1. JOberloh

    Emerald Crab harming RBTA?

    Hello, I have a relatively new tank and that has been up and running for about two full months now. In the tank I have two clowns, two Astrea snails, a rose bubble tip anemone, and an emerald crab. My anemones health seems to of gone up and down and up and down lately… One thing that I've...
  2. want2bsleepy

    Crab ID please

    any idea what this guy is? Just found him chillin on our oyster
  3. Mike N

    Emerald crab / dislocated claw?

    While trying to move an emerald crab to a different tank, I tried to pushed him off the rock with forceps. In the process, I accidentally hit his claw pretty hard against the rock. When I finally got him moved, I looked closer and saw that his claw seems to be dislocated and he keeps grabbing at...
  4. B

    What kind of tiny crab?

    This little guy came in on a piece of coral. What is he? Good or bad? In the sump for now.
  5. Drake X. Bit

    Only one species in an Aquarium?

    I've raised Land Hermit Crabs for a few years, and now I want to raise Marine Hermit Crabs. I have no intention to raise other animals in the aquarium, but should I? Would it hurt my Crabs if they're raised with only other Crabs of their species?
  6. B

    Emerald crab caught my diamondback gobi

    I have always been a fan of emerald crabs and have kept them for the past three years. Two of the ones I have now are the green variety and have grown fairly large. The body (not counting claws) is bigger than a quarter, close to a 50 cent piece. Yesterday while feeding my tank. I witnessed...
  7. ReefingEd27

    Hitchhiker crab

    I found this crab a couple month back as probably 1/4 the size that it is right now( it's now about an inch). I first found it on a bubble coral and right now I just caught in on my Duncan coral. If anybody knows if this type of crab is harmful or if it's not a big deal please let me know thanks.
  8. filbie70

    Good Acro Crab or Bad?

    This guy has stripped the side of one of my Acros. He was in another one that did need help recovering and now it is. But, he moved over to this one that I thought was doing well. It is a fuzzy relish brown color with blue eyes. Thoughts?
  9. Sarah007

    ID small crab and snail

    bought a new 11 pound Fiji rock a couple days ago and am seeing a small snail and crab, probably more critters yet to be discovered. The snail is probably 1/16 of an inch across and the crab is about 1/8 of an inch across (very rough estimates). Please let me know if either of the guys are...