1. MattPLaw

    Jumping Maxima Clam

    Hello, all! I have a black and white maxima clam, about 2.5" that I have had for about two months. I started her out in the sand to acclimate in lower light, she stayed there for about a month seemingly happy and opening appropriately. I took her from the sand (blue circle) and placed her on...
  2. B

    Florida Live Goods SOLD Derasa Clam - aquacultured - 9" long - $300

    Large Deresa Clam, very healthy, no rips or issues with mantle, really nice colors. Local Pickup - Ocoee, 34761 Edit to original post since I've gotten quite a few messages. I think I fludged the measurement slightly the first time. 9 inches Long, but still quite large. It probably does...
  3. jag10016

    Connecticut New Jersey New York Live Goods Maxima Clams for Sale $100 - $140

    Heathy and Beautiful Blue Maxima Clams for sale! First Clam to the Left is $140 the other 2 are $100 I'm in White Plains, Westchester NY for pick/meet up PM and CASH is Key. No Trades please!
  4. cbranin

    Derasa Clam question

    Hey what’s up everyone. Recently got a derasa clam from ORA. Arrived at what looked like a slight rip in the mantle. For whatever reason today, seems like it’s more torn? I don’t suspect anything in my tank harassing the derasa as I’ve had a crocea for the last 6 months with no issues. Does this...
  5. K

    Iowa Live Goods Shutting Down - Live Stock

    The usual, not enough time, too many kid activities, etc. Pickup only, located in West Des Moines, Iowa. Fish: -Kole Tang - Had for ~7 yrs. Very healthy, probably ~5" long - SOLD -Melanurus Wrasse - Had for ~4 yrs. Very healthy, probably 4" long - SOLD -Clown Fish - Free to first person who...
  6. N

    Is this PMD?

    I acquired this noea clam about a week ago, it was healthy when it first came into the tank, but yesterday I noticed that its mantle had turned like this. I've been checking on him every day for a week and there are no snails or any anemones to sting him. My water parameters are N 5 P 0 KH8.7...
  7. N

    Mantle extension

    Hi everyone, I have a question about the degree of mantle unfolding in giant clams. I wonder if the degree of mantle unfolding and the shape of their mantle is the same between each individual of the Squamosa. I watched online videos and found that their mantle can extend so much beyond the...
  8. F

    Clam shell base?

    I have a clam shell from an old clam I had and I was wondering if I could place a new clam on top of it ,and would the foot of the new clam take hold?
  9. L

    New clam from Petco

    How’s this clam look I picked it up from Petco for 33 after the sale… I know it’s a derasa clam I did some research as Petco had it for a week before I got it and I waited till it went on sale so I know that they can do highlighting just seeing if anyone can recommend any advice that may be...
  10. vandy

    Maxima bleaching?

    Picked up a nice Maxima at a swap yesterday. He has been reactive to light changes and hasn’t been closed, but I came down today and saw some “white-ish” circles on some of the flesh. Is it being bleached? Have it right under an XR15 running 50% AB+ in my frag tank. I’d say around 200 PAR...
  11. Y

    Clam for sale

    Hi Selling a beautiful clam The left one Pink with beautiful patterns Around 6-7” Pick up in queens ny 11366 Tex or call me 917-291-6923
  12. J

    Strange clam type animal

    Hello, I’m kinda new to the saltwater hobby, having my tank for about 6-7 months now and I just noticed this mollusk type animal on my glass. Can anyone tell me if it should be removed, if it harms my corals or fish maybe, or if it’s just a cool new addition to my tank? Any help would be...
  13. J

    Strange mollusc type animal

    Hello, Im kinda new to the aquarium hobby, having my saltwater tank for about 8 months now, and I noticed this mollusk type animal on my glass. Could anyone tell me if it’s a parasite or just a new addition to my tank? Any help would be appreciated thank you
  14. T

    Clam - snails?

    Hey guys, I have a derasa clam who’s been doing great for over a month now. The other day he developed a hole in his mantle — so I’ve performed a fresh water dip and relocated him )”(unsure if something may have messed with him). After the dip, I noticed a bunch of snail shells around him...
  15. Q

    Dealing with Aiptasia on My Clam

    My clam is usually doing really well in my tank. However, I just noticed there is Aiptasia on it this morning, and it's not opening very wide. But it still seems sensitive to light. Do I need to get rid of the Aiptasia? Does Aiptasia harm clam?
  16. vienna

    My new clam arrived from interstate completely separated from his rock. His entire foot ripped out!

    The packaging wasn’t the best treated. Half water missing and the clam in 2 pieces. I’m thinking I have 2 as it’s my 1st clam experience. A maxima. I’ve taken it out & underneath it is a huge empty hole, I also copped a spray. Very gross. I’ve examined the rock piece and the other part of his...
  17. CoralsAnonymous

    January Jackpot Sale - Ends Jan 31st!

    Wrap up January with great deals at Corals Anonymous - as always, we have daily sales and additions, so follow us on IG and subscribe to our newsletter so you don't miss out! We have free overnight shipping on orders $349.99 and over to the continental US via both FedEx and UPS. Govx ID users...
  18. CoralsAnonymous

    [Corals Anonymous] January Jackpot Sale - Ends Jan 31st!

    Wrap up January with great deals at Corals Anonymous - as always, we have daily sales and additions, so follow us on IG and subscribe to our newsletter so you don't miss out! We have free overnight shipping on orders $349.99 and over to the continental US via both FedEx and UPS. Govx ID users...
  19. CoralsAnonymous

    [Corals Anonymous] New Year Clearance Sale - ends Jan 3rd!

    Ring in the New Year with us at Corals Anonymous with our annual clearance sale! Happy 2024 for all of us at Corals Anonymous and thank you for all of your continued support. We have free overnight shipping on orders $349.99 and over to the continental US via both FedEx and UPS. Govx ID users...
  20. nanoman95

    Clam on live rock?

    Hi all Tank is swarming with copepods and this weekend I finally get to add a fish (still deciding on the first tank mate!) I saw this weird clam like shell on the live rock. Any ideas what this is? I did think it was a clam or some kind of mollusc but kind of can’t believe that! Any ideas are...
  21. Randyciv03

    California Live Goods $2000 ALL LIVESTOCK, FISH, ROCK, CORAL

    $2000 OBO ALL LIVESTOCK AND ROCKS AND CORALS Inglewood Los Angeles Looking to start taking down the aquarium for a pending move. Have fish, coral, and rock. -Yellow Tang -Hippo Tang -Purple Tang -Powder Blue -Clown (Mated Pair) -Green Chromis -Blue Maxima Clam -Rainbow Anemone
  22. Reef Racket

    ULTRA Derasa Clams & RRL Iron Man Discosoma Mushrooms!!!

    Derasa Clams and RRL Iron Man Mushrooms!!! ‼ALL ON SALE NOW!! Dipped, quarantined, treated with antibiotics, and ready to ship! WWW.ReefRacket.COM “GRAND OPENING!” Valid this mont ONLY through 11/30 - If you create a free account on you will be rewarded...
  23. Biota_Marine

    Livestock New Clam Farm Alert!

    We're happy to support a new clam farm out of the Red Sea. Our first shipment came in beautifully earlier this month and are now available for purchase. Every single Biota Employee can't stop staring and pointing out their favorites. Which ones are your favorites...
  24. F

    Clam? If so, which one?

    Howdy. I’ve been considering getting a clam for a while and my tank is now a bit over a year. Parameters seem to stay pretty stable, with my alk at 9, calcium 430, mag 1260. I struggle with elevated phosphates (most recently .81, which is actually pretty good) but I’ve heard clams like some...
  25. Narideth

    Sandbed suggestions - Meat corals, other LPS, what's a good sandbed center piece that won't break the bank?

    Hey all! I'm looking for suggestions on corals that will be happy on the sand bed, or on a small island for support if needed at the very bottom of my tank. PAR in the area I'm looking at comes in around 220. I've been looking around and visited the best local coral shop for inspiration, but I'm...