1. narkicu187

    Build Thread Newbie 125 Build

    Had a great suggestion from @Fish Think Pink to catalogue my build. So that is what I am going to do. Kept African cichlids for 10+ years and decided for my 40th Bday that I would take the dive and try my hand at saltwater. List below is what I have and will be using for my setup: 2x SunSun...
  2. Harrynice

    Nano Build Evo 13.5 Build Journey - cycling, livestock and upgrades

    Build journey part 1: setup and cycling Hi all. I just joined R2R having been lurking for a while (some really great info and advice here), and decided to post my build thread. I got the tank in early December 2021 as a family Christmas present (read: me doing all the work, my wife and...
  3. Traviitrav

    ProStar 230 build

    Here’s to the beginning of my ProStar 230 (72x26x24)! Day 4 of a fishless cycle, so I only turned the lights on for photo opportunity! Components: Jebao SCP-180 x2 (upgrading to 4k’s I just had these on hand) MP40 x2 Hydra 32 x1 Hydra 64 x2 57 watt Aqua UV x1 Reef Octopus Classic 202-S Skimmer...
  4. R

    Wisconsin WTB Eshopps overflow

    Hello everyone, I'm planning on making a small nano tank with a sump and wanted to see if I could save a few dollars and buy someone's eshopps overflow box. I'm looking for either one (see photos attached). Thank you,
  5. Jonify

    Nano Build Jonathan's Red Sea MAX NANO Bobbit Worm Recovery Therapy

    Launching a belated build thread as I jumped to stage 2 of my previous "Jonathan's Bobbit Recovery" build thread's 3-tank build plan and never started a new build thread. ;Nailbiting It's going to be a while before I jump to the last stage of my build plan as this current tank needs to be...
  6. kennedysherman

    Build Thread Kennedy’s 90 Gallon Build

    90 Gallon Pro-Star Rimless AIO Set-Up. Red Sea ReefLED 90w Lights. Reef-Power RP-M Power Heads. Marine DC Pump DCQ-6000. Delivery Date: 12/20/21 Rockscape Finished: 12/31/21 18 buckets of water from our local fish store! Water Added: 1/5/22. 1/6/22 After letting it filter through the night.
  7. O

    AIO Build First Tank - 25g Waterbox Peninsula

    Hi everyone! I have been asking a lot of questions here while I have been setting up my first tank and figured I should start a build thread. It may also help me from doing something stupid ;Shamefullyembarrased For background, my brother has been in the hobby for just under a year and after...

    Waterbox Reef 220.6 DREAMBUILD

  9. adittam

    Build Thread 80 gallon shallow lagoon mixed reef - upgrade time!

    So anyone who's seen my first build thread or read any of my several posts about planning this upgrade may already know this, but while this is my second reef tank, it's my first one with a sump, so the learning curve has been steep this time around as well. I've been planning this upgrade...
  10. E

    Anybody interested in following a new build as described below:

    Saltwater fish guy who has been in the hobby for 55 years. I am replacing a 120 with a new 120 ACRYLIC with the following: over the top overflow (no water line at top of tank but... introduces a new, minor problem). added 1-1/2" acrylic walls around the openings in the top to guide the water...
  11. CincyReefer07

    Large Build New 310g Mixed Reef Tank Man Cave Build

    Well after 7 years of having a 29 gallon and 75 gallon and being in my new home for the last 5 years, I’ve decided to put the finishing touch on my man cave and add a 310 gallon Planet Aquarium reef ready tank in it. I started this project back in mid-late August of this year and have been...
  12. C

    Nano Build Stocking Feedback & Advice - IM Lagoon 25

    Been working on getting a new IM Lagoon 25 tank setup which is currently cycling. So starting to get more serious about thoughts on stocking. The tank is mostly for my kids so they have requested a few of the options. Looking for advice on if this combo would work well and then in what order...
  13. NEFFx

    The perfect stand - Some Ideas and Yours?

    So, maybe this is obvious, though I have a built a few stands in my day and seen a good bit of them over the years. That said they all look rather similar. I was building a stand for my 240g and wanted to try something a little different, and came up with the below. I thought it was a good idea...
  14. KirkPatrick

    Build Thread 40 Gallon Breeder Tank

    Hello Everyone, This is my first attempt at saltwater but not aquariums. I set this tank up a week ago using sanitized dried live rock, wet live rock from the LFS, some small chunks from an established tank to seed the live rock, and 40 pounds of live sand. I have a homemade 20 gallon sump with...
  15. coralreefdefender

    55 gallon reef aquarium build

    Well guys I’ve got a brand new 55 gallon empty tank and I’m starting from scratch. every week you get and update on the build please feel free to ask any questions give your thoughts and by all means tell me what I’m doing wrong lol. So to start us off all I have as of now is a 55 glass...
  16. Freakmachine01

    Build Thread Mikey's Dream 120 gal mixed reef.

    Hello my name is Mikey and I decided to give a build thread a go. I actually started this tank just a little over 1 year ago but since then I have made many upgrades and have been very fortunate. Over the past year I have started with nothing and have added over $10,000 worth of coral and fish...
  17. BaghdadBean

    Build Thread Bean Build-a 142 gal 12 year Science Experiment Build

    Hey guys, I’m Bean, a sarcastic, gimpy, old broad-combat veteran turned shepherdess with a whole lot of sass and not nearly enough spare time. I used to be deep into reefing, from the late eighties through the early 2000’s, but I had to break down my reef and give my corals to locals when I...
  18. AlgaeBarn

    Partnered with the best brands in the industry!!

    THEY ARE COMING... Register & find out what the CADE Elite Package is all about before the general public AND get an EXCLUSIVE BONUS!
  19. jRatanak

    Build Thread ELOS 100 Upgrade

    Hey all! I am currently in the middle of piecing together an upgrade and figured I'd document the process and share my experiences along the way! A Little Background: My current system is an Innovative Marine Fusion 40 AIO tank. I've had it running for a bit over 2 years, and as well as it's...
  20. Victory652

    Building frame for 125 gal tank

    Hello Everyone! I am looking at building a frame for my 125gal tank. I am looking for ideas on the best way to design the front of the tank for accessibility and function. My current plan is to have a metal base frame then adding wood around it for looks and function. Tell me you ideas or what...
  21. Drew P. Wiener

    Nano Build Innovative Marine 30L

    Welp… it’s been just about a year since I’ve set up my first reef tank, and like many others, I found myself looking to upsize the tank. Through this past year, I’ve definitely made plenty of mistakes and certainly felt at times that this maybe wasn’t the hobby for me, but I seriously can’t...
  22. Johnb65

    Beginners New Build - Fluval Evo 13.5G

    Hi All, Yesterday was day 1 of my reefing journey! Im pretty excited already and looking forward to seeing how my reef progresses over the next year. I’m already wanting to upgrade! So day 1: Had all of my equipment ready or so I thought to get my tank up and running! Of course I would forget...
  23. Catnip885

    Nano Build Catnips 13.5 fluval evo build

    Hi I am new to the forum and this is my first build by myself (mostly my husband butt in a little ). So I had decided to build this tank as my husband has left the country to go to school so I wanted something that would challenge me and something that I enjoyed. I have dabbled in saltwater...
  24. SaltwaterGuruNeeded

    Build Thread 125g Build :)

    Biological Start Date (Biospira): Monday, June 7th, 2021 First Fish In this build (2x Clownfish): Wednesday, June 9th, 2021 Equipment: 1x Fluval FX4 Stock Mechanical Filtration Removed Bio Foam (For more Bio Media) +- 1.3 Liter's of Seachem Matrix Bio Media Carbon Filter Floss...
  25. scumbag_mtb

    Build Thread 90 Gallon MIXED REEF Build Thread

    Well, it’s finally time, again. From 2009 to 2015, I ran a total of 650 gallons in tanks in my “fish room”. 180 fowlr, 90 LPS/Zoa, 60 SPS, 8x40 breeders for a mix of quarantine tanks and frag tanks. When I moved, I tore everything down and sold off everything I owned. Ever since then, I’ve been...
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