1. dbati

    Black & White crab with Red claws

    I have had this little guy come with my live rock. The tank has been up and running around 5 to 6 weeks and he’s still here. Very small and timid. If anyone knows what it is I can’t figure this one out.
  2. PeterEde

    Crab ID

    Red Mithrax? Had reason to put some rock in the sump. Just found this crab eating a bristleworm. Worm not happy
  3. naselflee

    Hairy crab in tank?

    Can anyone ID this crab for me? I found it in my tank this morning. It’s about an inch long. I’m not sure if it’s just the shell, as it’s quite soft and not moving. Thanks
  4. E

    Hitchhiker crab id

    can anyone help id this hitchhiker crab i just found in my tank? would like to know if its good or bad its light brown with white claws with brown tips, abit hairy on body and legs
  5. BunBunCorals

    Indiana WTB WTB an Arrow Crab

    Looking for an Arrow Crab. Wanting to take care of some Bristleworms before they get out of control.
  6. F

    Small hitchhiker crab

    Got this small hitchhiker crab on a coral, its maybe 1cm at most, looks super cool, but dont want to put anything too dangerous in my tank. Grains of sand for size reference Any id or advice? Its just in a bucket with a heater now.
  7. Dude64

    Build Thread Emerald Crab

    Just showing off my Emerald Crab ... mildly aggressive little fart. I typically treat him 2-3 times a week with a small piece of shrimp (frozen raw) tuck to the end of a stick so no surprise he gets excited when he sees a stick!!
  8. Nemz

    Horseshoe crab with shell disease?

    I have an adult female horseshoe crab for about 1.5 year now. She is doing very well. She eats well, unbothered, and very actively digging . The problem is she has developing shell disease :confused:. No other horseshoe crabs have this problem. Its only her. Her shell is very rough as she has...
  9. Kenkee

    Mushroom Eating Fiend!

    Caught this little punk eating my new fuzzy mushroom coral, you guys think he’s a gorilla or Florida stone crab? Have him relegated to sump duty until I decide on what to do with him, he’s one ugly guy though
  10. E

    Good place to buy hermit shells

    I was just wondering what a good place to find hermit crab shells is for online? Everywhere I look they are to big and or for land hermits
  11. shartpants007

    Anyone know what species this hermit crab is?

    Accidentally got this guy in with a few blue legged hermit crabs I bought a few weeks ago. I've tried to look up what species he is, but no luck. He seems to have vertically striped black and white legs, with horizontal white stripes at the joints. His claws look the same size, though he's so...
  12. mattybecks

    Help ID'ing these crabs please

    Hey guys, wondering if I could please help getting some ID on the crabs, The filter feeding crabs have spread like wildfire. I have seem at least 7 new tiny ones perched atop the rocks. The bigger ones tend to stay hidden a bit more.
  13. BloopFish

    USA WTB Pom Pom Crabs

    I am located in NYC. Willing to buy and trade locally, but also willing to pay shipping to buy pom pom crabs out of state. If you know of any sellers selling them, please do let me know!
  14. A

    Advise for removing crab hitchhiker

    Hello! I run a 20 gallon tank with a few easy keeper corals. I’ve had the tank for close to a year now and last night I noticed a crab hiding between the rock work in my aquarium. Based on what I’ve read it’s rare for these guys to be beneficial and was wondering if anyone had advice for finding...
  15. carpetlover

    What are these guys that came in?

    So I can ID one is a hermit crab, but not sure what type it is. Second snail looks like a small whelk but I’m not sure. Are they both ok? Nanotank.
  16. 3

    Hole in emerald crab claw

    Was wondering if anybody had any idea why our new emerald crab has a whole with black/white coloration in one of its claws? We just bought her and came home and noticed it. She’s in quarantine. Thanks!
  17. 3

    Confirming Emerald Crab (also what’s this black/white hole in the claw?)

    We bought this “emerald crab” today and just want to confirm whether or not it is actually an emerald crab because it is not green like most of the pictures online. We were thinking that maybe perhaps because it is juvenile that it hasn’t turned green yet. Also when we got home we realized that...
  18. D

    Dwarf Blue Leg Hermit Crab.....molting or dead?

    We are brand new to the saltwater scene. We have 4 dwarf red and 4 dwarf blue hermits. One of our dwarf blues looks just like the first picture which I found posted on another thread. My crab is in the blue circle in the second picture. Wish I could get a better picture. Will try to get one...
  19. The Night Driving Avenger

    UK Reefers, do you keep any local species in your reef?

    I'm up in the north of Scotland. I'm successfully keeping: x2 Shore Crabs x5 Sand Shrimp x3 Beadlet Anemones x2 Common Gobies x6 Brown Shrimp x5 Common Periwinkles x1 Common Limpet x1 China Limpet all living and growing well with several duncan,zoa,button polyp,GSP and mushroom colonies as...
  20. Alyssa.Weber

    I think my Emerald crap took a chunk out of my toadstool leather

    I just picked up an emerald crab for my 10g nano and I have so far one toadstool in there. After checking up on him, i noticed he was crawling on my toadstool that was previously opened and now all shrunken up. I also noticed a tiny chunk of my toadstool missing. I am so mad!! I love my little...
  21. SeaSc0rr

    Found A Crab

    I have a timer on my light so it turns off before I come home from work, when I turned my room light on I saw a small crab with a red body with white spots and white legs, he’s probably only about a half inch across, any idea what it is?
  22. andrewkg

    What’s this living on hermit shell

    Seems like some kind of mollusk that opens, any ideas? Check video something Black looks like tongue comes out
  23. savannah0238

    Texas Emerald Crab for sale

    Hello would anyone be interested in buying a medium to large size emerald crab? Very healthy and fat just can't keep him pet store said reef safe but he has been bothering my anemone so I have to give him away. Would like $15 can do shipping but would prefer pickup or drop-off. In Texas any...
  24. psumms

    Crab ID

    Hi all, just dipping an Acro colony and noticed this guy deep down in there, trying to get a ID, difficult to get a clear shot! Any sure answers? At first i thought it was a decorator crab but its too chunky.
  25. Bento

    Hitchhiker crab ID help. Maybe Acro

    Hey everyone, I got a hitchhiker today. Not sure if he's reef safe or not? He's tiny at the moment. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks