1. Daniel400G

    Clarisea SK500 Woeth It?

    Hello fellow reefers I have 2 Clarisea Sk 5000 I have been having issues with these 2 units Anyone else having issues? I find that it captures maybe 50percent of Gung. Having clean of my sump once a month because all of the stuff the roller mats doesn't get. There is an bypass and yes I keep...
  2. craftbrews

    California Filters Misc. Filtration $300 - ClariSea SK-5000 Automatic Filter System + $29 Filter Fleece x 5

    Looking to sell my ClariSea SK-5000 w/ 5 rolls of filter fleece XL. Used for 6 months and bleached / scrubbed after disassembling. Selling because I went with a Platinum 39 sump. Clarisea will go for $300 w/ free shipping. Rolls will go for $29 each, you pay shipping. Or $145 total + I...
  3. sdreef

    Automatic Filter Roller Extending Fleece Life with Apex

    I have a Clarisea SK-5000 on a new system, but figure this could apply to any automatic roller. I was considering having the filter rollers turned off via the apex except for once or twice a day. I have not had the automatic roller for long, so I am wondering if anyone can think of any issues...

    Build Thread Tye's AstoriaReef 350: Cycle Started

    Hi everyone coming back to the hobby after about 15yrs away; back then had a down and dirty 55gallon reef tank with all HOB equipment. Recently purchased an apartment so was finally able to come back to the hobby without the fear of having to move the tank etc. Since a lot had changed in the...
  5. S

    Hawaii WTB WTB: Clarisea SK-5000 or Bubble Magus Filter Roller Med. or Lg.

    Looking to purchase either a Clarisea SK-5000 or Bubble Magus Filter Roller Med. or Lg sizes. Please send PM if you're looking to sell.
  6. A

    Build Thread 70G Build from Oz

    Hey everyone I originally posted this in another thread but decided to expand on it a little and put it here… I have been watching reefing videos on YouTube for around 10 years and have always wanted to get into the hobby. Around 4 years ago I purchased a used 270 Lt CADE HL800 tank (800w x...
  7. craftbrews

    Build Thread 200g Mixed Reef - ProClear Aquatics ProStar 200 v2 + Apex Goodies

    Last Updated: 1/11/21 Hardware Tank/Cabinet ProClear Aquatics ProStar 200 v2 Sump: Trigger Platinum 39 Lights: LED: Reef Breeders Photo 50-V2+ LED Apex Mod: Reef Breeders Apex VDM Integration Kit T5 Hybrid: Aquatic Life 61" Hybrid T5 Bulbs: ATI 60 Inch Blue Plus x 2; ATI 60 Inch Coral...
  8. psumms

    Clarisea SK-5000 Dirty Roll Removal

    Hi all, does anyone else with a Clarisea SK-5000 have problems removing the dirty roll? It should just slide off but after 10+ roll changes, i've yet to manage to do that. I end up cutting away with a knife - creating a real mess and stink!
  9. 20200115_112816.thumb.jpg.38a0ffef0bd5aa637888f9d25195cf7c.jpg


    Prior to install of filter roller stand. PSA you need this roller as high as possible for efficient use of filter. Clarisea could be much more clear on how much this affects the operation.
  10. Eight

    Build Thread Jason's Reefer 250: Fish added! Sump Mod, Clarisea, custom plumbing, aquascape w/E-Marco, IKEA cabinet mod. (Pic heavy!)

    Shortcuts to helpful posts in my build thread: 1. Mod the Reefer 250 v3 sump for a Clarisea (Post 6) 2. Cleaning off old live rock with vinegar and citric acid (Post 12) 3. Photos of Kessil A360s LED lights (Post 13) 4. How to adjust the Reefer 250 door hinges and door catch (Post 21) 5. Photos...
  11. Mkeller088

    Build Thread My 144 half cylinder

    This is in its 3rd year. I’ve been in the hobby 10 years. Equipment running this tank is simple, cor 20 pump. 2 MP40 power heads. Reef Octopus 150 internal pump and overflow shut off. Fully monitored using APEX. 2 flow sensors to monitor a Skimz reactor for zeovit flow. Floor sensors for leak...
  12. JAM-MAN

    Plumbing a Sump for Herbie and Bean Animal Returns and a Clarisea Filter

    Planning to have several tanks sharing a single sump (1 100G, 1-30 and 1-25). The 100G has a three pipe Bean Animal overflow box, and the two nano tanks use two hole "Herbie" style overflows. The 100G won't be plumbed into the sump immediately, just the 30 and 25G. I suppose I could just add...
  13. JAM-MAN

    Sump design for Clarisea Automatic Filter

    As title indicates, building a new system (two nano 30gal tanks plumbed into one sump, but that's a topic for another day) and planning to incorporate a Clarisea SK-3000 automat filtration. Basically, as I understand it from the instructions and videos, water enters the filter and exits through...
  14. Keenan

    Build Thread Keenan's RSR 525XL

    Last November, my fiancé and I purchased our first home, and right away I started thinking of where a new larger tank could go. Some new house tasks have delayed the build a bit (and continue to do so), but I’ve made some progress and am now ready to share my journey with you all! The tank was...
  15. MarineDepot

    ClariSea Solves The Biggest Inconvenience Of Mechanical Filtration

    ClariSea Solves The Biggest Inconvenience Of Mechanical Filtration Our video review of the Gen2 ClariSea Automatic Fleece Filter by D-D
  16. geo

    GEO AFR Sumps - good article

    Learn more about GEO's Automatic Filter Roll Sumps:
  17. geo

    GEO Roller Mat Sumps

    Come see the NEW GEO Roller Mat Sump line at MACNA Las Vegas booth 517.