1. Perpetual Novice

    I dropped a rock on my clam!

    I was adjusting the aquascape in my tank and a large coral skeleton fell on my 7 inch derasa clam. It has opened back up since then and I can see that there is a scratch in the mantle and also another spot where it appears a small piece of coral may have pierced the mantle and broke off. or at...
  2. Jamestown

    Clam not opening

    Hello, My ORA Maxima has appeared unhappy as of lately. I did move him due to some rock-scape reworking, but its been about a week since and hes still not happy. I'm attaching a picture of his current state. Parameters are stable. Ca 420 Alk 8.1-5. Should I be concerned? Thanks.
  3. P

    Do Maxima Clams Move?

    I bought a maxima clam about 1.5in a week ago. Placed it in the sand bed. After trying to move it I felt it had dug in my shallow sand bed and attached itself to the glass. After being put of town for 2 days. I come back and it looks to have loved a few inches. Is this normal?
  4. Reefer40b

    Colorado Moving Sale #2 Still have corals!! Rare elegance's, Clams, scolys! Indo Peach Frog! More Torches! I SHIP!

    I decided to sell some more of my stock, I still have too much coral! Some of my nice stuff that I was considering moving I have decided to sell. Updated 10/14 Please read through the list carefully, yes it's big, be sure to specify size as some of them I have multiple sizes and send me your...
  5. M

    Trouble with Inverts - Shrimp, Clams, name it

    Hi, I am having a heck of a time with inverts and it's only getting worse. Tank: 70 gallon mixed reef. Kole tang, 2 anthias, bi-colored blenny, and 2 clowns. Several SPS and LPS (SPS grow well in the tank but LPS is hit and miss) and softies (grow really well). I lose cleaner shrimp every...
  6. P

    Maxima Clam & Green Emerald Crab

    I just purchased a Maxima Clam today and I have a Green Emerald Crab that is checking it out. Are these two combatable with each other? Or will I need to dispose of the crab?
  7. Peach02

    Bristle worms keep showing up on my clam

    i got a small maxima clam for my 33g last Thursday and it seems perfectly healthy however in the mornings and at night I’ve seen a total of 4 on it and 1 several weeks before I had it, I’ve killed all the ones I’ve seen on the clam but couldn’t find the bigger one again, does anyone know if they...
  8. Peach02

    Bristle worm predators?

    So I recently added a Maximus clam to my 30g reef tank and it is adapting great but every night and sometimes in the mornings it will have a bristle worm or two on the shell, I've been removing them with tweezers but I know that this is not sustainable. I always wanted to get a clam so removing...
  9. AquaLocker

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  10. AquaLocker

    Assorted Inverts we have in stock...

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  11. TheOneWhoIsThere


    I want to put a clam in my tank. I’m not sure how big it will get, or if my 20gallon is fine. Can I get a clam? How big will it get?
  12. sdcosta

    Theres a clam on my clam?

    It does open and close/respond to movement and light It doesnt seem to be bothering the big clam at all, just curious on an ID.
  13. AquaLocker

    Coming to Davy Jones Locker Soon - Almost 600 items, including Maxima Clams!

    Here are a few of the many items coming to Davy Jones Locker...
  14. D. Torres

    What is my clam doing?

    I've had this clam for about 4 months and I don't know if I just never noticed it doing this but today I noticed it was expelling some sort of milky/cloudy substance. I got a video of it doing it which is linked here in a YouTube video. Is this normal or something I should be concerned with...
  15. Jeremy K.A.

    Clams on half shell help please

    I'm curious, if I feed my fish clams on the half shell will they end up eating my Live Tridacna/Hippopus as well?
  16. KMench

    Nipping or too much flow?

    I've had a 2" Maxima I purchased off divers den for about ten days now. I had initially placed it on the rockwork and it opened up. A few hours after I noticed it was not open as much. Ever since then it hasn't fully extended its mantle. I do have a yellow longnose butterfly, but have not seen...
  17. C

    Clam growing out of tank?

    Hi Reef2Reef, I've had this squamosa clam for about 8 weeks in my quarantine and I've been battling pyramid snails there ;Inpain The thing is, I can't move the clam to the display before the pyramids go extinct, which will not happen for a few more weeks (or longer) while the clam is growing...
  18. C

    Turban snail on clam mantle

    My trochus snail is attached to the underside of the clam's mantle. It's been there for a few hours. The mantle is extending normally. Should I just leave them alone, or do something so that the snail can't climb onto the clam again? By the way they are newly bought and are still in the quarantine.
  19. 0EEA7CB2-04BE-4F7B-97C0-2A436D7F1D5F


    Seahorse and clam
  20. FLSharkvictim

    All most 1 yr old got it @ Reef-A-Polazza 2017 Orlando

    A 1 yr old Ultra Blue Tridacna maxima!
  21. FLSharkvictim

    Tridacna maxima -Ultra Blue Maxima Clam

    It will be coming up on a year now since i GOT him from Reef-A-Palooza in Orlando. Currently in the process of doing an upgrade to a SCA 150. If you want something to make your tank pop, add two of these on each side of the tank!
  22. MarineDepot

    A Conversation About Clams With James Fatherree

    A Conversation About Clams With James Fatherree We discuss writing, diving, clam care, and more!
  23. Davenkim

    Radion settings and maxima clam?

    I have the aquatic life hybrid fixture with 4 t5 bulbs (ati blue plus) and two radion G3 xr30s. It is the 4 foot fixture over a 130 gallon 5 ft tank. I dont have access to a par meter, and I dont live close to a lfs that rents them. I would rather not purchase one, so I wondered if any of you...
  24. YourReef

    Maxima Clams- Just uploaded to the site! (3-4 Inch & 5 Inch)

    We have just uploaded a batch of Maxima Clams to the website. Several different sizes/prices available. Maxima Clam 1 3-4 Inch WYSIWYG- $99 Maxima Clam 2 3-4 Inch WYSIWYG- $99 Maxima Clam 3 - Large 5 Inch WYSIWYG- $109 Maxima Clam 5 -...
  25. ThilankaPerera

    26G Nano Reef | Coral Eden

    Current FTS - 20.11.2017 Background : I’ve been a fan of Reef tanks for ages but always was afraid to start one myself so I kept myself busy with freshwater tanks. After reading a lot about them, especially this forum, I decided to start my first Nano Reef. My initial plan was to start... shop rare & farmed corls