1. Schreiber

    Reef Pi Attempt #2!

    My Auto-Aquarium Adventures The only thing more frustrating than unknown problems in a project is having nobody to share them with. I’ll be chronicling the adventures of my Reef-Pi troubleshooting as I dive into what could wind up being a multi-week undertaking. If you're already familiar...
  2. Bassmaster116

    New-ish build

    Forgot to do a build thread on the 75 i set up! dang well thats fine its only temporary untill we settle on a new home, then im going 200+ here are a few pics! (Better get in and out before the tang police arrive)
  3. rtoris288

    Russell's First Reefer 250

    After months of research, setup, and cycling, our first Reefer 250 is up and running! We added our first frags and some cleanup crew until we are sure everything is stable, but fish should be coming shortly. Excited to share our build with everyone as well! I tried to cram everything into a...
  4. HomeReef

    93g Cube Build Thread

    I started a build thread in another a forum but wanted to post a link to it here since it is for a 93g cube tank. Thanks for visiting! JamesB.
  5. Steven91

    54 Gal Corner Tank

    Hello everyone got a new build coming up, a used 54 gal corner tank. I am getting is Friday and will end up being my dads tank ( i have a 120 and this 54 is gonna be his to put what he wants in it). Lighting i think if gonna be a Kessil A360, and he wants "colorful" fish so this should get...
  6. w2inc

    Elos 130-ish + a chopped up 160 for a frag tank and display

    My husband loves watching what I do with the hobby and didn't have to be talked into letting me fill the breakfast nook and part of the back patio with tanks. Friends have been sending me hook ups whenever they hear about free stuff. Uhaul was getting plenty of business from me for about 3...
  7. C

    Starting New Tank, Red Sea Coral Pro Salt

    Hi All, I'm getting a bit nervous reading a lot of things about Red Sea Coral Pro Salt being incredibly cloudy for folks starting their tanks. I plan to fill my Nuvo 40 this weekend using Red Sea Coral Pro Salt. I plan to follow directions, mix salt in at 68 degrees in RO/DI water for about 1...
  8. tdlawdo

    My First Attempt at the Big Time: WaterBox PP 230.6 Tank Build

    Ok! So I started this thread long ago “so I thought” but then I couldn’t find it. I am now 7 months into this adventure and 3 months into the tank itself. So I will bring you up to speed and then continue live. I have journaled and documented along the way. Many on my IG @Reeferstrong I will...
  9. Pinback


    in the next two years...i'm looking at building a 72" GLASS tank, 18" tall, and 24" wide (135 gallons) hopes & dreams: interested in keeping a few tang species (yellow, kole, powder blue tang, etc.). mixed reef. DIY floating hood and black box LED units. i have priced this out at around $400...
  10. NewGoby

    Merge thread - RedSeaReefer 250

    About 2 weeks ago I merged my 3 tanks into 1, namely a Red Sea Reefer 250. Equipment: 1x 200W heater. (thinking about adding a secondary heater.) 1x Jecod DXP 5000 (as a return, lowest setting) 1x TMC Reef-Skim 1.000 1x (temporary) Propeller Pump from Jecod 1x EasyLed 438mm 1.0 with a 1.0...
  11. Bryce M.

    Bryce's 65 Gal. FOWL converted to reef

    Hey guys finally deciding to make a build thread, been very worried about showing my tank but here I go. Just to let you know the fox face and Zebra Eel will be moved once their bigger, so don't worry. Stock: GSP Chalice Rock Flower Zebra Moray Eel Black ice Clown Picasso Clown Fox Face Rabbit...
  12. Nfd552

    Jon’s Waterbox 70.2 build

    Hey everyone this is my first build thread. That means I’m batting .500 on these since this is only my second tank. I’ve been in the hobby for almost 2 years now running a 75 gallon bowfront tank with a 30 gallon eshopps sump. Along with an X120 eshopps skimmer, 15W UV sterilizer, 2 hydor...
  13. VSVP bet

    Secret Santa Nano Build Give Away!

    Hello All, I though the R2R secret Santa idea was great. Recently I have sold a lot of my old aquarium gear (filters, old tanks, lights, etc.) and have accumulated some funding. The only thing I didn't sell was a 5gallon marineland cube. After contemplating what I would give for the secret...
  14. shiftline

    ReefDudes 6' Shallow Reef 2.0

    I have had my current 6-foot shallow reef tank setup for about 2.5 years now... and its time for a bit of a do-over... Now i didn't really plan on upgrading or changing my tank as I love it! However, due to a hazy line in the glass, the tank builder was going to replace the tank. I'm sure you...
  15. VSVP bet

    Mangrove Owners Needed! Lagoon tank build and stocking questions.

    Hello All, I acquired around 5/6 mangrove pods from a recent trip to FL. The pods are growing out nicely in the refugium of my 90G tank. As I let them fully develop, I think it is best to look toward the future as they cannot permanently live in a sump. The solution, I plan on buying glass and...
  16. Jose Berry

    My 225G build.

    This is a general discussion/tracker for the build of this project. Ideas are always welcome but I will not be told that I should do something. You should do this V.S have you thought about this are two different trend setters. Any way I’m excited to pick up this tank tomorrow the 28th of...
  17. Miamialum620

    HS Biology 32g Biocube build

    Hey fellow reefers, My name is Darrin and I'm a high school Biology (and U.S. History) teacher down in Coconut Creek, FL who with the help of many amazing people on this forum have the opportunity to show my kids what reefing is all about. If you want to get an idea of how this all started...
  18. BedrockIOMC

    My Reefer 170 Build thread

    I am setting up my new reefer 170 this weekend and I can not make my mind up on what rock to use. I would like to get come opinions about the rock to use and why. I have one that I am pretty much think I will go with but I am not 100% about it. I'm hoping I will get a lot of people that think it...
  19. FLSharkvictim

    New Reef Octopus Octo Pulse 2 (fully controllable flow pump)

    Has anyone seen these Reef Octo Pulse Wave Power Heads perform in action @ maybe Interzoo or RAP?? I can tell you one thing, they look very well built and these power heads throw out some series Flow: 4,500gph per CoralVue. I know from experience with there Reef Octo VarioS Line of DC pumps...
  20. RickG

    Deep Blue 75 Gallon Rimless Build

    Hey guys so I decided I wanted to post my build to share with you guys and also to monitor my progression of my tank over time. I started this tank out in October of last year and transferred two old tanks into this one[live rock, fish, and corals]. I built the stand from 2x4 and 3/4 in plywood...
  21. Will Perry

    Building on a Budget - 42 Gallon 2nd hand Oceanic Hexagon

    Hey guys! I'm new to the community and out to earn a spiffy new Build Thread Badge!! I don't have all of my supplies just yet, but most of the things I do have at my disposal (well, all of them so far) are 2nd hand. So far my supplies are as follows: An Oceanic 42 Gallon Hexagon Aquarium A...
  22. VSVP bet

    33 Long Build

    Hello all, I set up my first reef tank when I was 14, since then, I have upgraded from a 29 to a 55, and finally to a 90. However, as a college student, I needed a mobile system. After leaving my home 90 in the responsible care of my parents, I have struggled to find an adequate new system. I...
  23. Will Perry

    Setting up a used tank, but first... a quick question?

    So, I just inherited an Oceanic 42 gallon hexagon aquarium. I have already gone over the plans to build a new stand since the old one has some water damage and I'm just not playing that game. I am going to be setting up a decent sized sump and a protein skimmer that may just be a bit overkill...
  24. Berlibee

    ReefHacks | RedSea REEFER 170 - Reef Care Program.

    Hi all, We are very excited to start a new build here at - This build is based on a Red Sea REEFER 170 tank and the full Reef Care Program. We run different systems by using very different methods, but we have never tried before the Reef Care Program. It's super exciting to try...
  25. Bear Reefer

    Back at it!

    hi my names Dave, I have been away from the hobby for quit a while but am jumping back in with both feet, will take all the advice I can get and any tips I welcome with open arms. I’m in the middle of a build and want to do it right the first time. Thanks for having me here!
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