1. S

    155g Build

    Hi! I think everyone can use a diversion now and this is a great hobby for it. Like many others, I’ve been a lurker for years and thought it was time I shared my build experience. I started in this hobby about 20 years ago with a 65g. Over the years I upgraded to various tanks when I could...
  2. Cdelonj

    Tank 2 ~ My 90 SCA

    So after 3 years with my Red Sea 130D AIO I am upgrading... This thread is a bit late as I am well into the first few months with the new tank... Just a quick rundown of equipment ~ (Used) 90G 36X24X24 SCA tank... I'm of course still in an ugly period with diatoms but water is fairly stable...
  3. Cjshank0

    165 Gallon Mixed Reef Reboot Build from a salvaged display tank

    Hey Everyone! I tried to start a build thread with this as I was working through some things I got caught up in the mix. I wanted to share my build with the community here and also hopefully get some feedback and new ideas as we go. A little background on this tank: I purchased for $50 on FB...
  4. D

    210 gallon restart after outbreak

    hey everyone, after a few months of leaving my tank empty i've finally had time to start all over again. this outbreak almost made me quit since it all happened so suddenly, friend bought me a surprise fish, an orange shoulder tang, dropped it directly in the tank. everything died in 2 days...
  5. Dcal

    SoCal Biotope Temperate Reef (cold water)

    Hello all, Currently there will be a lack of visual aids so sorry if any readers get lost in the descriptions Intro/ TL;DR I am a San Diego native currently finishing up my marine bio bachelors and hoping for eventual PhD after. I am young and have been keeping reefs since I was 13 and...
  6. Crested

    Macro Evo Build!

    Hey all! Just set up my Fluval Evo last night and I plan on making it a macroalgae tank! For equipment I'm using: -100 Watt Cobalt neotherm heater -Sicce syncra 0.5 pump -stock light For the scape, I figured I would keep the rockwork low and let the algae give it height (let me know what you...
  7. Jen1978

    My First Build

    Hello. Thanks for stopping in to check out my build. Forgive me, not everything is here yet but I have been planning for months now and I’m anxious. I was going to do a 20 gallon nano since I found my mom’s old freshwater tank from when I was a child, but my son moved and had two 55 gallon tanks...
  8. B

    Brandon's Quarantine edition 80 gallon SCA upgrade.

    Hey, long time member but I never felt I hand anything that I was particularly proud of. I've kept the same Biocube 32 for 9 years with success, but I never was able to do more with it due to the size limitations of the tank. Back in late Jan, I got the go-ahead to upgrade the tank, I still...
  9. Cjshank0

    200g Build

    New to R2R but the community has been great so far! Figured I would post my (re) build of an old tank I got for a steal a few years ago that has been neglected pre quarantine! Dimensions are 60x26.5x25. I would love to get some feedback and ideas! I wish I would’ve posted a month or so ago...
  10. Max_nano

    Max’s 90 gal cube

    Hey R2R, I primarily read through my local reef forum. However I wanted to make my build thread here to get a broader range of inputs on what I’m doing. I’ll likely stick to my plans but it’s always good to hear other opinions. I grew up with a reef tank in my house, but never dealt with its...
  11. tescalante

    First Time Reefer Build & Tank Cycle (NUVO Peninsula 14)

    My build so far. Hope to have everything in the next couple weeks and start my cycle soon after that. Still not sure on my ATO, leaning towards Duetto because of it's small size? If you have any recommendations that are must have's for a new reefer? Was also playing around with my scape...
  12. N

    40 breeder reef "build" (photo heavy)

    So build is in quotations because my tank is built and has inhabitants in it. I'll list my setup and creatures. Photos to follow of the process are in no particular order. Also a few coral shots. Setup: 40 breeder Custom coast to coast overflow Bean Animal drain Custom built 30 long sump/fuge...
  13. BighohoReef

    Seatown Waterbox 135.4 Build

    Waterbox 135.4 Waterbox sump Gyre XF330 Octo reef skimmer Week 1 of the tank cycle
  14. TurboDan

    TurboDan's Waterbox 30.2 AIO Build

    Hi All, My name is Dan and I am new to [email protected] and saltwater, though I do have some freshwater experience. Just picked up a Waterbox 30.2 AIO and it was delivered a couple of days ago. Thought I would start a new build log. The delivery itself was a real smooth process, both the tank and...
  15. McJaeger

    McJaeger's Red Sea Reefer 250

    Hey everyone! I figured I'd start a build thread for this new tank I just started, seems to be what all the cool kids are doing these days :D. I've been keeping aquariums for around 10 years now, most of which have been freshwater planted tanks. After running a few high tech tanks I decided that...
  16. W

    Help, help! Moving tank across room, in-wall

    So, I'm locked in and laid off and i have started a project to remodel my basement. Plans include moving my 150 gallon reef tank to the other end of the basement, and into a new wall and building a shadow box background. I have began construction, and am now at the point where i need advice on...
  17. gunguy05

    Redsea Reefer 450 Build

    So, I have been looking for a while to get back into things. About 7-8 years ago, before kids 2 and 3, I had a 29 gallon biocube. Ended up breaking that down. A couple of months ago, I got the "itch" for a bigger tank to go on a long wall that we have in our house (new house for us as of 2...
  18. Teddy Marshall

    75G Build Thread

    Hi Guys, With all the spare time I have during the Corona pandemic, I've decided it is finally time to create a build thread for my 75G. Please comment with suggestions! This tank was setup in February of 2017, so it is now well established and has gone through numerous changes since its...
  19. D

    dtruitt's 65G Newbie Build

    Hi all, Figured I'd start a build thread now that the tank is starting to look decent. Tank is a seapora 65g reef ready. Will get into the gear in a later post, but wanted to share some pictures of the critters. The Bob Marley Zoa needs a little more light, we think, but I dont like handling...
  20. Twillyg21

    My new 65g SPS dominant tank build!

    Hello all! I started a new tank build yesterday on a 65 gallon tank with a 20 gallon sump. I’ll update as I go, but here are the pictures so far. So fricken excited!!
  21. Eg0790

    Custom 45 gallon Build

    New here, just wanted to share my custom build with all of you, i custom built the stand and made it in white acrylic over a sheet of quartz to make sure it was sitting level.this is a downgrade from my previous 65 gallons, i wanted something small built to my taste. The tank is a SCA 45 gallons...
  22. Requiemiero

    Journey to a Reef Wonderland (From Step 0)

    Hi all, Finally putting together a build thread for my first tank! I am starting from Step 0, which is planning and research. So any and all advice on this rough blueprint for my tank is welcome! :) Now is the time for me to be pivoting and flexibly charting my course since I have only made...
  23. KristianS

    IM Nuvo Fusion 20 Office Build

    Just got the OK to put a reef tank in my office. I have done a 3.7 pico before, but it crashed after a year while I was out of state taking care of my mom in hospice for 6 weeks. This one I wanted to be in my office where I will see it everyday. I will be posting updates and am open to...
  24. aerofly0610

    Returning to the hobby after 15 years - 75g

    Hello R2R peeps. I am returning to the reefing hobby after 15 years or so. I have 3 young girls that love animals and this might be a good learning experience for them. I decided to put a 75g tank in my basement home office that my wife and I share. So the journey begins!! Here is my plan...
  25. Krully

    Help me build my Reefer 350!

    Hey guys, So I've never been really satisfied with my Nuvo 40 (first tank), I don't like the cube shape at all, I made some begginer mistakes, I'd like to have a sump etc... I'm getting a new house in less than a month and figured this was the best time to upgrade and I'm set on the Reefer...