blue torch isn't opening up as much like usual. I took a closer look and realized what looks to be parts of tissue injury or damage. At a specific region, a few tentacles seem damaged or heavily retracted/gone. I wasn't able to spot anything brown or jelly-like, so I...
  15. GSnake

    hydrogen peroxide dip for jelly, or closed up coral

    after reacting too late for one of my hammers (pink) ( now 1 week past, with no visible polyps ), my 2nd wall hammer (green) contracted the BJS and I decided to try a hydrogen peroxide dip, the green wall hammer had been freshly cut when bought, so it had some natural polyp retraction near the...
  16. Schteeve

    LPS Identification and care advice

    Hey everyone :) Bought this LPS from the store, they said it was a goniopora but i cant find any similar images googling goni species. can anyone ID it? also I may have added him to the tank too soon. He's lost some polyps and is pretty retracted, looking quite miserable. and he has a lot of...
  17. Eva Rose

    Help - please id problem with coral & best treatment!

    Hi Attached is a pic of my gonipora frag. Is this Brown Jelly Disease? Or is it a sting front the other gonipora nearby? I dip all my corals before placing them in the tank. I have some Revive & Coral Rx on hand. Should I remove it & treat coral? How do I do this & not make the infection...
  18. alexytman

    The annoy disease with hard corals (bjd)

    I've been having bad luck with jelly disease recently. A bunch of unlucky events. Like power outage, and a acrylic box falling onto my Duncan. How to you guys cure it, I only have coral rx. I can get iodine, but not any specific chems. What should I do with my LPS
  19. alexytman

    My power cut out and when it's back I found this.

    how do I cure this brown jelly? The only dip I have is coral rx
  20. Lorekeeper

    Brown Jelly Disease

    So, I bought a branching hammer frag about two weeks ago. Looked great in the store (and so did everything else), and I got a great deal. Yesterday when I got home, I noticed some brown junk on the coral. I didn't worry about it (I was exhausted), but this morning it looked worse. I learned...
  21. Peter K

    What is going on with this birdsnest?

    Hi all, So we have been having some issues crop up with an ora birdsnest we have had for several months that has been growing super fast and great except for the past 3ish weeks. The tips have started stripping of tissue and I think it is brown jelly but I can't be sure and was wondering...
  22. Elgringodiablo

    Mysteriously Dying LPS

    So... For the past few months all of my LPS corals have been dying in two of my tanks. I cannot for the life of me figure out what is happening. I've lost thousands of dollars worth of rare hammers, torches, elegance corals, gonipora, chalices and acans. The acans have been dropping heads...
  23. haleyf1024

    Frogspawn with brown jelly!

    My frogspawn didn't respond well to a dip in ca/mg/alk (although my zoas are doing better, go figure) and now has brown jelly disease. It's spreading quickly, so I'm on my way to Lowes for some Bayer insecticide. Does Bayer actually cure/treat brown jelly specifically? Or is iodine the only...
  24. menglish

    Brown jelly disease

    any one knows how you can cure brown jelly disease? My hammer corals may be infected.